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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 331


Chapter 331: Yue Linda

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Linda asked in a deep voice, ’’Would you like to know the secrets of the Flying Feather?’’

Han nodded and said, ’’Of course.’’

Linda said, ’’Flying feather was the renowned treasure of a pirate crew of the Dark Net world. The name of the crew was Dragon Gate's Flying Feather.’’

’’Dragon Gate Armor and Flying Feather belonged to the captain and vice-captain of the pirate crew. Six hundred years ago, I fell in love with the vice-captain and we wanted to escape from the Dark Net.’’

’’The captain who possessed the Dragon Gate Armor was extremely evil, and he chased us all the way here. To protect me, my lover hid me inside the sarcophagus. I protested and wanted to fight alongside him, so he used the Flying Feather to lock me inside the sarcophagus and diverted the enemies.’’

’’Now my lover has died and Flying Feather has fallen into your hands. I hope that you will treat it well. It is a legendary God-tier weapon, and ordinary people could never lift it. Since you can lift the Flying Feather, you must be destined for it.’’

’’Flying Feather is extremely powerful. Its power will grow as you become stronger. Now you are still unable to fully use Flying Feather. But when you can fully draw the bowstring, you could even pierce a star with the Energy Arrow!’’

Jian Jia and Luo Ying's eyes were red after hearing Linda's tragic love story. They were all sad for Linda's lost love.

Han on the other hand, did not fully believe the story. He not only had a curious mind but was suspicious in nature. He did not believe that the vice-captain of the pirate crew loved her so much that he would use his legendary weapon to restrict her. As such a strong warrior, he must have had better ways.

Han asked, ’’I'm curious as to how Harvey's soul was sealed into the mirror. How did his body did become a Soul beast? You also said you escaped from the Dark Net? Isn't the Dark Net a type of transport network?’’

When faced with Han's questions, Linda lightly said, ’’I was trapped under the sarcophagus by my lover. How would I know what happened in the outside world? Only Harvey could possibly know how he became a Soul Beast and why he was sealed.’’

Linda's gaze kept flickering towards Black Egg when she spoke. She seemed to be afraid of Black Egg. Black Egg on the other hand could not care less about Linda;he was still basking in the glory of his victory.

Linda continued to speak, ’’As for your question regarding the Dark Net. This is part of the Dark Net. The front of the universe is the universe, the reverse of the universe is the Dark Net. If you walk along this path where Soul beasts live, you will be able to enter the core of the Dark Net. There is really nothing to see, it's really only a bigger time tunnel.’’

Han was dazed...the reverse of the universe was the Dark Net? This answer came as a shock to him. The Dark Net had a physical entity?

Han looked towards Jian Jia and Luo Ying. They both seemed to come from respectable upbringings. They should know some about the Dark Net, but he had never heard them mention it before.

Jian Jia was exasperated, ’’Why are you looking at me? I obviously know that the other side of the universe exists. But I never knew it was the Dark Net.’’

Luo Ying timidly agreed, ’’I don't know either.’’


Linda sneered and said, ’’If I am correct, you are both from large corporations within the Dark Net?’’

Han Lang nodded, ’’Yes. Jian Jia is from the All Gods Corporation and Luo Ying is from the Mass Demon Corporation.’’

Linda appeared angered, ’’All Gods, Mass Demon, Genesis, Moon Banshee. All these corporations who control the secrets of Dark Net paints it to be mysterious and enigmatic. Ordinary people like you believe their lies that the Dark Net is a magical place and try their hardest to join these Corporations;some are even willing to give up their lives.’’

Han processed this information. It was true. The All Gods Corporation designed a ranking system from Star Lord to Star System to Galaxy. Han and the others have tried their best to become a higher-ranking member of All Gods Corporation. To reach this goal, they battled and many lives had been lost.

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To be frank, it was a method to recruit members. After eliminating the majority of the warriors, those who become Inner Circle members of the All Gods Corporation were all the most highly skilled warriors. Han himself was working hard to become an official member of the All Gods Corporation.

Jian Jia and Luo Ying's faces were dark, and regarded Linda with loathing. If the two Corporations were a bunch of liars, they would be descendants of liars.

Han recalled the Dark King Lu Yao. He had also said that the All Demons Corporation was a bunch of liars, and that his goal was to uncover the true nature of the Corporation.

’’If you guys don't believe me, then follow me.’’ Linda said while pointing to a far spot.

Nothing can be trusted more than his own eyes. Since Linda was willing to bring them to the Dark Net, there was no reason for Han to say no.

Everyone began to clean up the things within the Diamond Pyramid. Han removed the God King's Armor from Li Xiang's body. The armour was of excellent quality. Even though it was different from the soft armour that Han was used to wearing, the design was excellent. The armour could adjust accordingly to the body size of the wearer;even though it would be slightly tight during battles, it was not a huge flaw.

As for the class, God King's Armor was slightly stronger than the Elliptical Matrix Han previously had. Even though the soft armour was comfortable, the God King's Armor was more practical.

After putting on the God King's Armor and Flying Feather, Han looked like a true warrior.

The other people's spatial inventory tools of course had to be searched too. There was also the Twin-Black-Pupil and Fierce Demon's dead body. They might be able to take the Twin-Black-Pupil but holy crap was it difficult to move the Fierce Demon. Its body was too huge. Han could only move some things out of Lunar mark into another hidden inventory tools to make space.

After death, the bones of a Soul Beast would soften and no longer be as hard as its bones before death. Han did not know whether the bones could be used to make genetic beasts but he collected the bones anyways.

As for Feng Wanzhou, he had recovered a little after Han treated him with some basic first aid. He decided that he would stay within the pyramid and wait for Han and the others. Han knew that Feng Wanzhou was still feeling down so he simply reminded him to be alert and careful within the pyramid.

The small group did not travel very fast. After the previous battles, Han was physically tired and needed to recover.

After five days, under Linda's guidance, the group arrived at the Soul Beast universe entrance. There was a green wall with an energy seal similar to the Wall of Sighs.

’’Once we past this wall, you will see be able to see the Dark Net. Your spacecraft would be able to resume working.’’ Linda said while pointing to the green wall.

’’We use a particle module.’’

Linda sneered, ’’The particle module is a metal container without any windows. They gave you this container because they are afraid you will see the true nature of the dark net.’’

Han frowned slightly, but said nothing.

Linda said lightly, ’’Don't you want to see the true nature of the Dark Net? Pass through this wall and you will see it!’’


Han felt like he had passed through a water wall, after he regained his sight, what appeared before his eyes was an amazing world.

Han could not help but exclaim, ’’So this is the Dark Net!’’


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