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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 404



Black Egg showed his true form and rushed into Dragon’s Valley taking Han with him.

The scene in front of their eyes suddenly changed. Han felt like he arrived in utopia from that desolate planet.


Cloud surrounded the numerous mountains, the height of the mountains were taller than tens of thousands of miles, the width of these mountains were more than tens of thousands of miles as well.

Unfortunately, a utopian place like this was filled with green trees and hills, and there were no signs of life, not even an ant, an insect, or a fish.

The dragon race was powerful and arrogant. They refused to share their land with any other creatures. Not only did Dragon’s Valley not have any birds of beasts, there weren’t even spiritual plants here. Even the race of the spiritual plants, which were called the kindest in the universe, were blocked outside the door by the dragon race. You can see what kind of egoistic creatures the dragon race was.


It was exactly like how Pluto had said. There was a dragon on the top of every huge mountain. They all looked different. Some were small dragons like Black Egg. Others were extremely large. Even just their head was not much smaller than the mass of Earth. This really shocked Han.


Black Egg took Han and was traveling at a speed that was close to that of light. Initially Black Egg was very excited because this was the home of all of the dragon race. Black Egg coming here was like letting Han return to Earth. Even a shrub of weeds on Earth would be loved by Han.


But quickly, Han and Black Egg started feeling unfriendly glares from the dragon race. Regardless of whether it was a big dragon or the lower leveled dragon race, they all gave Black Egg and Han odd looks without any exception.


The dragon race didn’t attack Black Egg or Han, but the odd looks made Han very uncomfortable.

Han felt like Black Egg was shaking. It was like he was scared?

This confused Han, Black Egg had been through a lot of obstacles to finally return home, what was he afraid of?

The dragon race was famous for their pride and indifference. All the dragons were staring at Han and Black Egg through the corner of their eyes. Not a single dragon welcomed Black Egg, and sometimes when Black Egg took Han to come near them, these dragon race would let out a dragon breath of various colors, displaying obvious hostility.

Han didn’t know whether this was the surface of a planet, and he also didn’t know how far Dragon’s Valley really went. Black Egg just took him and flew at the speed of light for a very long time. They saw thousands of dragons but yet they still haven’t reached the end of Dragon’s Valley.

Thunder dragon, skeletal dragon, ice dragon, blaze dragon, golden dragon, Hell Black dragon...

The countless dragon races shocked Han, but this also confused Han, he didn’t know which one to pick to become his dragon mount. The dragon race all looked very strong and majestic, but their tempers all didn’t seem too great. When looking at Han, they were actually irritated.


If it wasn’t for the continued emphasis of Pluto, Han thought Black Egg was pretty suitable, even though his size was a bit small, but the key was that they had a good relationship. Had anyone seen a dragon following a human around? It wasn’t easy for Han and Black Egg to come to this stage in life today. He thought that if he didn’t conquer Black Egg and went to conquer another dragon, it would kind of feel like cheating.

But Pluto’s logic was not wrong either. Black Egg and Han already had a great relationship. Whether he conquered him or not Black Egg would always be Han’s loyal friend.

Since that was the case, it would be better to go conquer a dragon race that was stronger than Black Egg, and this way Han would have two dragons beside him, a double dragon mount. This would be a first in the history of the World Destroying Dragon Knights, so Han couldn’t say that it wasn’t tempting for him.

As an intelligent human, Han also thought of another question, if he doesn’t conquer Black Egg, he would be free after the three years verbal agreement. He always wanted freedom, Han could tell.


Even though if Black Egg left, Han would be sad, but he really liked Black Egg, so he rathered Black Egg make the decision to stay or leave himself than take away his freedom.

Some people say that if you like someone, then give them freedom. The emotions Han had towards Black Egg was like that.

Clenching his teeth, Han said to Black Egg with determination, "Whoever is the strongest in this dragon race, then we will have that one as the target! Let’s go together to conquer that dragon!"




Black Egg shivered.

Conquer the strongest dragon? Black Egg was really scared. In reality, ever since they entered Dragon’s Valley, Black Egg’s sharp sixth sense was telling him that he shouldn’t be here. Even though they are of your race, but they aren’t your friends, they view you as an enemy, you are in danger.

