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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 374


Han climbed up the snow mountain and stepped onto this snow-covered plateau.

The topography here looked like a mountain pass surrounded by large snow mountains. The wind was squalling between the mountains.

"Look, there is a white wolf!" Lance pointed to the distance.

It was a wolf with snow-white hair, taller than those black wolves. It had a diamond-shaped third eye on his forehead.

The head of the Three-Eye Race once boasted that the three-eyed species was the most powerful species in the world, and were god-tier life forms created from genetic mutation.

Now it seemed that what he said made sense. These Three-Eye wolves who lived in the snow and ice had the power to control ice and snow, and their intelligence also far exceeded those of the Star Beast or the genetic fusion beast.

The Three-Eye white wolf saw Han from the distance. He raised his head, let out a long howl, and wormed into the snow.

"Catch him!" commanded Han in a loud voice.

Shoosh ~

Blue Star dashed in the snow, leading everyone into that snowdrift, but was stopped by Han.

This was a huge blue ice, covered with a thick layer of snow. In the middle there was a slippery entrance, like the slipway in an amusement park.

Han couldn’t believe what he saw. This blue ice was again a wolf-head shape, with two eyes and sharp teeth. The icy slipway leading to the bottom of the snow mountain was in the mouth of this wolf head.

"Weird. Outside the space was a wolf-head shape. Here again? Is this really the world of wolves?" Lance muttered.

Han gritted his teeth and said, "Do you know what is the strongest characteristic of Wolves?"

"Cruelty?" Lance answered.

Han shook his head.



Lance's answers were all denied by Han, and then Han said in a deep voice, "In fact, the most powerful characteristic of the Wolf Clan is that they live in groups. In nature, a wolf alone cannot beat lions or tigers. But if there is a group of wolves, they dare to fight against all powerful enemies."

Lance suddenly hesitated for a second and then murmured, "That is to say, there could be a group of wolves underneath?"

Han didn’t answer, but looked around.

This blue ice and the blue slipway leading to the bottom of the snow mountain were too accurately located right in the center of the plateau, surrounded by a dozen large snow mountains. However heavy the snow, it couldn’t bury the entrance. Those white snowflakes melted immediately once touching the blue ice.

Han waved gently, Silver Fox the little guy jumped into the blue hole right away and investigated downward stealthily.

Han was determined to find the energy Black Egg needed no matter what. He was an extremely picky eater and couldn’t ingest ordinary energy at all, so the Three-Eye wolf clan naturally became Han’s target.


Following closely after Silver Fox, Han and the group jumped into the blue slipway. The blue ice was so slippery that Han rushed down very quickly.

It could be seen that this slipway was used frequently, with many places having serious wears and tears. But this world of ice and snow that Han was led into by the slipway was extremely gorgeous. Water blue ice was everywhere, translucent and forming exotic structures.

Han and the group has no time to pay attention to the beauty in the world of blue ice. They were focused and staring at the front of the slipway.

After they slid for dozens of minutes, the slipway finally came to an end.


Spikes automatically stuck out from underneath the team’s boots to increase friction in this icy world.

The blue ice around them was like translucent glass. Through the blue glass one could clearly see some large or small marine life, all of which had characteristics from prehistoric eras. At the bottom of the sea, there were plenty of giant sea snails frozen as well.

"So it is a sea underneath the snow mountain!" Lance murmured, "At least there used to be a sea here, and then for some reason it was frozen."

Han responded, "It was frozen in a sudden. You see, that black eel was devouring a swordfish, and both became frozen halfway. And this seaweed, with characteristics of tropical marine plants in the bottom of the ocean, they indicate that the climate in this region used to be very hot, not as cold as it is now."

Lance frowned, "The power that can freeze an entire ocean suddenly must be very strong."

"Let's go." Han didn’t answer, but signaled everyone to speed up.

Silver Fox showed up and waved from the corner of a passage. Apparently, he felt that they should go in that direction.

The path in the blue world of ice and snow was like an underwater transparent passageway in the aquarium, but wider and meandering.

Walking within and looking up, one could see the frozen ocean, sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, all

motionless, as if they were biological specimens.

On the slippery ground there were faint paw prints the Three-Eye wolves left behind. Silver Fox might have judged by this and decided to enter from here.

Han and the group were very fast throughout the journey. It wasn’t long before they entered the Blue Dome.

Blue ice made a huge hollow structure dozens of kilometers in diameter under the frozen ocean.

Han saw Silver fox was confronting a white Three-Eye wolf. Behind the Wolf there was also a blue ice channel. The wolf had retreated into it, standing at the entrance, and staring with his red eyes at Silver Fox and Han's group who entered later.

"Be careful, I feel the energy fluctuation of the Three-Eye wolf significantly increased when it's at this place." Pluto said to Han.

Han had also found that the blue ice world was very advantageous to the Three-Eye wolf. It was very likely that the wolf brought them here to use the environmental conditions to their advantage and kill Han’s group.

But Han had no choice, because he had to be responsible for Black Egg. If he could not take out the crystal from the center of the Three-Eye wolf's head, Black Egg would probably die from energy depletion.

Concerned about this, Han gently touched on his Lunar Mark with his finger. Sure enough, Black Egg was becoming weaker and weaker.

This was like a strong man who never got sick. Once he got sick on the rarest occasion, even if it was an insignificant cold, it would make this strong man miserable.

This was the case for Black Egg right now. He had accumulated enormous energy from his birth. Only when the energy was enough could he break out of the shell. Then he accumulated even more energy, and his level got higher and higher, until his reached his peak state.

But now, Black Egg, the little guy who depended on energy, suddenly lost almost all of his energy in the process of growing up. Black Egg used his precious energy to save Demon Claw and Ghost Claw out of guilt.

The sudden loss of energy made his body completely unable to adapt, so he became weaker and weaker. At this time, only through a large supplement of advanced energy could Black Egg recover. If there wasn’t energy supplement, Black Egg would keep breaking down until his body starts undergoing necrosis.

"What is this bastard waiting for? I don't like him staring at me like that! "Lance couldn't help but said," Even if I close my eyes, I can smell something's not right! "

Right, what was this Three-Eye white wolf waiting for?


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