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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 332


Han’s group found that the dark web was basically some massive pipelines, but these pipes were not a size that the hive world or the rolled-up soul beast world could be compared to.

The width of these huge pipes exceeded the diameter of the solar system, and was enough to hold tens of thousands of the current largest super aircraft carrier side by side. As for the length of the pipe, it was completely impossible to measure, just like how no one knows how big the universe is.

In these huge pipes on the backside of the universe, there were countless entrances. If there was a place like the soul beast world behind every entrance, how terrifyingly large would the total number of worlds be. Even in the dark net, there were countless monsters hidden away.

Linda smiled, "You see, this is the real Dark Net. Here, there is a law of space. Don't look at how these pipelines are thousands of millions of light-years long, if you understand the truth of the law of space, you can arrive anywhere in a few seconds."

"And how far is the dark net from the universe? About as thin as a piece of paper."

"Let’s just take the molecular module that you are used to using as an example. Once you start it up, you are immediately brought into the dark net. Then the module will follow the law of space, and when you open the capsule you will find that you have traveled tens of millions of light-years away from your home world."

"So how can you not be shocked after experiencing that? But in fact, this this just a simple application of the law of space. The head of those large corporations are just a group of people who have understood the law of space. Then they call themselves gods or demons, placing themselves on top of those who do not understand the law for them to worship."

At this time, a white light flashed by Han’s group’s eyes and disappeared quickly.

"You see," said Linda, pointing to the light, "This is a molecular capsule or space station that is using the law of space to travel. The people on board had no idea that the so-called molecular reconstructing technology never existed, that they were actually just travelling great distances immediately because they are using the Dark Net’s law of space."

"Of course, in addition to space and time being different, the Dark Net’s data transmission is different. In the normal universe, wireless signal transmission speeds through relay stations are affected by space rifts. But in the Dark Net, wireless signal have unlimited transmission ability, no distance restrictions nor decay."

"So, the Dark Net’s data network is a set of equipment that accesses the reverse side of the universe and then transmits data. Because the database stations are set up in the Dark Net, the network administers of the normal universe cannot access the data, and the Dark Net technicians are able to use the law of space to travel between the reverse and regular universe."

"Now you should understand. The Dark Net has different rules, so controlling the Dark Net which represents the reverse side of the universe is equal to controlling the entire universe. Conversely, even if you become the Overlord of the universe, but do not understand the reverse universe that is this endless Dark Net, you are still nothing. The ruler of the Dark Net can easily destroy everything in the normal universe. Just think about it, the ruler of the Dark Net can use the law of space to transfer their fleet anywhere in the normal universe in a few seconds. In the shoes of those who live in the normal universe, how can you fight the people who control the Dark Net?"

The portrayed scenario and the words shocked Han.

He thought for a second and asked, "I really did not expect that the Three eyed race’s ambition of conquering the Dark Net wasn’t wrong at all. Their only mistake was not finding the entrance of the Dark Net. It was not at the ends of the universe, but rather right by our side."

"I don't know who you mean by the Three eyed race," said Linda. "But if they traveled to all corners of the universe just to enter the dark net, they are only a group of ignorant idiots who don’t understand the dark net. I said before, the universe and the dark net are actually only a piece of paper thickness apart, but if one wants to pass this layer of paper, you need to understand how to use the law of space."

Han curiously asked, "What if one does not understand the law of space?"

"In that case, you need a starship that understands the law of space, not the molecular modules controlled by the big corporations. There are pirates and independent groups that are not part of the big corporations," explained Linda. "They are the ones who are truly free and if you have a chance, you can buy a spaceship capable of traveling through the Dark Net from them. That way you won't be controlled by the crazy corporations and will be able to go wherever you please."

"Of course, as a free person in the Dark Net, you'd better not be caught by the patrols of the big corporations. To them, the free man who understands the Dark Net is the virus, and they will do everything they can to kill you."

Han again asked, "Does the Dark Net ever have an end? Where would the end connect to?"

Linda laughed, "You are really a curious person. You want to know where the end of the dark net? It is very simple, take out your molecular module, remove the control circuit to get out of the control of the big corporations. Now, if you want to go to the end of the Dark Net, you can go."

Upon hearing this, Han was a bit skeptical because he studied mechanics and electronics before and examined the molecular module structure already. It was completely impervious;the body was formed from one piece of metal. Unless it was smashed, it will not open.

"Or maybe Linda knows the trick."

Although Han did not believe Linda, his strong curiosity still drove him to take out the molecular module. Luo Ying and Jian Jia were not thinking too deeply about this. Just hearing that modifying the molecular module a bit can allow them to travel to the end of the dark net to have a look around brightened their moods.

Swish ~

Three of the molecular modules appeared side by side. Luo Ying’s molecular module was the Mass Demon corporation’s so the shape was different. But the principle was the same, for the goal of utilizing the law of space, the person inside would not care as much as what it looked like.

"Look over there!" Linda suddenly said, pointing into the distance.

Han’s group one by one moved towards where Linda gestured.

At this instant, Linda suddenly stored the three capsules into her own space ring, then she quickly took a few steps back. Because the portal that they left the soul beast world from was only a few meters away, even if Han noticed earlier, there was no way to stop her.

Speaking of thhe Black egg had the ability to stop her, but it was also lazy, and indifferent.

"What are you doing?" Han turned his head back and asked coldly.

Linda is still so gracious, she smiled and said, "Of course, it is to leave you here to die. Although the Dark Net has a pipeline structure, but this is wider than the Galaxy pipeline. Without means of transportation and the understanding the law of space, you can only be trapped here and wait for your death."

"And I am going to go back to my world. I have been sealed for so many years, and I finally regained my freedom thanks to you. In order to repay you, I will not kill you, but will let you be trapped here until your death. This is my special favor from me."

"Although it was a short encounter, but I am very happy to meet you, see you! No wait, it is more appropriate to say farewell!"

Swish ~

After saying that, Linda disappeared through the portal. Han took a stride to chase after her, but was blocked by the closing entrance of the portal.

"Black Egg! Why didn't you stop her? You obviously have the ability!" Han shouted at the black egg.

You shouted at me?!


The Black Egg that was lazily flying in the air was immediately angered.

Then, Jian Jia and Luo Ying once again quieted down, because the black egg and Han started to fight again!

One person and one egg-shaped life, they were definitely destined for each other! A few days after the meeting, the two have already fought two times!

The time was not long, Han lost again. He can’t beat Black Egg.

But this time Han lost a little bit less horribly. After all his energy recovers, Han also had some ways to deal with the black egg’s perfect physical attack skills.

It seemed that Han was also improving from the struggles he was experiencing because of Black Egg.

With Han sitting on the ground, Jian Jia and Luo Ying were also very depressed.

"Without the module, we're not really trapped here, are we?" Jian Jia mumbled.

"I do not want to die. I want to try the taste of falling in love like my sister." Luo Ying anxiously said.

When Luo Ying mentioned her sister, she very naturally pulled up to Han’s arms. This scene not only made Han frown, but it also caused Jian Jia’s face to redden.

In this short length of time, Han and these two girls have experienced so many strange and tortuous events, more than many people experience in their lifetimes. These days where their life and death was dependent on each other greatly promoted the trust and feelings between them.

Just when Jian Jia was about to flare up, a ray of light rapidly approached them. It should be a molecular module that’s passing by.

But what was strange was that the speed of the light ray was slowing down more and more, finally stopping in front of Han.

Boom ~


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