Black Egg didn’t know how to speak, and he also wouldn’t tell Han his current dangerous situation.


Even if Black Egg could talk, he wouldn’t say it either, because this was Han. When the dragon race was proud, they were more arrogant than anyone else, and when they were loyal, they were more loyal than anyone else.

Since Black Egg had already given up his pride, he would follow Han’s footsteps for his whole life, realizing his loyalty promise, until he died.

Clenching his teeth, Black Egg sped up and rushed upwards, going above the clouds and soared through the heaven.


For Han!


Till death!

Black Egg re-lifted his spirits and took out his pride and dignity of a dragon race. He couldn’t lose face for Han, and he couldn’t throw away his pride!

Black Egg willingly became loyal to Han, and as for the other people and other dragons?

Black Egg didn’t care.

Han wanted the strongest dragon, then they must go!

Dragon Breath was the natural talent of the dragon race, but only speed belonged to Black Egg. It was his unique characteristic.

Han had never seen Black Egg fly with such speed, almost at the speed of light, causing the whole world to flash before his eyes quickly.


When Black Egg was flying at a high speed, he would use his own energy to construct a protective layer. It was very similar to the Giant Star Beast that could move across star fields, but its energy was not as pure as Black Egg's.

If this layer of protection didn’t exist, Han thought he might have been ripped apart by this crazy speed, even though he was wearing Dragon Gate Armor. Regardless of how strong the armor was, it probably wouldn’t be able to fight against the huge impact of flying close to the light of speed.

"Good boy!" Han patted Black Egg’s head excitedly.


Black Egg let out a determined roar. Han didn’t know what kind of danger Black Egg was facing, even though he was of the dragon race, but in this Dragon’s Valley, Black Egg wasn’t welcomed! Perhaps it was even full of dangers!


It was in the distance, but Han found his target. It was a really huge dragon, it was an incomparable red dragon that stood proudly at the tip of the volcano, black fire skyrocketed everywhere. It was like a burning Hell.

Hell Fire Dragon!


This was the legendary offspring of a fire dragon and a Hell black dragon!

He was very young, but he was already one of the strongest members in all of Dragon’s Valley.

Mixed offspring were very rare in the dragon race because they were that proud. They despised others that were not the same as them.

Apparently, this rare mixed dragon was born because his parents accidentally ate a magical berry, making them hallucinate, so...

The Hell Fire Dragon was blind in one eye. His body was filled with different scars.


He had a quick temper. Ever since he was born, he was looked down upon by the whole dragon race, so he fought! He fought against everybody that looked down on him!

The Hell Fire Dragon was standing proudly here, his status did not come from his bloodline, but it was the result of his continuous battles!


After killing all of the dragon race that looked down on him, he succeeded. He became the cruelest warrior in all of the dragon race's history!


Maybe the Hell Fire Dragon wasn’t the most powerful in the dragon race history, but his brutality would be ranked first in the dragon race history. This was an undebated truth.

Paa ~

Black Egg and Han came to beside this Hell Fire Dragon and lied down on their stomachs, the Hell Fire Dragon didn’t move so they didn’t move either. The Hell Fire Dragon stared at Black Egg and Han without moving, and Black Egg and Han stared right back.

Stand off.

To become a real World Destroying Dragon Knight, you must be able to tolerate the passing of time, take out your strongest will, and stand off till the end with the dragon you want to conquer until you have the opportunity to jump onto his back and grasp his third reverse scale.

With the blink of an eye, it’s been 3 days already.

The Hell Fire dragon and Black Egg and Han were like three statues. They didn’t move in the biting wind, they still wouldn’t move when it was frosting.

It was hard to imagine, Black Egg who was so lazy stayed with Han all throughout, tolerating the wait. This kind of firm will never existed on Black Egg, it was absolute loyalty that stimulated Black Egg’s strongest determination.


The Hell Fire Dragon lightly blinked his eye!



Han and Black Egg who had kept 3 days and 3 nights of concentration leaped up with one swift jump!

