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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 35


Penta Kill!

Pan Gongjin had a pair of cunning eyes. It was only for a brief moment and he already figured out a plan.

’’You and you. You two go kill them.’’ Pan Gongjin ordered emotionlessly.

The team led by Pan Gongjin were all 3-star fighters, the rest were defending the outside. Among the assault team, the two strongest espers were the Ground Descent Ze Nite and the Wind Descent Wang Xiaoshan. Seeing how Han killed Wang Xiaoshan in one shot, Pan had no choice but to be cautious.

The two fighters he sent were two of his weakest followers. Pan was planning to send them as sacrifices to gain more reveal Han's fighting style and power.

The two fighters knew what their cruel leader was planning, but they had no choice but to man up and charge at Han.

Pan's caution was usually an advantage, but it was the largest mistake he would make today.

Han could triple kill the enemy because he relied on nothing but two things. First, he was the unique mystery descent Void End user, capable of robbing anyone's ability. Second, he had the balls to fight on the verge of life and death!

Against someone as hell-bent as Han, the most effective method was to all attack at the same time. As the saying goes, two fists are tough against 4 hands, Han couldn't possibly take so many at the same time in a melee match.

But Pan Gongjin was too cautious, when being pressured by time, he actually chose to gather intelligence on Han first, giving up the best opportunity to kill Han.


The two 3-star raiders charged towards Han, they were both power descent espers. Although they didn't have fancy powers, they have a lot more strength than others and they tend to focus on doing their physical training. Their muscles weren't something Han could ignore. That's why it was actually tougher for Han to go up against two power descent espers than the other raiders he had faced before.

But, there was another fate-deciding factor on the battle field, and that's the sheer force of character.

From the moment Han became an esper, he was always learning with the most extreme training and battle methods, even when he's spectating fights he watched the Broadcast of Death that only aired bloody brawls to the death.

That's why, Han's will power far exceeded his control for techniques. He was using the most basic techniques but he fought without worrying about death!

You give me a cut, I will give you 3 cuts in return!

But the thing those two espers lacked was the sheer force of character. The moment they entered Han's Void Domain, they suddenly felt as if their power was taken away, so they lost the mental battle right off the bat. Then, after getting chased by Han who was swinging his dagger like a mad man, the two matured esper raiders were completely suppressed by Han on the battlefield! They were too busy defending yyagainst Han's attacks and couldn't find any opening to attack.

Han knew very clearly, he took advantage of Void End's power. Anyone that enters his domain will feel weakened at first, and he needed to finish them off completely before they could ever had a chance to adjust.

But one against two, it was already hard for Han to be the winning one, how could he finish the battle quickly?

There was no other way, you need to trade it with your life!

’’Martial Art users are practicing techniques with their lives on the line! Fight to kill! Hit every punch! Trade eye for eye! Only surrender in death!’’

Han suddenly remembered what Pathless origin had told him in the past!


The black edge suddenly came slashing down, Han started trading blows with the enemy, it seems like he doesn't care at all about the enemy's edge ending up on his body.

What's called hell-bent?

You can give me a slash, but my next slash will kill you!

The enemy was completely lost against his attacks, Han didn't block nor dodge but chose to slash right back?! Is this guy insane?!

Han was completely committed, but the enemy couldn't do the same. He nervously tried to flee to the side to dodge, but his speed was not as fast as Han's edge. His blade landed on Han's shoulder and left a bloody cut, but Han's tremor landed on his neck! It ripped him apart!

Tonight's Quadra kill!

Injured Han turned around and his eyes were set on the other raider. He used the same method, without even bothering to dodge, Han began to fight him with his life!


The enemy saw how insane and fearless Han was and also how his teammate got ripped apart. Seeing Han turned the target to him, he was so lost in fear that he turned around immediately trying to run.


Han slashed opened that guy's back!

Fifth kill!


New York, Headquarter of the Earth Esper Administration

A big screen was broadcasting the situation at South Pole live, only to see a Reaper Class frigate pierced headfirst into the center of the base, activating its energy shield and using it to completely separate the center of the base from its surroundings.

That's the tactic the space raiders used, isolating the center so that none of the surrounding espers that were resting could attend the battlefield.

In the display, the esper soldiers at the Extinction Site Administration were trying very hard to attack the energy shield. Unfortunately, the Reaper class was a medium sized frigate. How could a bunch of average espers rip open its shield with only their bare hands.

A heavy weapon was needed to destroy the energy shield generated by a medium sized frigate, but the South Pole base was an exploration site, not a military base so it was not equipped with any heavy weapons.

Another large screen was playing Han's battle, the quality was a bit blurry but people could still see Han and how he was defending the base on his own.

The Reaper class frigate could cloak and it was equipped with powerful defenses, but signal disturbance was its weakness. Although separated by an energy shield, headquarters could still acquire real-time signal and information from the South Pole base.

When Han finished off the fifth enemy in one swing, everyone watching at the headquarters in New York was speechless.

It was a result that no one predicted. It wasn't because there was no elite espers in the Extinction Site Administration base, since Li Yu's army was probably one of the strongest on Earth, but unfortunately they were all stuck inside the Extinction Domain, leaving Han on his own outside.

Although it was only Han, but his hell-bent and fearless character was able to fend off the enemies!

’’That was beautiful!’’

’’Who is that guy?!’’

’’According to our record, he's the Han Lang that was brought in last month by exception. He's from the Asia district, possessor of the powerful dark descent Void End ability.’’

’’That can't be right?! One month ago he was just a beginner, now he's 3-star?!’’

When Han's personal file was found, people saw a steady line that was going through the roof. This was Han's Power Source Index progression graph.

His number was like a rocket soaring towards the sky, showing no sign of slowing down!

Chief of the New York headquarter, Talin, was also very excited from seeing Han's courageous performance, but he was very clear that it would be impossible for Han to defend against the raiders by himself.

’’How long till our Air Fortress arrives at the South Pole?!’’ Talin yelled.

’’At least 3 minutes.’’

’’That's too slow! The enemies chose to attack us at this time, they most likely want to destroy the Extinction Site. Command Air Fortress to advance at full speed!’’

’’Chief, they already are! Our brothers on the ship are also very anxious!’’

Talin didn't say anything. 3 minutes? It's still unclear whether little Han could hold out for the crucial 3 minutes. If he loses, then it means that the entire Earth will have lost!

The lady of destiny showed its merciless face, putting the fate of the entire Earth on some unknown boy. Can he defend against these brutal raiders?

Suddenly, someone at the control center yelled, ’’FUCK! The raiders are storming Han!’’


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