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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 371


The original body of the Frost Wolf had appeared! They are several black wolves hiding beneath the ice, with diamond-shaped pale blue crystals on their heads, resembling a third eye.

"Damn it!" Pluto shouted, leaving the attacking snow wolves around him and rushing to a black three-eyed wolf.

Even Black Egg, the instigator of this battle, did not expect the enemies coming so fast and so suddenly. His golden eyes burst out with a strong light, as if he was getting ready to use the soul-kill skill!

Han knew that Black Egg only used the soul-kill skill at the most critical time. Because he was an energy-type soul beast, accumulation of high purity energy was his most important attribute. The use of the soul-kill skill would consume a large amount energy. Only when Black Egg feels a life-threatening danger, is he forced to use soul-kill.

Unfortunately, it was too late for Black Egg to use the soul-kill at this moment. He was facing five black three-eyed wolves instead of three!

Two were in front of him with the other three surrounding him from behind.

Those wolves darted out of the snow and ice, baring their white sharp teeth shining the same light blue light as their third eye.

Pluto blocked the last three-eyed wolf with his powerful body. But the rest of the four wolves dashed to Black Egg.

People could imagine, the reason for these strange three-eyed wolves to dart out suddenly at this time must be because they were certain that they could kill Black Egg. They could destroy Black Egg’s hard scale. If Black Egg was bitten by these guys, the consequence would be unimaginable!

~Aw, Whoo

Black Egg screamed in fear. He opened his mouth and black light started to gather within!

Just at this point, the atmosphere suddenly changed!

Demon Claw and Ghost Claw both leapt up at the same time, blocked and protected Black Egg from both sides.

These two fools! The difference between them and Black Egg was loyalty, extreme loyalty!

In their mind, Black Egg was a partner, and partners must be protected!

They were not smart enough to consider the fighting technique and tactic. They did this only because of a protective instinct. Assuming that Han was attacked, they would act the same. Guarding was the meaning of their existence.



Instantly Ghost Claw and Demon Claw collided with into two of the black three-eyed wolves and started to fight and bite!

The sturdy shell of Ghost Claw was ripped apart by the black three-eyed wolf instantly. That shell was so hard that Han even needed the laser scalpel to be able to cut through. In front of the three-eyed wolf's attack, the shell was as weak as paper!

The Demon Claw’s arm, which could pierce a warrior's armor easily, was bitten off by another three-eyed wolf as easily as ripping paper.

In such a short moment, Han witnessed with his own eyes the process of his two most loyal claw beasts being brutally torn into a heap of debris and scattered into the white snow.

"Don't!" Han shouted helplessly with a pale face.

In Han’s mind, they were not only his two claw beasts, but also his two brothers!

Han will never forget Demon Claw’s appearance. It doesn't speak, but it always stood and guarded Han. Countless times, it fought for Han and was wounded badly by the enemies. Countless times, Han saved him and brought it back to life. After that, it still behaved the same, guarding and doing any of Han’s tasks without thinking nor hesitating.

Ghost Claw was also the same. It was smarter in the beginning. But after it stayed with Demon Claw for too long, he also became dumb and boring as well.


Witnessing the two big claw beasts’ death, Han felt like his own heart was also being torn apart. The rage he never experienced had risen up and almost broke through his body!

Demon Claw and Ghost Claw died. Using their loyalty, they won precious time for Black Egg. Five black lights shot out from Black Egg’s mouth, Soul-Kill, the most powerful attack from the legendary Twin-Gold-pupil Soul Beast!

Boom ~

Boom ~

The three-eyed wolves were destroyed to pieces instantly. This was the Soul-Kill ability which was strong enough to kill the Super Ares!

Swish ~

Suddenly, the whole world became quiet. There were no more frost wolves, no more three-eyed wolves. Those white Frost wolves changed back into snow, drifting through the air. The powerful controlling creature on the summit of Snow Mountain also stopped the attack.

Black Egg did not continue to chase the mighty creature, nor celebrate his success. He flapped his wings and looked down from the air at the mutilated bodies of Demon Claw and Ghost Claw. His golden eyes were filled with doubts.

He didn’t understand why these two ugly claws protected him?

"Han, don't."

Pluto tried to stop Han, but Han walked toward Black Egg with an angry gloomy face.


Han raised his right hand and slammed his fist into Black Egg’s face. Black Egg was knocked away by the punch!

Han shouted hysterically, "You killed Demon Claw and Ghost Claw, are you happy now? They had been following me for so many years. They went through so many battles, big and small. Now, they were killed by you!"

Black Egg fluttered his wings and soared above the snow. His gold eyes stared at Han and seemed discontented. But for some unknown reason, he did not rush to Han as usual.

In the past, even when Han said some barely belittling words to him, Black Egg would not let him go.


