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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 376



The Godly Flying Feather Bow released a strong wave of energy, almost as if a white dragon was

released and flew into the sky.

There were a lot of coincidences in life, the power of the godly Flying Feather Bow could be seen by

everybody, but behind such power, there was also Han’s unique energy composition that also

played a key role.

The Dark and Source Energy were completely different but had integrated fully within Han’s body.

Furthermore, these dark energies were from the Dark King Lu Yao, someone who had wrecked

havoc within the Mass Demons Corporation by himself. When Lu Yao came to the Milky Way, he

almost destroyed the whole galaxy, making it easy to see how powerful he was.

Today, Han had inherited this kind of power, even though some energy was lost during the transfer,

and even though Han had not reached the level that Lu Yao was at and could not reveal all the potential, but this duo-energy composition had brought Han a lot of benefits. Within the same

level, there were very few people who could compete with him.

Source energy and Dark energy were like day and night. After it was released through the Flying

Feather bow, it was again strengthened by the godly weapon, and the result was absolutely shocking.

Immediately, the blue ice above their head was cracked and destroyed, those Three-eye white wolves were scared off by this immense energy, and this underground blue ice world was shaking violently. It was like a highly pressurized pot on the verge of exploding.

When they looked again, the blue roof had been shot through by Han, and there was a hole of over 10,000m long!

"Let’s go!" Han yelled and led everyone towards the hole.

Without a doubt, fighting here was beneficial to the Three-Eye white wolf, or else he wouldn’t have spent this much effort to set this trap up.

And Han firmly believed that if the enemy wants to use it, then he has to destroy it, so this decision was simple. Since the Three-Eye white wolf wants to fight here, he would try his best to get out.

Everyone followed the hole in the roof to climb up. At this moment, the little blue octopus-like organism let out an excited squeal. Han had opened a route to go up, giving it hopes to stay alive.


The octopus-like little spirit blue monster flew up, letting out an urgent but low cry, almost like a call for help. It wanted to leave this blue cave as soon as possible.

With a blink of an eye, it had ran past Han and his crew, given that it is a high level life form who could fly, and regardless of how fast Han and his crew were, they can only use their hands to climb, so they could not be faster.

The Three-Eye white wolf refused to let his prey leave this easily, and Han’s sudden release of a flying feather arrow shocked them. But very quickly, they recovered and started to climb up to chase

Han and his crew.

The distance to freedom was getting shorter and shorter. Using the nails on his boots to cling onto

the ice, aiming his bow downwards, Han yelled, "You guys go first! I will take care of them!"

Even though he said those words, Han’s face was still pale as a piece of paper.

The Godly Flying Feather Bow was very unique. There was a positive correlation between how much energy Han gave it and its power. For the previous shot, Han used up about 80% of his energy, and his body had not recovered yet but he needs to shoot again, which was a big challenge for him.

"Go back down the way you guys came from!"

Han yelled aggressively and released another white dragon from his bow, aimed at the Three-Eye white wolves that were after them.


Immediately, the lower levels of the blue cave caved in as numerous Three-Eye white wolves were shot through. There were many others that were hit by the falling ice.

"That was f*cking amazing!" Lance saw everything and yelled with his fists in the air.

Han used this bow and released the power of a laser canon!

With one arrow, he has killed over 1000 white wolves! Nobody could stop him now!


It wasn’t long before Lance realized that he spoke too soon. More Three-Eye white wolves were

climbing out of the broken ice pieces with red eyes and continued to chase after them.

These monsters won in numbers, regardless of whether Han killed 1000 of them or 10000 of them, as long as the original body of the monster was unharmed, there would be a million more to kill.

Roawl roawl.

A huge pack of white wolves were catching up to them, because Han continuously used his energy to shoot his arrows, he had became weak, and his speed had significantly decreased and thus the distance between him and the white wolves were closing in rapidly.

At this time, the octopus-like creature was almost at the exit of the cave, but suddenly, it stopped and looked indecisive.

This little octopus did not have sophisticated mindset. Anyone could observe the changes in its eyes and understand the internal debate it was having.

It was scared of the Three-Eye white wolves, but it also didn’t want to leave the people who saved its life behind, especially Han who was at the last place in line. Han kept on taking pills but he still could not draw up the distance between himself and these white wolves. A couple of white wolves were already super close to him, gritting their teeth and letting out howls.


The little octopus finally defeated its fears. Like every warrior who was going into a battle for the first time, overcoming their fear was extremely difficult, but it was also a mandatory obstacle that every warrior needed to overcome. Thinking of before, when even Carmen, the grandson of Military God Kapri ran away from war, it could be imagined how hard it was to overcome this fear.

The speed of the octopus was very fast, its round face was blowing up as it let out funny-sounding deep wails. Nobody knew whether it was trying to intimidate the enemy or itself.

All in all, the little octopus still took a very brave step forward. It moved to the side of Han, one tentacle was wrapped around Han, the other arms were whipping at the wolves.

Han could feel that this little thing was shaking when it was attacking. Due to the intense fear inside of its heart, its attacks were sporadic, almost as if someone was fighting with their eyes closed.

The little octopus dragged Han up like this, and while it was at it, he wrapped a tentacle around each of Pluto, Lance, Silver Fox, and Blue Star.

Han could feel that this little octopus had a lot of fighting potential, it was just that its mentality was still not ready. It didn’t lack the ability to fight, but rather it lacked the will to fight.


They were more than half way out, Han and his crew were almost out of the blue cave, reaching the ice world on the outside.

At this time, a remarkable wail came from the bottom of the blue cave, the Three-Eye white wolves combined into one.

The ultimate Three-Eye white wolf was faster and stronger than before. As it passed by the other wolves, they would all disappear and turn into blue ice.

The original body of the monster had appeared!

It was recollecting all of its energy, so it could effectively fight Han’s crew.

This blue cave that was shot through by Han started acting like it was controlled by some outer energy, gradually closing up so the hole was becoming more and more narrow.

The little octopus was becoming more and more confident after the initial encounter with the enemies, and it began speeding up, trying to escape the hole before it could fully close.

"Let me go!" Han stared and yelled at the little octopus, this voice confused the little octopus and it didn’t really know what to do. The scary monster had revealed itself, there wasn’t enough time to escape but Han wanted to be let go?

"My God!"


Lance slapped his hand onto his forehead and let out a deep sigh.

He knew Han too well. The Three-Eye white wolf just turned scarier. Anyone would choose to escape, but what Han saw was an opportunity to kill him and revive Black Egg.

There was no way Han would run at a time like this, that was just not who he was!


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