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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 298


Chapter 298: Trap Valley

Translator: Noodletown Translation Editor:

The navigation was out of service!?

Han was shocked. Since they started entering the Valley, Jian Jia's navigation system has been the most reliable tool for the entire team. It has been thirty hours, everyone was safe on the trip and nobody has even encountered a single war.

Everyone was so pleased about this. They all thought they would obtain the title of the Star Lord without any effort, including Jian Jia, which was also how she promised everyone.

However, while everyone was still holding hope, Jian Jia's navigation tool suddenly lost its signal, and now everyone was forced to stay on the ragged bridge.

The bridge was approximately 120 kilometers. Han and all the others were trapped right in the middle of the bridge, which was extremely hard to advance or retreat.

’’Don't panic,’’ Han said with a low voice. He then took a light jump and reached right beside Jian Jia.

Jian Jia kept shaking the navigation tool and said with anger, ’’Damn navigation system, activate now! Right now!’’

Unfortunately, no matter how hard Jian Jia shook the tool, the white arrow on the screen seemed not to move even a bit.

’’Give it to me,’’ Han said to Jian Jia.

Jian Jia shocked for a second, but passed the tool to Han right away.


Han took off the outer layer of the tool swiftly with his equipment, he then started to test the machine rapidly even though it was packed with complicated lines on the inner structures. Later on, he said to the group, ’’There is nothing wrong with this machine, it just has no signal.’’

’’That's impossible!’’ Jian Jia said, ’’The machine was specially made to connect to the terminal of the Dark Net. You see this? My particle module is still functioning.’’

Jian Jia said to the group, meanwhile trying to take out her particle module. To her surprise, it also ran out of service. No matter how it seemed to be trying to connect with the system but always showed disconnected.

’’Disconnected? So are we disconnected to the Dark Net?! How is this possible?!’’ Jian Jia shouted out of anger.

Unfortunately, things were not going to change. Now, all the sudden, nothing seemed to work in the Mystic Valley, it completely lost the connection with the omnipotent Dark Net.

’’What do you think you can do with your complaints? The only thing we can do now is to leave the bridge.’’ Han said in a deep voice, ’’Can we go back from where we started?’’

’’No way, it's been fifty kilometers away now, who can still remember the way back? As soon as someone stepped on one single wrong slate, the whole bridge will collapse right away and we would be trapped.’’ Jian Jia strongly disagreed.

’’I can remember! As long as you told me if it will be fine if we go back to the starting point!’’ Han said rigorously. He had no time for any jokes when it's concerning the safety of his teammates.

Jian Jia stared at Han with surprise. More than fifty kilometers of special routes and thousands of nodes! How could Han remember all of these?

Without thinking twice, Jian Jia said, ’’We can do that, but we must move really fast. The Mystic Valley is also known as the Trap Valley. Everything you see is a trap, including this bridge we are standing on, it is highly possible to activate the trap if we move back to the starting point.’’

’’Alright! Everyone follow me!’’

As soon as Han finished his word, the whole group started to return back to the bridge. Han was leading the group along the way they came from without making a single mistake.


Right when the group just started moving for a while, a loud sound came from the distance. The bridge was collapsing rapidly. It formed a gigantic black wave of smoke that looked like a thousand-meter tall wall. The black marshes were flooding which made everyone felt suffocating.

’’Damn! The trap got activated!’’ Jian Jia's face turned pale.

The Mystic Valley was actually the Trap Valley, everything here can be a trap. You would get into trouble the moment you aren't focused.

It was yet fairly easy to avoid the trap. They have safety routes on all manual traps, as long as the safety routes were found and nothing else was touched, the trap would then not be activated.

Jian Jia has obtained the navigation tool with the power of her family that helped them bypass all the traps. Unfortunately, due to the disconnection of the Dark Net, the navigation tool went out of service.


The bridge behind was collapsing. Gigantic black waves were flooding towards the group. Han suddenly sat down, frowning his brows and started to calculate as fast as he could.

’’I'm going to fly and take all of you guys out of here with me!’’ Ke Lake spoke up loudly. He has a strong flying ability that could fly across the sky.

’’No, you can't!’’ Jian Jia said, ’’it's is a trap here, it's made to block all the super power that's used for short cuts. Once we fly, the second trap will definitely be activated.’’

Everyone had a long sigh. The trap that's set by All Gods Corporation was to test everybody. It was then certainly not possible to leave any short cuts. The only way to cross through the Valley is to face the challenge of numerous traps.

The bridge was collapsing in a faster pace. At this moment, Han took out a piece of paper, and started to calculate in a rapid speed.

He marked down all the routes they have passed, and was trying to deduce the logic of the roads to calculate which ones are the next safe steps.

Everyone was amazed and went silent.

It has only been a minute, Han had written down numerous complicated formulas and plenty of strange numbers!

Everyone was trying to figure out how his brain works. Remembering the way back was already tough enough yet Han was even able to deduce the following steps!

’’I got it! It's the Reverse Molecular Engineering Spiral Algorithm!’’ Han yelled at the crowd. Meanwhile, he threw away the paper that was full of his calculation results, turned around and ran to the front.

’’Everyone follow me now!’’ Han shouted out loudly.

The group then continued to get back on track. At this moment, there was no any other way besides listening to Han. Everyone was following each single steps of Han based on the trails.

The bridge kept collapsing at a fast rate, yet Han was moving forward at a much faster pace.

Under the leading of Han, the whole group kept moving forward smoothly. Every single movement Han made has always happened to avoid the trap node successfully. The whole group couldn't believe Han actually deduce the pattern of the traps.


Pathless Origin caught the sketch of the calculation result that was thrown into the air by Han. He looked at it for a second and said, ’’This is incredible.’’ He frowned his brows and passed it to Wuyun.

Wuyun also looked at it for a while and passed it to Night Walker while shaking his head, ’’What a monster.’’

Night Walker received the sketch, stared at it carefully with tons of questions on his face. He put it away eventually and said, ’’I have no idea what this is. This unbelievable.’’


Han took a big jump using all of his strength and finally reached to the other side from the bridge. The remaining group followed behind him.


The bridge instantly disappeared, and the water wall shaped by the black waves also showed up right in front of everyone. It was about thousand-metre-high. Everyone could now see clearly the complicated traps, venom and disgusting monsters through the water.

All of a sudden,

When the water wall was about to flood over the group, it suddenly stopped several meters away from the crowd.

’’Thank God that we have left the bridge already. The traps in the Mystic Valley were indeed terrifying!’’ Ye Weiwei said, heart beating crazily.

Traps were completely different than battles, they were made for tricking others. If it was on a battlefield, Han could at least control the directions and the rhythms, but this was certainly not the case right now.

’’What do we do next?’’ Jian Jia knocked at the navigation tool as she said with frustration.

Han frowned his brows, said, ’’Keeping moving forward, we are going to rely on ourselves now.’’


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