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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 367


At the request of 9527, the crew stopped their reparations on the station and gathered on the crimson red soil outside the space station.

Han walked out of the space station, and looked at those brothers that escaped with him from the City of Judgement. Including himself, there were a total of 444 people. In China, this wasn’t a lucky number.

9527 coughed twice, raised his voice to the best of his abilities and said, "It was me that stopped you from your work because right now, our main goal is not to repair this space station, but to try surviving in the area known as the Cursed Triangle."

"That’s right, this area is called the Cursed Triangle. The back side of the universe is also boundless, but here you can use the Law of Space. The time it takes to travel from one place to another is very short, so it gives people the feeling that the two places are not vey far apart. However, that’s not the case. The Dark Net is the same as the universe, endless, and filled with danger and the unknown."

"In the Dark Net, the Cursed Triangle is also called the Tribal Area, and those that live here are usually the aboriginals of the Dark Net. As for you and me, we are all part of a bigger force, coming here through selective trials from the other side of the universe."

"In this cursed area, Space Law operated engines would fail, soldiers would mysteriously go missing, and space stations would turn into ash in an instant. So, all the giant forces that occupy the Dark Net would unanimously choose to give up this place and explore towards other directions."

"We didn’t have a choice but to come here. As for how we can survive in this area, and what kind of situation we might run into, I’m very sorry, I don’t know too."

"But, there’s still one thing that we should still feel happy about, and that is, this space station is the only expedition space station of the All Gods Corporation. Back in the days, I designed it and created it, just for preparation for one day when I have to leave the corporation."

"Within the inside of the space station, there’s all the systems and technology we need to settle down at a place. Although we can’t create super sized space stations of the same tier, but we can still create some darknet battleships of decent quality, have the best training environment, and the best battle equipment."

"The only problem is how to take advantage of the equipment on the #9527 space station and be able to hold our ground here. We have no other choice as well, because it’s not safe to go back to the universe, or else we might bring trouble to our family and friends. After all, right now, we are wanted by the All Gods Corporation."

"And it’s not advisable to move forward, most parts of the Dark Net is controlled by several giant corporations. If we want to move forward, even if we don’t cross the All Gods Corporation’s territory, we will run into other forces. With our current strength, it’s impossible go deal with them. Even if we can safely cross the enemy’s territory, so what? I’m afraid entering an unknown part of the Dark Net territory is even more dangerous than staying in this cursed area."

"Believe me, friends, we have no better choice. We are really short on time, before the tribal enemies find us, we have to explore the area, plan a defense and retreat route."

"Queen will assign you missions in accordance with your strengths. As long as we work hard enough, we will be able to survive in this cursed land!"

9527’s speech ended, and the AI system Queen began assigning everyone missions and arrange schedules. Everyone will receive a communication device, so they can ask Queen questions anytime.

9527 called Han separately to the side and said, "There’s a very important task, and I feel that only you can do it."

Han hesitated for a second, then asked in curiosity, "What is it?"

9527 replied, "Finding a place to train for everyone."

Han was a bit confused, "A place to train? Aren’t there training rooms in the space station? The hardest mode you can activate is Nightmare Mode."

9527 waved his hand and replied, "Of course I know this, but let me ask you, how is the training result for you right now? Isn’t it not as effective for you as when you first started?"

Han frowned, nodded and said, "Indeed. Even using the highest-level Nightmare Mode, my source energy index isn’t increasing as fast as it used to."

9527 replied, "That’s because your body and zero-degree brain region has already gotten used to this kind of training mode. It’s like taking drugs, the more you are exposed to one type of drug, your body will grow higher tolerance for it."

"Without long, not only you, everyone will start experience similar situation. Their growth speed will become slower and slower, although there will still be improvement, but at a critical moment like now, I hope everyone can enhance themselves as fast as possible."

"In the Dark Net, there are many magical dimensions. Some dimensions are good for growing plants, and it will give birth to treasure plants with high rarity. Some dimensions are good for beasts to dwell, so there will be powerful soul beasts or dark beasts."

"I’m telling you to find a dimension that’s great for training. This kind of dimension is very rare, and there’s also a difference in tiers. But, the moment we can get access to a high tier training dimension, then even Sima Hunfeng who’s already standing at Super Warlord level can quickly enhance himself. This will be a huge help for you."

Han’s eyes suddenly lit up. In terms of leveling, the higher the level, the harder it is to make more progress. Sima Hunfeng was already a Super Warlord, so a training dimension that’s even effective for him will definitely be very effective for the others!

Now they were alone in the Cursed Triangle with no reinforcements. If everyone can raise their level one step higher, then the benefits were self-explanatory!

9527 then spoke again, "Maybe you don’t know, Sima Hunfeng is just an exception. Before him, there was no espers in the universe that broke through the 8th star. All the super warlords, with no exception, came to the Dark Net from the universe, and reached their current level after being exposed to the high-level training dimensions."

"If we can take control of those high-level training dimensions, maybe there won’t be just one Sima Hunfeng among our brothers! Not to mention high level training dimensions, even the low level ones, their effect will be better than training rooms. After all, the training room uses man-made power, but the training dimensions uses natural energy."

"It’s just that, it’s not going to be easy finding one. The Cursed Triangle area is inhabited by aboriginals, so we must assume that they already occupied some of those dimensions, which means that you will probably encounter quite a few powerful enemies."

"So, you must be careful when executing this task. You need to pick the strongest soldiers from our group, form an expedition team and go."

Han nodded, "If there really are these kinds of mystical training dimensions, then it is indeed worth the risk to go find it. As for team members, that’s no problem. Although we don’t have much, but they are all elites."

"But the Dark Net is like a beehive with many fork intersections. Every branch connects to at least another dimension, how can I find the place that you mentioned?"

9527 smiled, he pointed into the distance and said, "I don’t know, but you do."


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