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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 341



The energy control beam was shot out, and pulled the body suspended in space to gradually come back down, retrieving it onto the lower warehouse level of the Ark.

Han, Jian Jia and Luo Ying came to the lower level. Jian Jia and Luo Ying were still underaged girls, so they both blushed when they saw the naked body of the young man. Contrastingly, Han quickly rushed to the body to inspect it.

"There’s still a weak pulse. That’s unbelievable. How can he suffer such heavy injuries but still be alive?" Han frowned slightly and mumbled to himself, "Yuan Yuan, contact 9527. Retrieve the Ark, the space here is too narrow and there is no proper equipment. If we are at a space station, there is a chance we could save him."

Yuan Yuan contacted 9257 and asked him to retrieve the Ark.

Han moved the black-haired man out of the Ark and placed him on the surgery bed of the medical room.

At this moment, 9257 came over. 9257 was filled with confusion after he saw the face of the man. However, he did not mention a word and immediately started treating the man.

"Queen, do a comprehensive test of this man’s physical condition and give me a treatment plan." 9257 said.

Under the manipulation of the artificial intelligence Queen, the machines in the medical treatment room started working. A flash of purple light quickly moved across the man’s body. The screen displayed the skeletal structure of the man was almost entirely crushed and his organs were failing rapidly and undergoing fibrosis.

His zero-degree brain region had almost completely disappeared, with only a few cells remained.

"This man’s life force was extremely strong, his skeleton durability might be stronger than even titanium. For now, I can stabilize his vitals and prevent him from further deteriorating in condition."

"After that?" 9257 asked.

Queen replied, "A whole-body replacement surgery is required for him to survive."

Han froze, a whole-body replacement surgery was the most complicated kind of general surgery. Only the brain and a small portion of useable organs would be kept, with the entire remaining body replaced.

9527 frowned slightly, "You are suggesting to use fiber armor? That is the only one in the universe. Is it worth it to use it on this man?"

Queen spoke lightly with her electronic synthetic voice, "There is not enough information to analyze if it is worth it. But I know that this man’s life force is of the strongest caliber for a man."

9257 clenched his teeth and mumbled to himself, "Strongest caliber? That is a rare comment from you Queen. Oh well, the armour is more of a souvenir to me. It would be put to better use if it was used to save this high caliber human."

"Immediately perform the whole-body replacement surgery, and use the fiber armor."

12 hours later.

Even in the most modern surgical room, using the most skilled AI system in 9527’s possession, it still took 12 hours to complete the operation.

After the operation, the man was completely different. His entire body had been replaced with artificial fibers, muscles, heart and skeleton.

The only original body parts kept were his left eye and brain, and a small portion of his skin.

The man had 80% of his face covered with a special metal, and only his left eye and a portion of his forehead showed.

To conclude, the man had become a hybrid of flesh and artificial fibers. The fiber material was different from metal. It did not require maintenance but could still work well. It was also softer to the touch compared to metal.

After the analgesic wore off, the man finally opened his eyes. His left eye was normal, but his right eye was an infrared electric structure. It even had a slight mechanical sound when it moved.

"Who am I? Where am I?" The man asked Han and 9527 curiously.

9527 shrugged his shoulders, "Queen was right. He was floating for too long in space, which caused his brain cells to be damaged. Even though the brain transplant was successful, he still lost part of his memory."

Han nodded, and said to the man, "We saved you from outer space. You were severely injured and we had no choice but to replace your entire body with a new one."

"New body?"

The man curiously stood up and looked at himself in the mirror of the surgical room.

He seemed to be shocked about his strange fiber body too.

"Can I see what I looked like previously?" He asked.

Han showed him the video of them saving him. The man looked at his badly injured body in the video, and looked at his new fiber body. He asked in a low voice, "I seem to be not too bad right now. Why was I injured so severely? Was I attacked by someone?"

"That we do not know, we had hoped you would be able to tell us when you wake up."

"I’m sorry." The man replied politely, "I don’t remember anything. I can only recall what happened after I woke up."

"You do not need to apologize." Han smiled and said, "Your survival is also the result of your own efforts. Your will to survive was very strong. Even though your entire skeleton was crushed and organs were deteriorating, you still wanted to live, and that is the reason the surgery was successful."

"It’s obvious that you were a tough guy in the past."

The man did not say anything, because he did not remember anything about his past. He could only remember the present. He knew that Han and 9527 had saved him, and they looked like good people.

"Do you know what my name was?" The man frowned and asked. It gave him a headache to think about the past.

At this moment, Luo Ying said cheekily, "Well. Why don’t we give you a new name. You are so bulky. Why don’t we call you Big Man?"

"No." The man shook his head and painfully said, "That’s not my name."

Jian Jia said, "How about Meteor? You appeared like a meteor in front of us."

The man continued to shake his head, "There must be something wrong. My mind is rejecting this name."

"How about Storm? That’s a cool name." 9527 said, joining the conversation.

Giving the guy a name seemed to have become a game. Even Yuan Yuan joined in and tried giving him two names. But they were refuted.

Han didn’t speak, but after tens of names were rejected by the man, he suddenly said "We found you close to the wrecked remains of Pluto. Why don’t we call you Pluto?"

"Pluto?" The man was dazed, and did not immediately object to the name. He seemed to be in his own thoughts, and muttered, "Pluto? Pluto? I seemed to have heard of this name before, but why can’t I remember?"

"Pluto, Pluto, Pluto!!"

The man said, and suddenly issued a roar. His voice was explosive and gave everyone a scare. Everyone could feel that there was a scary strength in this amnesic man.

"Oh well. Even though I don’t know the reason, I think Pluto is a pretty good name." The name calmed down and said to himself.

9527 came to Han’s side and said in a low voice, "This man Is very strange. He has the strongest life force of a human. You picked him up from Pluto and now he accepted Pluto as a name. Aren’t you curious about all this?"

Han looked at Pluto who was sitting dazedly on the bed, his eyes were lost and filled with pain.

Han said, "I am certainly curious. But now is not the time. Let’s hope he can slowly recover his memories. If we force him, it might be counterproductive."

"That’s true. What do we do now?" 9527 asked.

Han said, "We have to trouble you to transport me back to meet with Long Chuan."

"No problem." 9527 replied.

After Han had resolved Pluto’s problems, he took out the necklace his mother had given to him.

The necklace was filled with Han’s memories. But know, it had a new meaning, After the necklace led Han to rescue Pluto, it showed a new display;there was a new mysterious star map.

"This is a star map." Pluto had appeared behind Han, and was looking at the star map together with Han. He asked, "This is weird. Why would a necklace show a star map?"

Han froze, turn around and asked him "You can see the star map too?"


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