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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 345


"Normally, Three-Eye race’s historical relics all had huge entrance. However, this entrance is abnormally narrow, that’s why it was neglected by everyone. No one would’ve thought that there was an entrance beneath the stone sarcophagi." Yuan Yuan measured the entrance as he followed behind Han.

"Maybe this is what people always say, the most dangerous place is actually the safest place." Han said.

The group passed the entrance and walked deeper into the relic. The passage twisted and widened just like a horn with one narrow end.

Finally, deep underground, they saw a golden statue, an angry Thousand-Armed Asura statue.

Made from a metallic material, with three eyes, a thousand arms, a pair of angry eyes, and with a lotus crown on the head. Everything about this statue made it very strange and unique.

There were slightly more than seventy apostles standing on the palms of the statue waiting for Han’s group. These should be all of the remaining living apostles in the Milky Way.

A young teen apostle with a baby face and a crack on his forehead sat on the lotus crown on top of the golden statue.

Even though this apostle was young, he was on top. Under him were three non-apostle elders. They were real members of the Three-Eyed race, and this could be confirmed with Han’s see-through eye technique.

The other seventy apostles stood on the lower level of the statue, so they were of the lowest rank in the corporation.

Han didn’t understand how the youngest apostle took the top seat. Even though he had the third eye and was different from the other apostles, his seat should not be higher than his own master.

"I have acquired memories about you from another apostle, so I know you are Han, our enemy who massacred countless apostles." The youngest apostle said while he looked down at Han from the top.

Han smiled, "You are correct, I am Han."

"There is an old saying on Earth, an eye for an eye. You apostles killed my brothers and friends, so of course I want to kill you guys, even if you all turned into ashes, I want to go up and stomp a few feet."

"Good spirit," The young apostle said in a deep voice, "Your energy exceeds the normal apostle’s highest energy setting, they are not your match. Hence, their deaths make sense and it did not go to waste."

Han asked in curiosity, "Normal apostles? Does that mean you are not normal?"

The young apostle nodded his head, "With your intelligence, you should have figured out that these apostles are clones and all clones need blueprints. Other apostles use the three Three-eyed race elders as blueprints, so their combat power is only at the junior warlord level."

"However, your combat power cannot be measured with the ranking system, because of the unique Void End super power. You specialize in dealing with human-like life forms, and the cloned apostles belong to that category."

"Other than that, you are a crafty human who is proficient in engineering, pharmacy, and biologically engineering genetic beasts. You have all kinds of tricks up in your sleeves and is very difficult to deal with. "

"In addition, you don’t have a conventional warrior background. You started with forbidden techniques, resulting in your understanding of combat being different from other warriors. Thus, with the overall assessment, you are not a warrior, but a monster."

"I like this conclusion that you reached." Han smiled and did not take being called a monster as an insult.


The young apostle grunted and said, "I read Earth’s history. I know you have an old saying, one can’t avoid one’s enemy. I was summoned to deal with you and yet you found me so quickly. "

"I did not understand how you managed to find me here. When I saw you closing in on this tomb world’s orbit, I already told them to give up on escape plans. Once you are here, we won’t be able to escape. Unlike others, you hated us and will chase us down and kill us no matter what it takes."

Han nodded his head and said, "Hence, the first thing you did when you spotted me was to gather your team and retreat to your chosen battlefield and wait for me."

"I don’t think you are a normal opponent. I have seen and killed countless apostle, you are different. Your personality is straight forward, and you have done research about me. I can imagine, you think by falling back to this chosen battlefield you will be able to kill me, that’s why you are fearless."

"If I’m correct, this strange statue and the formation you are in is a preparation, and this won't end until one side of us dies. So, who are you actually?"


The young apostle smiled and said, "Just like how the data showed… Han not only is tricky, but also intelligent, specializing in predictions, risk assessment, and using his sharp tongue."

"However, this time you made a mistake. I know you more than you think, I know your Void End can suppress all super powers, so I won’t be using a group battle tactic. As you might have guessed, this statue is our treasure weapon just for countering your unreasonable Void End."

"It doesn’t matter how fierce you used to be in the past, today you will die here because I am different from other apostles. I am a clone using the Three-eyed King as the blue print. Even the elders in the Three-Eyed race are no match for me."

