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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 395


Tribal Alliance.

To the Cursed Triangle, the existence of the Tribal Alliance was for negotiations instead of managing the different tribes. There were a lot of strong forces on the reverse side of the Dark Net, the tribal zone was very weak and small in comparison. So, if there were some issues, it was more effective and beneficial for everybody if they all got together to negotiate.

The Tribal Alliance occupied a dimension on their own. They had constructed the traditional wooden buildings and set up some guards and representatives.

The reverse side of the universe was better than the other side on one aspect, and that was there was more space. There were numerous main channels and branches, connecting numerous dimensions of various sizes. Most of the spaces were habitable for intelligent lives, unlike the other side of the universe where there were few planets that were suitable for living. There were often wars fighting for places to live.

The sixth prince of the Gryphon race was currently listening to an urgent report from one of his subordinates. That warrior was covered in blood. Clearly he had just escaped from the battlefield to bring this message to Lion Six.


The tragedy caused Lion Six fall onto the chair, with a face that was ashen white.

"How? How did that happen?!" Lion Six yelled uncontrollably.

He didn’t know where exactly it went wrong. According to his calculations, Han shouldn’t have attacked his tribe, but Han did and he even forced the old lion out.

As a result, this benefited the people with golden bloodlines. They took advantage of the time when Lion Flying Eagle was focused on fighting Han, and took him away.

There was also Lion Six’s five brothers. Even though he thought they were stupid, there were no reasons for them to die? Even if they deserved to die, why should a bunch of outsiders be the ones to take their lives?

"A bunch of people in black cloaks? They took away my father?!" Lion Six asked.

"Yes, it was for a black warrior, there was one of them that looked familiar to me… it might be…"

"Tell me quick!"

"It looked like that lady that came to visit you a lot a while back, Miss Linda?"


"Should be her."


Lion Six took a deep breath. His perverted nature had caused him to bring back a lot of woman, so it wasn’t an odd occurrence when he brought Linda back.

The only reason his subordinates can remember Linda was probably because she was very special. In order for her to appear more like a human, her actions were extremely proper, even more ladylike than humans.

Lion Six took out a mini communicator and started calling Linda frantically, but the call didn’t connect. His heart turned ice cold.

"What an evil woman, she lied to me, she lied to me!" Lion Six howled with pain.

What saddened him the most was not her evilness, or the fact that she killed his brothers and father, but it was because he didn’t notice anything wrong with her even though he was extremely intelligent.

Lion Six had been called the smartest of the pack. He just could not accept that fact that he had just lost everything. Not only did he get tricked, he also lost his father, brothers, and the whole tribe.



The horns in the Tribal Alliance sounded, this was a signal for an emergency meeting, once the horn sounds, every tribe must send their strongest fighters to the Alliance.

Boom boom boom~

In the distance, the entrance to the dimension was destroyed. Han and his crew had already arrived at the Alliance with the determination to kill.

Without a second word, the killing begun. This group of people who called themselves the Wolf Fang used their most violent methods to kill whoever came in their way.


Sky King Vines began growing like weeds. Within moments, the whole Tribal Alliance was full of these odd plants that ate people whole. Their strong branches were like the arms of giants, suffocating the fighters of the Tribal Alliance to death.

Countless genetic beasts were running around everywhere, like a group of crazy pangolins. Biting and breaking bones wherever they went.

Even if they weren’t suffocated or bitten to death, the people still could not escape the massacre headed by these heartless people. Night Walker was releasing poison quietly, and the fighters from the tribes fell to the ground lifelessly group by group.

Too many, there were too many tricks that they were using!

Han used his Void End to rid all his enemies of their super powers, and they started using all sorts of ways to kill their enemies.

This allowed a small troop of 300 something people to obtain the success of a much larger troop.

Their strategy was rather simple however. The first step was to rid everyone of their super powers.

The second step was to release the most ferocious beasts in the world.

Han’s team wasn’t afraid of numbers. Regardless of how many warriors there were from the tribe, could it be more than the number of plants in the research lab? Can it be more than the poison gas Night Walker released?

Once their enemies could no longer use their super powers, what was left was to kill and murder ruthlessly.

"It is them! I would recognize them even if they turned into ashes!" Lion Six pointed to Han and his crew in the distance.

Lion Six stood up and shook his head painfully.

He wouldn’t risk his life to fight with Han because of the death of his family, because that would be a very risky move. Lion Six had been known in the world as someone who acted a wise strategist..

The reality was obvious, the Tribal Alliance was not much of a challenge for Han, it was almost like a group of natives throwing rocks at an elite troop with machine guns. The more people that appeared, the more that died.


Lion Six suddenly twisted off his subordinate’s head. He threw his body aside and turned to walk away with bloodshot red eyes that screamed "Death".

"There is no longer a tribe, then you shouldn’t be alive either. Go see my father and brothers in Hell, tell them that I am still alive and I will definitely revenge them." Lion Six said emotionlessly.

