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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 311


Chapter 311: The woman who dares to love is most beautiful

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The Mystic Valley

The chaotic battle had finally ended. Wuyun sat on the ground and touched the dead body of Xiaohua. This loyal Star Spider had been following him for years, but now, there was only a shell left. Wuyun still couldn't believe that he ran out of all his Genetic Beast Armies that he had saved for his whole life.

Wuyun was in extreme grief. This loyal genetic beast army were like his own children. Now, his children were all gone.

Feelings of sorrow mingled around the battlefield. Some came from those who had lost their brothers, some came from those who suffered great injury. All in all, although Han's troops and Sima Hunfeng won the fight, the cost was significant. Nine executors from the Mass Demon Corporation were exterminated yet no one was happy with this result.

Pathless Origin and Night Walker came to Wuyun with their exhausted and wounded bodies.

These three people sat down. Pathless Origin took a long sigh and said, ’’Little Flower and the others didn't die for nothing. Without them, the ones that were going to die would be us.’’

’’They are so powerful. Back in the Milky Way, I only knew Sima Hunfeng was powerful, but there are actually so many powerful elites like Sima Hunfeng in the universe. The cost of this battle was indeed huge, it is the most devastating battle in my life so far.’’

Night Walker signed and laughed bitterly, ’’Yeah, it was such a huge cost. The poison technique of which I am always so proud didn't do anything to those executors. Also, for Han, we don't know whether he can survive.’’

’’Han is definitely not going to die!’’ Wuyun was somehow excited, ’’That dude had learned all the skills from three of us. Besides, the youngest learns the fastest! Old man, you wouldn't believe it but Han had actually reached the sixth Path, the Path of Yao! I'm really glad to have him as a disciple.’’

Pathless Origin wasn't sad like Wuyun. He laughed out loud.

’’I am of course proud of Han! Back to those days when my teacher accidently acquired the Six Path of Void, we all saw it as an impossibility since it was too hard, and no one would ever master it.’’

’’Not until I, a genius, arrived and achieved the fourth and a half level of the Void, my master then passed away with satisfaction. If he saw Han has achieved the Path of Yao, he must be so happy! This dude is too strong, I'm so proud to have him as an apprentice.’’

The Three Addicts were all laughing out loud, but soon, their eyes dimmed down.

The Night Walker shook his head, ’’Hopefully Han has the luck to get through this. It sucks that he could achieve the level before us. Living in the Oblivion Realm turned us into an ignorant frogs at the bottom of the well. We didn't even know how scary the universe could be. The strongest beat the weakest. I just set a goal for myself, during this life I will for sure learn to make the poison that could even kill a super Warlord! Otherwise, it would waste my title as the Poison Addict!’’

The Pathless Origin also raised his head and said, ’’I also made a decision. After leaving here, I will isolate and train myself harder to become the Super Warlord! So many people can become Super Warlord, why can't I?’’

After seeing so many powerful warlords from the universe, the Three Addicts finally lit up their morale after living in seclusion for years and were ready to achieve higher goals.

Wuyun took a long sigh and said, ’’I also want to make my Armored Godly Beast, I just don't know how Sima Hunfeng, this old bastard, is going to treat us. I don't want to vanish without my soul. That would be sad, sadder than dying.’’

When speaking of Sima Hunfeng, the Three Addicts were somehow emotional.

Right when Wuyun ended his words, a sigh came from behind. It was Sima Hunfeng, nobody knew when he arrived behind the Three Addicts.

’’What type of person do you think I, Sima Hunfeng, am?’’ Sima Hunfeng turned his wrist and sighed, ’’Although you guys turned the Milky Way into a mess back then which pissed me off, you all fought with full strength for the Milky Way today, I'm not going to kill you guys.’’

’’From now on, my rule has changed! Anyone who wouldn't protect the Milky Way or wants to be a deserter, I'll kill all of them! I'll erase their soul and let it never be able to come back to life!’’

The Three Addicts were shocked. The rule made by Sima Hunfeng could actually be changed?

Speaking of which, Sima Hunfeng was actually very stubborn. He saw rules as life, even replacing an old rule with a new one needs regulation.

On the other side of the battlefield, Carmen stared straight forwards and tears almost dropped.