"Today you won't die by my hands, but by this humanoid weapon. In addition, I can tell you I’m number zero, the codeless zeroth apostle."

Han was shocked and frowned, "You said this Thousand-Arms Asura is a humanoid weapon?"

Apostle Zero smiled, "You didn’t expect the Three-eyed race to only have the one Dark King humanoid weapon, did you?"

"If my predictions are correct, you have seen Dark King already, or at least met with his spirit that was left over after his death. Otherwise, there is no explanation for the perfect fusion of you and the Dark Crystals. I can clearly see you that have fused six Dark Crystals, and your body state is evolving towards perfection."

"Just as the power of darkness carried by the Dark King has become one of your primary powers. It exists within you with no conflict towards other powers, and there’s no pain or any discomfort."

"As a human being, I don’t believe that you are capable of fusing perfectly with the dark power. You are a legit human being, the original spore model, no genetic mutations have occurred. Unlike the long-eared lady behind you, she was born with dark energy in her body. Without the Dark King’s help, you couldn’t possibly achieve your current state."

"Pity, even though you have seen the Dark King and Dark King assisted you, so what?"

"You should have known, as strong as the Dark King was back then, he was still controlled and sealed by the Three-Eyed King, and that’s because the Three-Eye King controls more than one humanoid weapon."

"In the Three-Eyed race’s view, only beings with catastrophic power will be referred to as humanoid weapons. Other than the Dark King, this Thousand-Arms Asura is one of them. All the humanoid weapons are super powerful, but extremely hard to control as well."

"This Thousand-Arms Asura is a hard to control weapon. While I’m talking to you, I am fully activating it. Hah hah, you didn’t expect that did you? To me, this conversation was a tactic."

With all that being said, Apostle Zero showed an evil smile.

His lightly waved his arm, and all the lower level apostles grabbed onto the Thousand-Arms Asura’s hands at the same and started pouring in energy.


The underground palace started to shake and the third eye on the Thousand-Arms Asura forehead slowly opened. It shined a mysterious and bright light. Everyone was able to feel there were enormous powers forming within the Thousand-Arms Asura.

"Han, you must have thought that all your life you were smart but this time you were fooled. I put in so much effort to understand you and came up with a way to deal with you, and you still have the mood to talk with me? If you did not have this nonsense conversation with me, you might still have a chance to escape. But now, the time for me to activate humanoid weapon has come, and so is your time to die!"

"Now, according to the Three-eye King’s will, this is your last chance. Spill the secret behind the solar system’s strange movements, otherwise I will torture you to the point you wish you had died!"

"Look at the two pretty young ladies behind you, they must be precious to you! The innocent robot and the dark flying monster, they will all die because of you!"

Apostle Zero was extremely arrogant, using both Jian Jia and Luo Ying’s life to threaten Han as if he already had victory in his hands.

Meanwhile, Han’s eyes flashed with an impatience light.

He raised the Flying Feather bow in his hands, aiming at one of the apostles and released an arrow.


There was no arrow, but when the string was released, there was a lightning bolt flashing towards the target at a speed near light.

The power was enormous, it did not just shoot down the apostle. Instead, it took down the apostle along with the golden arm he was standing on.




There was nothing that could defend where the lightning struck.

Not only did the apostle get shot down, it took down three arms of the Thousand-Arms Asura’s with him.


The Thousand-Arms Asura’s eye was about to open in a moment, but now it slowly closed. The other apostles hurried and injected energy faster to prevent the Thousand-Arms Asura from closing its eyes. With fewer apostles, others had to fill in the gap for the missing energy.

All the apostle including Apostle Zero were all shocked!

A God-tier weapon!

The black bow in Han’s hands that had no arrows, was a God-tier weapon!

The Flying Feather had no arrows, but its shot could pierce through the heavens!

With this God-tier weapon, Han could shoot down all the apostles on the statue like sparrows.

"I let you speak, and you just ramble on." Han’s eyes were cold and stiff, totally different from before, "I hate it the most when people use my friends to threaten me. Don’t think that you now understand me just because you have read my information. You only understand my past!"

"Another word from you and I will kill you right away."


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