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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 386


"Void Domain, open!" Han yelled as his right hand had finally fully opened.

After hearing Han’s voice, the spirit of his crew was immediately lifted. Not only was Han’s Void End a very unique super power, but it also acted as a catalyst to his group’s attack abilities.

After opening the Void Domain, the whole team would benefit from it. Back in the days, it was also this group of brothers who relied on their not so powerful skills and took control of the border battlefield, exceeding the expectations of a proper border patrol troop. That performance was all thanks to the combination of Void End and the Wolf Fang Tactics.

So everyone had faith in Han’s Void End abilities. They no longer face the battle ahead of them with fear, but rather excitement!

"Kill them!" Han shouted and led his crew towards the enemy.

It didn’t matter what kind of tactics the enemies were using, when faced with the Wolf Fang, all could be broken!

This set of tactics was used for annihilating tough defenses!

Not to mention if it was 10,000 enemies, even if it was the whole military of fthe Mass Demons Corporation, Han would still break through!



Within the blink of an eye, Han had led his team like a sharp knife, stabbing right into the army of the Ghost Face Tribe. Wherever they passed nothing survived, only corpses.

More people vs. less people?

This wasn’t f*cking arithmetic!

After depriving the enemy of their super powers, and unleashing all their powers before the enemies had the chance to react, it didn’t matter how many enemies there are, all would die!

After two face offs, Fan Qin watched as the people of his race fell group by group. He was stupefied.

Originally, he thought that he would be scared of Sima Hunfeng, so they needed to be on high alert and use all of their powers against them.

Now he realized that the Wolf Fang tactics was even scarier than Sima Hunfeng!

It must be known that Sima Hunfeng was a part of the Wolf Fang group. A regular warrior could increase their attack level significantly after joining the Wolf Fang, and the participation of super warlords in this group will make the fang even more vicious and powerful.

Super warlord Sima Hunfeng was someone who could hold everything together by himself!

With him, Han didn’t have to worry about any weaknesses in his tactic, because Sima Hunfeng coud fill in any gap that the tactic was missing.

If the left side was becoming exhausted, Sima Hunfeng would appear on the left!

If they encountered a strong enemy on the right, Sima Hunfeng would appear on the right.

All in all, it was almost like giving a tiger wings!

The only thing Han needed to do was to keep his head and judgement clear so that he could direct the direction and frequency of the attacks, as well as when to let go and when to pause. As for whether the warriors in his team were able to sustain these attacks, Han didn’t have to worry about it, because he had a super warlord on his team!

Han’s genius leadership abilities and judgement, in addition to Sima Hunfeng’s ability to carry, was a two-pronged approach that made them invincible!

Fighting until now, Han and his team had been stomping the Ghost Face Tribe, freely traveling back and forth inside the enemy's formation!

If solely talking about abilities, the Ghost Face Tribe was far worse than the proper troops of the All Gods Corporation. By themselves, there was no way they could stop Han from moving forward, and the 3-minute estimate to win would have been a conservative guess by Han.


Under the attacks lead by Han and Sima Hunfeng, even though the team had only a bit over 100 people, but they were able to unleash their potentials fully! They beat the Ghost Face Tribe to the point where they couldn’t recover their sense of direction! Minute by minute, they drew closer to winning.

The people from the Tree God Tribe were all stunned, they were born farmers and had never seen a scene like this. Han and his team decapitated enemies like cutting watermelons. Within moments, the ground was flowing with blood, and heads were rolling everywhere.



The chief of Ghost Face Tribe Fan Qin just understood his situation. Han was on a completely different level from him, and regardless of whether he had 10,000 fighters or 100,000 fighters, they could not win against an elite group that had been carefully chosen by Han!

"Scatter!" Han shouted.

The Wolf Fang Tactics immediately dispersed and a bit over 100 people scattered into a bunch of smaller teams. Some teams were to block the enemies’ escape route, some were in charge of chasing after those that had escaped. No one could run away from the claws of Han’s team!

As for Fan Qin, before he could escape, he was held back by Blue Star, with its sharp claws on his throat, stopping him from moving any further.

Han smiled and walked to the side of Fan Qin. He stared into his eyes that were filled with terror and hatred and said, "Do you know why I didn’t kill you in the very beginning?"

Fan Qin shook his head.

Han said coldly, "Because if you died, your subordinates would scatter and run, so I didn’t kill you first. I would only kill you after I’ve killed most of your subordinates. How else would I kill you all?"

"You are cruel! So cruel!" Fan Qin yelled angrily, he didn’t think Han would be so cruel, not only did he want to win but he also wanted to kill each and every one of them.

"Thanks for the compliment." Han nodded his head without much thought. Fan Qin called him cruel, but this to Han felt like a validation of his abilities.

He waved his hand and Blue Star immediately cut off Fan Qin’s head.



By the time Ke Lake arrived, they were cleaning up the battle field already. It was rather unfortunate that the Ghost Face Tribe did not have anything that they wanted. Space Station #9527 had a lot of valuable treasure, so everyone had very high standards.

Ke Lake didn’t say much, he knew Han's personality. Even if he arrived on time, he probably couldn’t have stopped Han anyway.

Most of the brothers that arrived late were slightly disappointed that they couldn’t join this fight.

Han whispered something into Sima Hunfeng’s ear and Sima Hunfeng left with his crew. Yun San was kind of confused and asked Han, "Where are they going?"

Han said lightly: "No where. The warriors of the tribute all died, they are just going to take care of the rest."

"No! Don't!" Yun San frantically shook his hand: "It isn’t easy being their tribe, their power is pretty weak in comparison to the others, now that their whole troop has died, there are only old, women, weak, and kids left.. Let them live!"

"Impossible!" Han frowned and said, "Our enemies will always be our enemies, we either don’t kill them, or kill them all! We can’t leave a single blade of grass behind!"

"I actually don’t understand, if it wasn’t for us today, they would have completely killed your tribe! At the end, you are still so kind to them, look at the children behind you, look at how scared they are? How are you going to face them?"

"Still begging for mercy for your enemies at this time? If I was the chief, I wouldn’t care if everyone in the other tribe died, but as for my tribe, we can’t lose a single person!"

Han was pretty serious, and Yun San’s face became pale.


Xiao Bao flew into Han’s arms with tears in his eyes.

"Remember, I can save you this time, but I can’t protect you forever. You have to control the road you walk in the future. To be fair, I think you have a lot of fighting potential. You just need to train your heart to be a warrior."

"If you don’t understand what I am saying, you can think about it this way. If your parents, Yun San, and everyone who cared about you were all killed, how sad would you be? Would you want to protect them? This strong desire to protect others will be your strongest power." Han said with a smile.

This was also Han’s personal experience, of wanting to protect Earth and was not happy with the weird route the earth has taken. It was this desire to protect and his inner anger, that made Han into the man he was today.

Xiao Bao nodded his head, Han wasn’t too worried about him, he seemed kind and smart. Even if he didn’t completely understand now, he would understand eventually.

Yun San sighed deeply, he was full of guilt when he said to Han: "I am very sorry for you and your team!"

Han was confused, "What do you mean?"

Yun San said with dismay, "You saved us, but this brought you a bigger problem!"


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