Boya didn't understand why Carmen was so concerned. He asked curiously, ’’What's wrong with you?’’

Carmen sighed, ’’Jian Jia is gone, Lu Shui's family won't let this go easily! How do I explain to them?’’

Boya was shocked and said, ’’Based on what I know, it seems like you are the grandson of Military God Kabri. The All Gods Corporation are not supposed to do anything to you.’’

Carmen's eyes turned red, ’’I'm sad just because my grandfather is Kabri. Lu Shui's family means so much to the All Gods Corporation, even if they couldn't do anything me, my grandfather will kill me once he finds out that I was scared on the battlefield and even lost Jian Jia.’’

Boya was speechless. He didn't know Jian Jia had such a high rank in the All Gods Corporation that could even make Carmen freak out.

Where are Jian Jia and Han now?

Also, for those two girls that suddenly appeared, who are they?

The Mystical Vortex Beehive

Luo Jin lightly touched her head to Han's. It was so close that he could feel her breathe.

Actually, between Luo Jin and Luo Ying, Luo Ying, as the younger sister seemed to be more charming. At the age of less than fourteen, she started to look like a grown-up beauty. Once she grows up, she would definitely become a pretty woman that can drive every man insane for her. This little girl was totally a charming bud.

However, the distance between Han and Luo Jin was already close enough to make Han fall for her. Yet, what Han cared the most now was still the connection between Luo Jin and Luyao.

’’Shut up!’’ Han yelled at the Black Egg in his mind.

It was so strange that ever since they arrived at the Vortex beehive, the Black Egg started to get grumpier and grumpier as if a baby wolf sensed some blood.

Han was trying to listen to the conversation between Luo Jin and Luyao. It drove him crazy that the Black Egg was being so fussy.

’’I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you guys continue,’’ Han said to Luo Jin and Luyao in his mind.

At this moment, four spiritual energies connected one another. Luo Jin, Luyao, Han, and the Black Egg. The situation was getting a bit confusing.

Luyao was slightly losing his patience yet Luo Jin wasn't affected by the Black Egg nor the stare from Han at all. In Luo Jin's heart, Luyao was everything. In her world, there was only Luyao.

Luo Jin said lightly to Han, ’’It's okay, it's normal for Soul Beast to act like this after coming back home.’’

Then, she continued talking to Luyao about her emotions.

Han felt like he was going to break out. He was always full of curiosity. Luo Jin's slow explanation already drove him crazy, and now she even mentioned about the Soul Beast.

What the heck is this Soul Beast?!

Was she referring to the Black Egg?

This Vortex beehive is then the home of the Black Egg?

Although Han was holding lots of questions, he didn't feel like bothering Luo Jin. In this world, affectionate people are most often the most vulnerable ones. It can be seen that Luo Jin had been through plenty of mental struggles to see Luyao, Han really respected this type of affection.

Luo Jin said lightly, ’’In fact, I only want to hear one thing from you.’’

Luyao shook his head like a stubborn donkey, ’’I can't give you any promises, just leave, I am just a soul now.’’

Luo Jin shook his head, ’’I don't mind whether you are a human, a ghost, or just a soul. It doesn't matter to me at all.’’

’’But it matters to me!’’ Luyao shouted out loud at Luo Jin, ’’I am a man! To me, the most important thing is not affection but my career and the accomplishments which I fight for my whole life! I don't care anything else other than that.’’

Luo Jin's face turned pale yet she still continued to speak gently, ’’If you want to fight for things you want, I can always be by your side, I can follow to wherever you go. I am willing to do anything as long as you are happy.’’

Han almost dropped his tears. This was true love! Undoubtedly true love!

If there is a girl who was willing to follow him anywhere and not giving up even if he became a soul, Han definitely wouldn't be tough enough to reject her.

Yet, Luyao, this stubborn donkey, would.

’’I don't need you to be by my side! You are a distraction to me! My mind will be affected as long as you are here. Just leave, I don't want to see you.’’ Luyao said with a poker face.

Luo Jin still kept her attitude, said gently, ’’If you don't want to see me, I can hide away so that you won't be able to see me, as long as you let me know where you are and what you are doing.’’

’’No! You have to stay as far as possible from me!’’ Luyao said aggressively.

Han tightened his fist, as he suddenly had an impulse to choke Luyao to death!


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