Han dashed forward again and gave him another punch. Black Egg fell down from the air into the snow, smashing a huge hole into the ground.

"Come on, fight with me! You are good at fighting, let’s do it!"


"I'm telling you, you are not great because you are good at fighting! There are a lot of people in the world who can fight well! But there are only a few people that can protect the people they want to protect!"

Han hit Black Egg with another punch. This fat, black little guy still did not fight back. He looked at the bodies of Demon Claw and Ghost Claw with dull eyes.

"Do you think your life is more precious than others when you are strong enough? You're wrong! Whether strong or weak, a life is a life! No one should be sacrificed in vain! "

"I've had enough of you! I can accept your disrespect to me. I can accept your pride, and your insolence! But you can't kill your comrades! You don't have the right! "

Han grabbed Black Egg up and threw him beside the bodies of the Demon Claw and Ghost Claw.

"Look at them! You look at them carefully! One of them is called Ghost Claw, the other one is called Demon Claw! They died in order to protect you! They are both my comrades!"

Ah ~

Lance sighed and turned away. He could not bear to see the bodies of the two claw beasts.

Silver Fox’s eyes turned red. He ran to the Demon Claw’s body, picked up his broken arm and tried to connect it back to the body. But the arm was cold and could not connect back no matter how he tried.



Silver Fox looked at Han and called anxiously. His eyes were expressing his pleas. He hoped that Han could bring them back to life again as he did before.

But the reason that Han was so angry was that he found himself incapable to revive the two claw beasts again!

Those damned three-eyed wolves directly destroyed their energy core!

Limbs could be regenerated. But once the genetic beast’s energy core got destroyed, it could not be recovered.

Unlike humans, the genetic beasts’ energy core not only had energy, but also their memories. Once they lost their memories, they would not remember their past, including the experience of them fighting together with Han. They lost their memory just like a person lost his soul.

Black Egg was completely scared. He knelt down in the snow like a child who had made the mistake. His golden eyes were full of regret and confusion.

He was actually a child without a lot of experiences. He was simple and arrogant, and never thought about others except himself.

But today, Demon Claw and Ghost Claw showed him another side of the life. Some lives were great not only because they were strong. Both Demon Claw and Ghost Claw were not as strong as Black Egg, but they also had the characteristics Black Egg didn’t have.

Black Egg was selfish, they were selfless.

Black Egg was arrogant, they were humble.

Black Egg didn't know what loyalty was, but they could abandon their lives because of loyalty!

Black Egg began to recall the two very boring claws beasts. The memory and impression in his head was very blurry. Because the two of them did not know how to speak, they always stood silently by Han’s side, or even by everyone’s side. They never attracted anybody’s attention.

But at the most critical time, it was these two guys, who were so easily overlooked, that rushed out and sacrificed themselves in a brutal way to save others.

Black egg suddenly found that the taste of being protected by others was bitter;it made him feel sad in the heart. Although he did not know why, but he would rather die than feel guilty and blamed all the time.

This was really an important lesson in his life. The selfish Black Egg learnt his lessons at an unbearable price.

~Aw, whoo.

Black Egg suddenly howled.

Both Demon Claw and Ghost Claw were dead;he certainly couldn’t get any response.

Then Black Egg started to crazily search in the snow, he found five light blue diamond crystals. These were the strange things inlaid in the foreheads of the three- eyed wolves, and seemed to be the source of their power.

Then Black Egg ran away like last time. He would find a place, hide and eat after he got the third eye, seeming like he was afraid to be seen by others.

"Leave him alone!"

Lance was a little worried and wanted to follow him and check up on him, but was stopped by Han.

"This selfish guy, only know to eat!" "Han clenched his teeth and scolded.

Han’s heart was full of grief and indignation. The death of Demon Claw and Ghost Claw made him mourn, but Black Egg, who caused the death of the two claws, didn’t even have a little human nature in him, even discounting the fact that they died to protect Black Egg. Even if a stranger died in front of you, you should feel a hint of sadness. This was the basic compassion about life. Black Egg obviously did not understand human nature, and did not know compassion at all.

~Aw, whoa.

Black Egg’s scream was heard from a distance. Everyone’s body shook at the sound, but no one knew what happened from that far side.

Not long after, Black Egg flew back, staggering and flapping his wings weakly. His pair of golden eyes were no longer as glorious as before. It seemed like that his life had come to the end, even his dark scale also degenerated into a gray color.

"Black Egg, what happened!?" Lance asked aloud anxiously.

Black Egg did not answer, staggering in the air towards the bodies of Demon Claw and Ghost Claw.

Until now Han was able to see clearly that the thing Black Egg clutched with both hands was a black crystal, flashing with a dim light.


Black Egg struggled to put the black crystal into the two bodies, and looked at Han with his begging eyes. He seemed to be saying, "Save them, please, save them!"


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