Lion Six felt like his heart was dead and his whole world was collapsing.

Even though he was very intelligent and had great fighting potential, that doesn’t mean he could challenge Han and his crew. The Wolf Fang was too strong.

Using less than a month’s time, they have made so many monsters. In addition to Han’s Void End, who could stop this bunch of warriors? They were basically invincible when they were all together.

Lion Six left the Tribal Alliance and started walking aimlessly in the tunnel of the Dark Net.

He arrived at a quiet dimension with a volcano in it. The volcano was dead, the water was very blue, and very cold.

Lion Six took off his jacket and entered the cold water letting the ice-cold water wash off his human appearance, exposing his black body. Just like his father, Lion Six was also a monster of the dark bloodline, a descendent of the undead race.

Maybe Lion Flying Eagle noticed that Lion Six was different from his brothers, but he never said anything and was never excited about the fact that Lion Six inherited more genes from the Undead race.

On the contrary, Lion Six had always thought that his father avoided him purposely, like how he had been hiding his family and background. In his eyes, being an Undead race wasn’t something to be proud of, but rather a fact to be ashamed of.

Lion Six was different from all his brothers. He was smarter, and stronger, but mother nature pulled a huge joke on Lion Six. Lion Flying Eagle purposely married a woman from another race to have mixed children to wipe the genes that he was not proud of.

But when the genes were passed onto Lion Six, some unexplainable transformations happened. Not only did Lion Six inherit all of the genes of the Undead race, he also became stronger due to genetic mutation.

This originally could’ve been Lion Six’s motivation to conquer the world. Controlling corpses was such a scary ability. As enemies steadily died, Lion Six’s troop could continue to revive an infinite number of times, becoming stronger each time. If Lion Six’s level was high enough, he could even control those high-level warlords, making them his slaves and fight in his place.

But now, Lion Six was desperate. Han was like a bug left by the God of Creation, he has the power to kill off other people’s super powers. This was not fair, completely unfair. If Han’s level was high enough, could he maybe even wipe off the abilities of the God of Creation?

"Not fair! This isn’t fair!!!" Lion Six let out screams in the lake. The water vibrated with his voice.


The top of the volcano looked like it was boiling, a lot of white bubbles appeared in the middle and a person poked out his head.

This was an elder, he had a weird third eye, even though the eye wasn’t open, Lion Six could still feel the pressure he was getting from that eye.

"Who are you?" Lion Six stood up and asked.

"You are the next king of the Undead race, and I am the King of the Three-Eye Race." That person said.

"Three-Eye race? There is no race called that in the tribal zone."

"I migrated here from the universe."

"Why did you migrate here?"

"Because of you."


"Yes, you and I have the same royal bloodline, and we both have been angered by who we hate. I think our goals are aligned."

"What do you mean?" Lion Six raised his eyebrows and asked.

"It is very simple, all your hatred come from Han. If it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t have lost your whole race to people from the golden bloodline. If it wasn’t for his help, your father wouldn’t have been captured so soon." Three-Eye King squinted his eyes and said.

Lion Six was slightly taken aback. He asked, "I’ve never seen you before, how come you know everything so clearly?"


The Three-Eye King laughed, he pointed to the third eye on his forehead and said, "You are looking down on me. My Eye of Reincarnation can not only determine life and death, but can also hunt for things millions of miles away. I’ve been following Han with the sole intention of getting rid of him, however, I never got the chance."

"And now, you have been tricked by him too. If we unite together, you are the future king of the Corpse race, and I am the Three-Eye King, we can kill Han together and avenge our races!"

"So… Han killed your race too?" Lion Six asked.

"My strongest battleship fleet was destroyed because of him." Three-Eye King said with hatred in his eyes.

Lion Six shook his head and said, "I do really want to kill him, but I don’t have this ability. Even with you, we are still no match for Han’s Wolf Fang. The battle power of these crazy people is insane."

Three-Eye King laughed and said, "Wolf Fang is strong, but it is a team strength. If we can get to fight Han alone, you think we still wouldn’t be able to kill him?

Lion Six touched his chin and said, "Split him off? So he can’t use his Wolf Fang tactics?"

"Yes! Make him isolated! Han is not that scary by himself, it is just that his abilities are too special and makes a team much more powerful. Furthermore, his team is filled with elites from every avenue, and makes up for their weaknesses. But everyone has some sort of weakness, and Han himself is his biggest weakness!" Three-Eye King tempted Lion Six with a mysterious look on his face.

"Maybe then." Lion Six reorganized his emotions and said, "As long as we can make Han isolated, we can use your Eye of Reincarnation and my summoning skill against him. Even if he doesn’t die, he would be half dead! Okay, I will do this with you!"

"Fantastic!" Three-Eye King laughed and reached out his right hand.

Lion Six hesitated for a bit, and finally shook hands at the end.

The partnership between Three-Eye King and the future Undead King on killing Han had been successfully established!


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