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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 338


Even as Kahn was dying, he still could not fathom what kind of power destroyed a fleet as powerful as the Fifth Fleet.

Although the Triple-Eyed Race was Earth’s enemy, even the most vengeful humans had to respect the courage that this Race showed. Giving up one’s traditional habitat to launch a journey that spanned across centuries was not an easy feat.

Every fleet of the Triple-Eyed Race’s was built on years of space-travelling, and had ample war and flying experience;so, when the extremely experienced, always-winning Fifth Fleet was struck down, the war ended instantly.


Incidentally, Han entered the area at the moment the solar system struck back;9527 gave him a boat that brought him to the regular universe.

Where Han landed, he witnessed the whole process;he saw Earth hidden safely behind the Sun, almost making him wonder if Earth was its own intellectual entity rather than a normal planet.

Three hundred thousand starships turned into brilliant fireworks in an instant;the solar system’s move cleanly dealt with them all.

Han realized that the Triple-Eyed Race’s Attack Fleet was not completely destroyed;more than ten industrial and mining ships had actually survived, but due to the star fleet’s large-scale explosion, they were quickly blasted into the outer circle of the solar system.

Han was never going to forget what took place afterwards;the Sun and the eight planets stood exactly where they were, as if they were warriors who stood their ground.

The Earth carried the satellite moon that revolved around it and came out, and they started circling around Han’s boat.

Han felt his breath pause, it was as if he saw a pair of gentle eyes, looking at him from Earth.

And it was not only his imagination, his body felt it too! As the blue Earth circled around Han’s boat, he felt a tingle on his skin, a kind of heat, as if a wave was stealthily entering Han’s body.

Unfortunately, Han was too concentrated to fully feel the magical feeling of a wave entering his body.

After one circle, the Sun finally left with the eight planets. They disappeared one after the other, from the normal universe to the other side, the Dark Net.

The last one to go was the moon. He was a jokester, poking his head out after entering the Dark Net, as if smiling back at Han, and then quickly disappeared into the dark space.

Since then, the Solar system did not exist in the universe anymore, because the entire system had left.

Once, this had been the home for mankind;the Sun and the nine planets, as well as the peripheral Ebola meteorite belt, had moved along a fixed track for countless centuries.

And now, nothing was there anymore. Han suddenly felt chilly in this dark and bottomless universe.

Han’s mouth was open, his expression frozen;Jian Jia’s mouth was open, her expression frozen;Luo Ying, her mouth was also open, expression frozen.

To be fair, it was an unbelievable sight. An entire solar system leaving just like humans would.

"Han, what are you doing?" Jian Jia finally came to her senses, noticing Han raised his right hand so she asked in curiosity.

"I’m waving goodbye to Earth." Han lowered his arm and frowned, "I have a feeling that the Earth isn’t just a planet, but a life form."

"Now that she is gone, I feel glad because my home wasn’t destroyed by the Three-eyed Race, but I’m also crestfallen because I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again."

"Weirdo." Jian Jia frowned slightly, "From what I see, you must be missing your home too much to see the Earth as a life form, when it’s just a planet. There must be some sort of powerful force, unbeknownst to us, that’s controlling the entire solar system, bringing about the scene we saw today."


Luo Ying suddenly squealed in surprise.

"What is it?" Han quickly turned to look at her.

Luo Ying said dejectedly, "I was too busy being shocked to pray. I’m thinking, Earth has to be the legendary Star God, with the entire solar system as her entourage."

Han paused for a while, touching his chin and frowning slightly, said, "Hm, that’s possible."

"Two freaks." Jian Jia said in a little frustration, "Earth is just a planet, can you stop personifying it?"

Luo Ying was puzzled, "Legend says that each and every star in the universe is an immortal life;the Earth must be a Star God to have the others follow her."

"What a mess." Jian Jia was determined not to believe in Luo Ying.


At this moment, Long Chuan’s fleet appeared at Han’s side, along with some hidden starships.

Through the big screen, Han could see that Long Chuan looked older and more tired, while Long Chuan seemed very pleased about Han’s return.

"What’s going to happen to the rest of the enemy ships?" Long Chuan asked.

Han pondered for a while and said, "Knowing Earth’s powers, it would be easy for her to destroy these star ships. There must be something wrong for her to leave these boats;let's go see why."


Suddenly, Han kneeled and placed one hand on his temple, the other hand on his chest where the Lunar Mark was.

Han could feel his brain becoming murky and the Lunar Mark burning, as hot as red-hot metal.

At the back of the universe, Dark Net.

After sending off Han, 9527 stared into space on his own.

In the past, he was incredibly used to being alone;there was not any life nearby, only an Artificial Intelligence system codenamed Queen.

But now, 9527 found life alone to be meaningless, compared to when Han, Silver Fox, and Yuan Yuan were there and he could talk a lot, even rant, or listen to Han rant.

"Queen, how do you say? Am I becoming softer as I age?" 9527 asked out of the blue.

"Not enough information, the answer cannot be generated, but i detect a strong wave of force. Something extremely powerful is using the Law of Space to enter the Dark Net." Queen replied in its electronically generated female voice.


9527 sat up abruptly. His space station was not like the star ship, it was like a giant piece of metal and did not have port holes, but 9527 could see outside through monitors.

The first one to enter the Dark Net was Uranus. It sped towards 9527’s space station once noticing it, only stopping until it was less than 1000 miles away, as if monitoring 9527.

Closely following was Neptune and Pluto. Without looking back, they sped straight ahead.

Soon, Jupiter and Venus entered the Dark Net, guarding the surroundings as if they were guards.

After, it was the Sun and Earth. The gigantic Sun entered guarding the Earth, while the moon came through circling around the Earth, only leaving right after entering the Net, as if it suddenly remembered something.

The last to enter were Saturn, Mars, Mercury, and the billions of meteors that formed the army.

9527 could not believe what was taking place before his eyes. Those planets, they were like a well-trained army, patrollers, guards, protecting the Earth.

"Star God! Han’s home planet, the Earth, is actually a Star God!" 9527 could not help but shout.


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