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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 378



A cloud of white smoke blew down from the sky!

At the same time, there was a howling voice, "Master, Sima Hunfeng!"

This was Sima Hunfeng’s signature mantra. Only someone as confident and stubborn as Sima

Hunfeng would call out his own name all the time. Whenever he said his own name, he would feel

extremely proud.

Backup was here!

Han’s backup is here!

The entrance of the Milky Way’s number 1 pro was very dramatic. He turned into a wisp of white smoke and descended from the sky, making it seem like a cloud that just smashed down from heaven.


It wasn’t just one or two, but a large area of the Three-Eye white wolves were smashed into pieces! Their bodies were forced into the blue ice sheets and were immediately shattered.


A lot of help arrived from the sky, followed by a lot of commotion and howls from different parties.

"It is these guys?"

"Let’s kill them all!"

"Who punched me while jumping down? Are your eyes f*cking tilted?"

"How dare you swear at me, just you wait! After this battle I am going to kill you!"

Han shook his head lightly, these people, they never understood what order was. The more

developed they were as fighters, the weirder their personality... This was a norm, and these people who had lived till now were probably pretty good at life. So, of course, as previously mentioned, their personalities were not that mature.


Sima Hunfeng said coldly, "It just these guys?"

Han nodded and said, "Yes, these white wolves, one of them is the original body, and the others are all his duplicates."

Sima Hunfeng said, "That’s easy, so it would all be over after we kill the original body."

Han frowned slightly and said, "But I can’t tell which one is the original body."

"Then kill them all!" Boya screamed.

With the blink of an eye, the morale on Han's side was completely different. Now, he had backup, and the backup was a very experienced army.

It was actually very easy to make friends between warriors. As long as two warriors fought through life and death together, even if they didn’t know each other initially, they would have become brothers by the end.

These people, each and every one of them could be called a brother to Han.

Han nodded, "Good! But we must be careful, these Three-Eye white wolves can multiple very


"Then we got to give it our all and kill them faster than they multiply!" Night Walker glanced at the wounds on Han’s chest, and said.

"What are we waiting for? Let’s begin!" Lance said excitedly, "You guys are finally here! Han and I

almost died here today, we must take revenge!"

"That goes by without saying, kill them all!"

"Kill them!"

"Whoever kills the least has to clean the washroom as a punishment!"


More than 400 people rushed up at the same time, each more aggressive than the last.

When fighting with humans, Han’s Void End was an effective tool to suppress their abilities. But when it came to fighting demons and beasts, the wolf fang tactic was no longer applicable. Many genetic beasts, genetically modified plants and poisons were all released.

This was exactly the specialty of these warriors. They weren’t trained as a unified troop, but rather they all developed their abilities individually. So, now they all have different strengths and super powers, making the battle scene very chaotic.

On the other hand, these Three-Eye white wolves all attacked with the same methods, very

monochromatic. Their weaknesses and strengths were quickly understood by these experienced warriors.

Wars were like this, the moment one side understood the habits of the other side, the consequences were disastrous. A good warrior could then make predictions and draft fighting strategies based on the enemy’s weaknesses and habits.

Meanwhile, if the Three-Eye white wolves wanted to understand the habits of these humans, it would be extremely difficult!



The Three-Eye white wolves fell down one by one, according to the equivalent sum of energy theory, the more wolves they split into, the worse the attack abilities of these clones.

And the current situation was that Sima Hunfeng and his crew were super aggressive, and they were killing at a rate that was faster than the wolves’ multiplication rate!

"Eye of Darkness!"

Han opened his Eye of Darkness in the battle, he was trying to use it to look for the original body of the Three-Eye white wolf. He already tried before but he wasn’t successful.

But now, the situation was completely different. The human side currently has an advantage, and

the Three-Eye white wolf was very nervous as if its heart is burning. Maybe it would make a mistake!

Han observed carefully while holding his Flying Feather Bow with one hand.

Every Three-Eye white wolf had a golden light within their body, they were all the same, and Han wanted to find the one that is different.


Han’s eyes lit up, in the distance he saw that there was a Three-Eyed white wolf where the golden light in its body was dimmer than every other wolf. Furthermore, it wasn’t injured, so it probably didn’t even engage in any fighting, meaning that there shouldn't be any sign of it getting weaker!

There must be something behind this irregularity!

Han immediately pulled on his bow and released a ray of white light.


A ray of white light was shot from Han’s hand. That Three-Eye white wolf did not get out of the way in time, so its ear was shot and half of it fell to the ground.

Han saw a drip of golden blood running down the wound in his ear slowly.

"It is him!" Han pointed with one hand while yelling.

"Where!? Where!?"

"Let me deal with it!"

"I am coming!"

"Don’t fight with me you f*cker!"

"Master, Sima Hunfeng!"

These people, they came up all at once, it was like they were the pack of hungry wolves fighting for food, all very eager to get a piece of this meal!

The little octopus was stunned by the situation that was presented in front of him!

Such a strong Three-Eye white wolf, shouldn’t they plan ahead of time and select the most equipped fighters to deal with it? What is this current situation, over 400 people were rushing towards it? And they were fighting among themselves?!

In comparison to when the white wolves were surrounding Han, this was a real siege!

Everyone put themselves ahead of their fear for death, they were too focused on how many times they could hit the wolves, fearing that the others might look down on them if they stabbed the wolf one less time than the other guys.



More than 400 of the most elite warriors were going after one white Three-Eye wolf, this scene was

kind of sad. Of course, that was for the white wolf.



Stabs after stabs!



Punch after punch!

Sima Hunfeng and these people did not have the manners of true masters. They were more like a

group of thugs on the street, they rushed up to the wolf without order, and stabbed it to death.


Sima Hunfeng used all his power, and his arm turned into white smoke and hacked the head right

off the Three-Eye white wolf!

Then, the wolf’s body began to contract.

"Oh no! This monster is about to explode!" Sima Hunfeng yelled while still holding onto the wolf’s head.

Everyone immediately started to retreat into the distance. As the original body of the Three-Eye white wolf died, all of its clones turned into blue ice and no longer had any power.

The corpse of the Three-Eye white wolf exploded within golden light followed by a deafening sound.

This world that was made of blue ice was shattered into a million pieces, burying Han and his crew under the ice and snow.


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