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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 325


The diamond pyramid only had a narrow entrance, and it was right behind them. The Fierce Demon seemed to have received some type of signal, and used its mouth to block the entrance. If they looked back, they would see the ghostly white teeth of the Fierce Demon.

Han saw this scene and frowned. It was apparent that the Fierce Demon was ready to use the Soul Kill ability! The most powerful attack of the Soul Beast!

Under normal circumstances, since the Fierce Demon had already used Soul Kill once, it would be weak and would not risk using it again.

The only reason for the exception is that the Fierce Demon was controlled by someone.

Ha Ha Ha~

Harvey laughed and said, "Now you know why I have nothing to fear! To tell you the truth, I bred the Fierce Demon. His task is to protect this diamond pyramid, that's why the Fierce Demon will not easily cross the Wall of Sighs, or enter Soul Hunting City. The Fierce Demon obeys my commands and loyally guards this pyramid."

"Be ready to face the wrath of the Soul Kill! You damn humans!"

Ceng Deng became flustered. The inside of the pyramid was empty with no place to hide. If the Fierce Demon used the Soul Kill ability, he too will die.

"God King, God King, what about me?"Ceng Deng yelled and rushed to the foot of Harvey.


Harvey kicked away Ceng Deng, and said coldly, "You know too much, it's time for you to die!"

Ceng Deng pleaded "God King, I am your loyal servant! I will help you rule Soul Hunting City!"

Harvey was unimpressed, "I don't need ass kissers like you"

"Kill him!"


The Fierce Demon breathed sharply, the Soul Kill ability was about to be released!

This was an unstoppable attack, it does not hurt the enemy, because it directly kills the soul!


At this moment, Han flicked his wrist, removed the Lunar Mark necklace, and threw it towards the Fierce Demon!

"Southern Star Cross!"Feng WanZhou used his attack to defend against the Soul Kill and pulled Han and the others behind him.

Han's Lunar Mark flew towards the Fight Demon's mouth at the speed of light. Han had activated the compartment when he threw it out so that it would only be opened when the necklace reached the mouth of the Fight Demon.


A bunch of random objects came pouring out!

There was Han's laser surgery knife, raw materials to store mutant beasts and lots of poison!

Fierce Demon tried to release its Soul kill attack, but his mouth was blocked by all these random objects!

At this crucial moment, it was again Han's unusual but miraculous thinking! It was unbelievable how he thought of such an ingenious idea!

Han sometimes does not seem like a warrior;he was more creative and full of weird ideas.

The Lunar mark compartment contained 1000 cubic meters and contains thousands of random objects. It even contained the invaluable blueprint, but Han threw it all without a second thought.

Fierce Demon tried to attack but could not since its mouth was full!

The grey eyes of the Fierce Demon became fearful. Even though Soul Kill was released, because of the random objects in its mouth, the attacking power was greatly diminished.

Even worse, a portion of the attack was deflected and flew back towards the Fierce Demon!


The messy shadows scattered like dust storms and splashed within the pyramid.

Feng WanZhou clenched his teeth and poured all his energy to power up the Southern Star Cross.

Han and Feng WanZhou used all their power, but the Soul Kill attack was too powerful. Han began to feel dizzy and his ears were ringing, he felt like he was falling into an abyss.

At this crucial moment, the Banshee who was protecting Luo Ying came forward, pushed everyone behind her and absorbed all the damage from the Soul Kill.

Amid the chaos, Han heard Luo Ying yell "Mother!"But Han did not give it much thought, Luo Ying was probably too afraid.

The power of the Soul kill was powerful, but fleeting.

Harvey could not believe his eyes! Han and the others had survived the Soul Kill of the Fierce Demon!

It was all credited to the triple protection from Han's ingenious idea, Feng WenZhou's Southern Star Cross and the Banshee protector!


The Fierce Demon fell to the ground, killed by the deflected Soul Kill.

Until its death, the Fierce Demon still could not understand, how did these guys escape from its Soul Kill and how did the attack get deflected onto itself instead? Soul Kill was supposed to be unstoppable!

As for Ceng Deng, he could not be even more dead, and became an ice cold body.

Between the four of them, Feng WanZhou suffered the most serious injuries because he was standing at the front. He could no longer stand.

But there was still Han!

Even though his head was throbbing, Han still stood firmly. His eyes were bloodshot and he walked towards Harvey step by step.

Jian Jia followed closely behind him and wiped the blood off her mouth. She was filled with anger. As the precious daughter of the Lu Shui Clan, when had she ever suffered such serious injuries?

Luo Ying miraculously seemed to have not suffered any injuries, but the Banshee protecting her was not so easily forgiving, and seemed to want to chew Harvey alive.


Harvey laughed coldly and shook his head, "I would never have thought you guys were still alive after all this."

"After all these years, you are the first ones who forced me to reveal myself."

"Well, I will personally kill all of you!"

Harvey's body suddenly began to swell like a toad.

Han Lan froze and shouted "No! This demon is going to transform! Stop him! We cannot survive another Soul Kill attack!"


Everyone began to release their strongest powers to stop Harvey!

Han was correct. Harvey's original form was a Soul Beast. How he managed to hide in the Vortex Beehive for so long was no longer important. What mattered was that they had to stop him!

The strongest power of a Soul Beast was the Soul Kill ability. Han, Jian Jia, Luo Ying, and Feng WanZhou would not survive another Soul Kill attack!

They were racing with time!

They needed to stop Harvey's transformation before it was complete, all else all would be too late.

But Harvey was a monster with skin as hard as steel!

"He's a super Soul Beast. No attacks would work on him!"Feng Wanzhou kneeled on one knee and looked like he was on the verge of passing out, "Run! I will protect you guys!"

Han froze, he remembered the time when they battled the Fierce Demon outside the pyramid. Even though he had used his strongest attack, he only left a light mark on the butt of the Fierce Demon. The skin of Fierce Demon was truly harder than steel!


Where could they run to?

If Harvey was a Soul beast stronger than the Fierce Demon, no one could escape from the pyramid.

Wait for their death?

Never! That was not Han's style.

"Jian Jia!"Han yelled "Use Ice Seal! Freeze the ground!"

Jian Jia did not understand Han's intentions but followed his instructions anyways. Han always had ingenious ideas. Jian Jia knew that she needed to trust him.

Jian Jia forehead was full of sweat;she truly was using all the powers she had.

The power of water type esper was truly amazing- the black ground was spontaneously frozen. The temperature dropped to -100 degrees Celsius and the ground was covered with a layer of white crystals.


Harvey had completed his transformation! As expected, he was a Soul Beast stronger than the Fierce Demon!

At this moment, a white electric light descended straight from the sky.

"Path of Gods!"Han struck his palm onto the frozen ground and said with a hoarse voice.


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