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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 337


The amazing solar system was like a battle array that activated when the Triple-eyed race’s Fifth fleet was nine minutes from arriving. The battle array had finally completed its preparation, forming a unique formation, when the attack was still three minutes away. It awaited the incoming enemy.

Human Alliance flagship, Number "Sahara Desert".

Long Chuan’s hand shivered and his face flushed due to all the excitement. As an intelligent and calm commander, he was hardly seen this emotional.

It was obvious, the solar system, including Earth, was ready for a fierce battle!

The fire of hope again lit up within this grim soldier.

Originally, everyone thought Earth would be destroyed under the Triple-eyed race’s fleet’s passing, but now there was a twist. The solar system did not appear that weak, and it seemed to have a mysterious self-defense program.

The soldiers calmed down. Earth was their mother planet, and it was also where their ancestors were born and raised. The morale and bravery were mustered. If the solar system auto-defense system activates, then the soldiers are willing to fight alongside their mother planet, even if it would cost them their lives.

Death in combat had always been a warrior’s honor, and protecting their homeland was the most glorious reason for them to fight.

From Admiral Long Chuan, all the commanders, deputy chiefs, to every single one of the soldiers, they all became hot-blooded and were determined to protect their homeland.

"Here they come! The Triple-Eye race’s Fifth fleet has advanced into the solar system!"

Three minutes was short. The battle of the solar system started when the first transition channel opened.


Light rings opened one after another, more and more wormholes began showing up. It was like fireworks in the darkness of space.

This was the Triple-eyed race’s fifth fleet. Made up of more than one thousand flagships, a super fleet with three thousand carriers.

They were really here! The triple-eyed race’s fifth fleet.

The fact was that in this intelligent race, only a limited number of fighters possessed the third eye. Other than the leaders, the soldiers and the rest did not know how many people possessed the Sky Eye.

Since they were born, they were educated to work hard and try to activate the Sky Eye. If you failed your future generation might still become a superior Triple-eyed god. The triple-eyed race was the most glorious ancient bloodline in the universe.

Later on, their belief in the third eye became a religion. Commoners in the Triple-eyed race would be proud to have a crack on their forehead. More importantly, if they did not succeed, their son or grandson might still succeed. This kind of hope unified the triple-eyed race.

In fact, there were limited individuals who possessed the ability to use the Sky Eye. In the entire Fifth fleet, from fleet captain Kahn to deputy chief Wu Ziteng, none of them possessed the Sky Eye, not to mention the commoners in the fleet.

The Kahn and Wu Ziteng combination had superior capabilities when compared to other commanders of the Triple-eyed race. They had done a great job by arriving into the galaxy’s 47th-star sector four days ahead of plan. If this pace continued, the plan of wiping out the galaxy in six-months will succeed ahead of schedule.

In the eyes of the Fifth fleet, the solar system and Earth were simply insignificant characters. Everyone knew that the most powerful countries in the Milky Way were the twelve permanent member countries. The small countries in the outer regions of the galaxy were sacrifices for warming up, and the real challenge started in the core region.

The Fifth fleet didn’t have to transition jump their whole fleet at once to the Solar System, because there was no need to do that. Given the strength of the fleet, a single battalion sufficed to destroy the solar system. However, since the solar system was on the way to the Milky Way core, the whole fleet came.

"Admiral, this solar system looks a bit weird." A deputy in the command Center said doubtfully.

Kahn was standing near the bridge window and had already spotted everything without his underling's report. The solar system was not a usual star system, the planets and satellites’ arrangement was more like a battle formation.

"Could it be a counter-attack formation?" Kahn’s partner Wu Ziteng asked.

Kahn shook his head and said in disbelief, "For a small force like earth, what could they have for a counter-attack? I think it is a diversionary formation that’s being used to distract us. The Tiny Earth Union did work hard to extinguish the star and change the positions of the planets."

"What a pitiful attempt. Our Fifth fleet will not fall for this at all. We only have one goal, and it’s to destroy everything!"

"Give the order, permission is granted to the 17th Dreadnought battalion to engage with cannons! Fire at will!"

Wu Ziteng nodded his head and thought he was overconcerned. The dreadnought ship was a super universe level cannon ship, equipped with destructive long-distance large caliber laser cannons. They were capable of destroying moon-sized objects in one shot.

If the Fearless battalion fired with their full force, thousands of these super laser cannons would all fire at once. It could almost instantly destroy the sun and the planets and the satellites surrounding the planets. The Fifth fleet absolutely had the capability to destroy a star system.


These gigantic Fearless ships were charging their primary cannons. The destruction power of these lasers accompanied enormous energy consumption. First, the ship needed to power the reactor to a hundred percent, then be able to fire at full force. However, it takes some time to charge up the energy, and this was the shortfall of Dreadnought class star ships. Low fire rate for their high damage.

"Admiral! The planet in front of us moved! They are moving!" The same deputy of the command center screamed with fear.

Meanwhile, Admiral Kahn was seeing everything that was happening. Maybe the solar system detected the enemy’s energy accumulation and prepared for an attack. The calm and low-key solar system suddenly began to react!

Billions of asteroids burst out wildly like an army of soldier ants charging!

This was a more powerful and fierce legion than the Fifth fleet!

If observed from a far distance, it was easier to capture the detail of the battlefield. Countless black asteroids skated across the sky like a tsunami.

What a merciless attack!

The solar system reacted in a majestic style. It did not make the first move, but the moment the enemy moved, the Solar system burst out with explosive power and sent a massive force to charge all at once!

In the fifth fleet command control center, Admiral Kahn’s pupils suddenly constricted, he felt a chill down his spine, and his heart suddenly stopped.

The Fifth fleet was strong with three hundred thousand battle starships, but this solar system was sending a stronger army made of billions of asteroids.

With billions of black asteroids rushing over so fast that they appeared to be black streaks with the massive galaxy as a backdrop, the arrogant Fifth fleet suddenly realized how tiny and insignificant they are. In comparison to the vast universe, the strongest fleet was also tiny and insignificant.

Inside the Fifth Fleet, everything went to chaos. Every combat command system had its data limitation, with billions of asteroid rushing over, even the most efficient fire control radar was not capable of analyzing and countering this massive attack.

However, the system was honest. All lights in the command control center were red. The system used its automated robotic voice and shouted, "Warning, the fleet is about to be destroyed, the fleet is about to be destroyed."

Under normal circumstances, the system will not issue such a warning. Normally they would issue warnings like "Starship is about to be hit, all crew prepares for impact" or "Starship defense has been breached, all crew must proceed to lifeboat immediately".

In the system’s scripts for language warnings for the fleet, destruction can only occur under one circumstance, and that is when the fleet will be destroyed. Everyone and every lifeboat will have no chance of surviving, and the remaining time was not sufficient to start a leap.

Simply put, it warned the moment of absolute death.

In the vast universe, occasionally, fleets with bad luck would get drawn into the hidden black hole which resulted in sudden and absolute death. With that being said, the artificial intelligent analysis system analyzed the counterattack by the solar system as the equivalent level of destruction as encountering a hidden super black hole, and the three hundred thousand starships fleet will be eliminated in a flash.


The front of the fleet was smoldering in flames, indicating the arrival of death.

The solar system was like a hidden master swordsmen that did not draw his sword easily. However, whenever he did draw his sword, it will kill without giving the opponent any time to think or react.

One strike.

The solar system destroyed the triple-eyed race’s powerful fifth fleet in a single attack.

In modern warfare, the stronger side was often described as being overpowering, but against the solar system's shocking blow, the word domination alone was not sufficient to describe this victory anymore. It was absolute domination.


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