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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 330


Everyone was stunned when they saw the arm reaching out from the sarcophagus. They could not believe that the body lying inside the sarcophagus was alive!

The women inside the sarcophagus sat upright, stretched, and yawned as if she had just woken up from a deep sleep. She then turned her head to look at Han and the others.

She was a woman that seemed to be in her thirties but her skin was still flawless and she had thick black hair. She was gorgeous, had an air of sophistication and wore a white dress.

She stared at Han. Han had a black long bow in his hand. The long bow was originally lying on top of the sarcophagus without any arrows or bowstring. During the battle, Han had used it as a stick.

``How? How could you lift up Flying Feather?" The women asked Han.

"You mean this bow?" Han asked while lifting the bow he was using as a stick.

"Yes." The women said certainly.

Han said as if it’s not a bit deal, "It’s just a broken bow, anyone can lift it."

The women shook her head and said, "Not anyone. Try giving it to someone else to lift."

Han casually passed the bow to Jian Jia.

Who would’ve guessed that the moment it left Han’s hand, Jian Jia felt that it was unbearably heavy. She could not carry it and the bow dropped onto the ground.

To the surprise of Han and the others, no matter how hard Jian Jia tried, she could not lift the bow from the ground. The strange bow lied on the ground unmoved.

Han was shocked, he had casually lifted the bow with a single hand. The bow barely had any weight. Why couldn’t Jian Jia lift it?

Luo Ying was curious and tried moving it. But even though she tried with all her might, she could not move the bow by an inch.

At this moment, it became clear to everyone that the bow must be special. Only Han could lift it.

Han could not help but wonder... This bow was originally placed on top of the sarcophagus. Was it used to seal this woman?

It seemed like he had unintentionally saved her.

"This is quite an amazing bow. It’s a pity it’s broken. It does not even have a bow string." Han mumbled.

His words were overheard by the woman. She frowned and shook her head, "This is very strange. You don’t even know how to use Flying Feather, but you can lift it."

"To tell you the truth, Flying Feather does not come with a bowstring or arrows. There is a circular seal in the middle of Flying Feather. Grip onto the middle of the bow and place your thumb on the circular seal."

Normally, Han would not listen to the words of a stranger. But for some reason, Han’s instincts told him that the woman was not a threat.

Han followed the words of the women and held Flying Feather with his left hand. Then, he pressed his thumb lightly on the circular seal.


A miraculous scene appeared, a flash of white light appeared from the bow’s end, forming a silvery white bowstring.

Han tried to draw the bowstring with his right hand. The silvery white bowstring was extremely difficult to draw and required tremendous energy. Han had used almost all of his energy from the previous battle, so when he tried drawing the bowstring with all his might, he was only able to draw a fifth of the bowstring.


Han let go of his hand and there was a flash of white light!!!!

Energy Arrow!

The white light made up a feathery bow. The Energy arrow flew towards the wall in the hall, pierced through the diamond wall, and flew towards the sky!

Han was shocked.

The bow was God tier!

Flying Feather was so much stronger than the Star-Strangling Boa he had lost!

It does not need arrows, or even a bowstring, but it could penetrate the sky!

Even the diamond structure of the wall could not stop the arrows of Flying Feather. Flying Feather was truly a God Class Weapon!

But Han could faintly tell, even though Flying Feather was powerful, it also required an abundance of power. Even with full stamina, he could probably only fire one or two arrows. This God tier weapon required the user to be extremely powerful.

Han looked at the woman. Her gaze had turned icy and her expression cold. She was mumbling to herself, "It turned out that you can use Flying Feather…"

Han grabbed onto Flying Feather tightly. He was unwilling to part with his newly acquired God tier weapon. He was depleted of weapons;the past battles had used up most of Han’s weapons and resources.

He also did not miss the hatred in the eyes of the woman, and he became more alert.

The women slowly climbed out of the sarcophagus.

She walked towards Han, and said, "Who are you, why can you use Flying Feather?"

Han frowned slightly. He did not know how to answer the question as he does not know why he can use the bow.

The women’s expression turned colder by the minute. Suddenly, Black Egg has returned.

Black egg killed the famous Twin-Black-Pupil soul beast in the most violent way. It then came to Han’s side and stuck out his tummy with arrogance written all over his face, as if showing off to Han and saying, "See? This guy who almost killed you is no match for me! Admit it, I’m stronger than you!"

Han smiled and flicked his finger on Black Egg’s forehead, "Good job little guy!"

Han has always treated Ghost Claw, Demon Claw and Silver Fox very well. If it was Silver Fox who was praised by Han, it would be over the moon.

But Black Egg was different. It was a proud speed type Soul Beast, at the Twin-Golden-Pupil tier!

Little guy?

Black Egg was furious and it glared at Han.

"What’s wrong?" Han frowned. He thought that Black Egg was being ungrateful. He did not understand why Black Egg was angry with his affections.

Han did not understand the lifestyle and customs of Soul Beasts. He was treating Black Egg the same way he treated Silver Fox.


Jian Jia, Luo Ying, the mysterious women were all in shock.

Black Egg and Han had started fighting!

"F**k! You actually bit my ear!"

"I’m going to teach you a lesson today!"

"Don’t tear my hair!"

It didn’t’ take long before Black Egg emerged as the winner. He used his chubby wings to levitate and proudly patted his claws.

In contrast, Han’s face was bruised, and he was missing a few patches of hair. He even had a line of tooth bite markings on his ear.

It was obvious that Han could not defeat Black egg. Black egg could fly, had extremely fast speed and had more strength. He was the perfect fighter, without any weaknesses.

Obviously, the two of them were not fighting seriously, neither used their trump cards. It was simply a fight between friends.

The ladies could not understand the behaviour of the guys. Even among best friends, it was normal for them to fight and then go for have a drink after. Fighting was a normal thing between guys.


The women looked at Han who were beaten into a swollen pig and lightly sighed, "Oh well…No matter what, you protected me. I owe you my life."

"My name is Yue Linda."

"My name is Han. This is Jian Jia and Luo Ying." Han replied politely.

Linda saw Han refusing to let go of Flying Feather, she asked in a deep voice, "Do you want to know the secrets of Flying Feather?"


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