This was a fight between wills. Only people who were more determined than dragons would win this battle!



As Han was jumping up, Black Egg pumped him up from behind him, this allowed Han to fly up with incredible speed!


The dragon race was powerful, but the dragon race wasn’t very smart. Their overly exaggerated ego made them kind of stupid, the annoyed Hell Fire Dragon noticed just now that this guy wanted to conquer himself? He thought they were just admiring him!


Yes, the World Destroying Dragon Knights would come to Dragon’s Valley and take away some members of the dragon race as their mounts, but it was extremely difficult for the World Destroying Dragon Knights to obtain the dragon race that were actually strong.

Who was Hell Fire Dragon?

He was the evilest and craziest dragon that was still alive in the dragon race!

Han was thinking about tricking him, how would this not annoy the Hell Fire Dragon!?

Opening his huge mouth, Hell Fire Dragon breathed out violent Dragon Breath. The anger made him crazy and he directly started using his most powerful attack!

The Black Egg’s furious push saved Han. With his help, Han was able to leap up past the terrifying Dragon’s Breath, directly rushing onto the back of the Hell Fire Dragon.

"Fantastic job!"

Han turned around wanting to praise Black Egg, but instead, he noticed that Black Egg was fighting against the Hell Fire Dragon that was bigger than him by many many times.

Dragon Breath to Dragon Breath!


After Black Egg had pushed Han, he didn’t immediately escape, he knew his responsibilities, and it was to distract the Hell Fire Dragon, and the best way to distract him was to attack him.

If Black Egg ran, then the Hell Fire Dragon would immediate rush up, making it very difficult for Han to hold his third reverse scale.

Black Egg would not want to see a result like that! And he would never let that happen too!

The collision of the two dragon breaths woke up the world, woke up all the dragons that were sleeping in the Dragon’s Valley.

The familiar smell was telling the whole dragon race, traitor! Those stupid traitors, they have returned!


The sky was blocked by huge wings, over 10,000 dragons that were living in the Dragon’s Valley all flew up!

Tens of thousands of dragons took flight!

This was such an amazing scene!

But Black Egg, his heart was like ash because he felt the malicious intent the dragon race had towards him. It was very probable that he was going to die here today!



But Black Egg didn’t care!

He was still fighting intensely against the Hell Fire Dragon!

After the dragon breath collision, Black Egg used his incredible speed to fly up, directly hitting the body of the Hell Fire Dragon!




Definitely loyal!

The proud dragon race never bowed their heads, since Black Egg had called Han his master, then he will fight for Han through to his last drop of blood!



By the time the small Black Egg hit the Hell Fire Dragon, Han had already successfully climbed onto the Hell Fire Dragon’s back with his help and held onto his third reverse scale!

But Han saw red blood flowing from the head of Black Egg, and this made Han’s heart shake!


Hell Fire Dragon opened its wings, wanting to fly up.


The dragon race was a powerful flying Godly beast. Once he flew up, Han who was on his back would be faced with a huge impact!


Cannot let him fly up!

Black Egg brutally rushed into the Hell Fire Dragon again. Using his speed, he hit the wing of the Hell Fire Dragon, causing his body to suddenly tip over!


Why didn’t he use his dragon breath to destroy the Hell Fire Dragon’s wing?

Because Black Egg knew what Han needed was a complete huge dragon. Black Egg must help Han, and he couldn’t damage the body structure of the Hell Fire Dragon.

And as a result, he must use the most tragic method!


He can’t use his dragon breath, he couldn’t use his sharp claws, Black Egg had to use his own head to hit him!


Hit him!


Hit him!


Hit him!

The crazy speed pulled him up, Black Egg drew a perfect curve in the sky and rushed into the body of the Hell Fire Dragon, this Hell Fire Dragon who was famous for his brutality was tipping left and right from all the hits, and the head of Black Egg was covered in blood!

How humans treated promises, how beasts treated promises, how plants treated promises, Black Egg didn’t know.

He just knew that as a proud dragon race, his promises must be realized!


He was betting with the cost of his life!


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