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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 291


Chapter 291: Reincarnation

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The most powerful man in the Milky Way Galaxy Sima Hunfeng finally appeared. Han was not excited about this.

At the same time, at the Witches' holy realm, the #13 Constellation that Han just battled on, two very strange visitors appeared.

No one knew how they managed to go through the witch's defense system, entering the holy realm. On the night, two people with black robes appeared at King Neptune's grave where he had died.

After all, he was still the King of witches. Although King Neptune was insane before he died, killing his own people, but he was still buried in the holy grave when he died. Many of the witch leaders came to mourn.

’’It must be here, I can smell the familiar scent on his body.’’

’’I trust your instinct, now let's open the tombstone.’’


One person with black robes moved his wrist slightly. The tombstone, the coffin and the flowers above it, all went flying, then slowly fell to the ground beside the grave.

Opening the coffin revealed King Neptune's dead body. The throat was reattached after Han sliced it off, and makeup was applied to hide blemishes and bruises. The body was wearing the witches' most honorable clothing, wearing the golden feathered crown which symbolized power and status.

’’This body has a strong sense of rebellion, it is very strong.’’

’’I can see that, not long ago, rebellious forces once controlled him, but this power was taken from him afterwards. The person who took this power from him also killed this witch.’’

’’Do you think this body can be used?’’

’’Maybe, but I need to examine it first.’’

After, one of them came closer to King Neptune, lying just inches away from King Neptune's coffin, almost falling inside.

Suddenly, four angry witch warriors surrounded them. The witch king was already dead, his body was buried moments ago, and now someone was digging it up. It made these warriors oddly furious.

’’Who are you guys!? Why are you touching our king's tomb?!’’

Facing the witch warrior's interrogation, the man in black robes shrugged his shoulders and said, ’’I didn't plan on killing you guys, because your powers are way too weak.’’

Witch warriors shouted angrily, ’’Trying to steal our king! Take them down! Take them to the witch conference room!’’


4 Witch warriors prepared for battle. They were not the sharpest warriors, because the best soldiers either died in battle, or were taken by Han, but no one could underestimate them. The witch warriors were fluent in their special abilities, poison techniques, puppet techniques, summoning techniques, and so on.


Suddenly, the man in black robes raised his right arm. It was a pale looking right hand, covered by a thick layer of dark gasses, very similar to Han when he used dark energy and the power of demons.

At the same time, those witch warriors couldn't control themselves and were lifted up into the air, as if someone was holding onto their heads, lifting them up. They could not resist the power.

’’They are with that damn human!’’ One of the witch warriors yelled.

The man in black robes was surprised for a moment, he originally wanted to kill these witch warriors, but now, he changed his mind.

The man in black robes pulled his right arm back, bringing the witch warrior who was yelling in front of him, quietly asked, ’’You have seen existences like us?’’

His wording was very weird. When he talked about himself, he used the word existence, not people.

’’Of course I have seen it! You are with Han! You both use dark energy. It must be you guys, you guys killed the great King Neptune!’’

This warrior was King Neptune's loyal admirer, but when he said that, he sold Han completely.

’’Oh, so his name is Han.’’ The man in black robes said.

At this moment, the person beside King Neptune's coffin got back on his feet, quietly, ’’This body is not bad, we can use it.’’

The witch warrior had some brains, he was surprised, ’’So you guys are not with Han?’’

The man in black said, ’’Tell us more about Han?’’

Right after his speech, the other man in black beside him had no more patience, taking out his skull-like hands, pulling on the head of this witch warrior, taking out a magical dark glow out of his head.

As for the unlucky witch warrior, he died instantly, without another breath.


The man in black ate the dark cloud that came out form the witch warrior's body. He closed his eyes with an evil smile on his face.

’’Han, interesting.’’ The man in black was talking to himself.


The dead witch warrior was thrown to the side, his body solid and dead cold.

The witch warriors still alive were startled. The witches knew that there existed mysterious organizations near the Milky Way Galaxy that used all kinds of weird spells and abilities, but now, these two men in black were even more mysterious than the witches! What they just pulled out a moment ago, it seemed like the warrior's soul!

’’Why has the reinforcement not arrived yet, the witch masters should have been here already!’’


The man in black let out a sigh, ’’Fools, your witch masters, they are already being controlled.’’


The man in black raised his hand slightly, suddenly pulling out the soul from the other 3 witch warriors, opening his greedy mouth and eating them.

’’The quality is too low, but still worth something.’’ The man in black claimed with a sarcastic voice.

’’You greedy fool.’’ The other man in black shook his head.

At this moment, he has already used some silver nails, nailing them into King Neptune's body.

Following that, the man in black closed his hands. With a weird pose, he spoke in a language that no one understood.


Suddenly, things changed dramatically.

The dead King Neptune sat up from his coffin. The stitching of his head was still a little bit imperfect so he twisted it slightly with his hands.

’’We have summoned you, because you did not die willingly, still with anger. Now, bring us to the person named Han. Find him, and you will rest in peace.’’ The man in black said.

No one knew what was going on in King Neptune's mind, or whether he was just a robotic slave under their control.

Afterwards, the 2 men in black, and the reincarnated King Neptune disappeared into the mist of the night, they did not board the star ship, but still managed to leave the Deliface region.

After a few hours have passed, Han and the 3 addicts were still troubled by Sima Hunfeng's appearance. The 3 addicts were warning Han, never be enemies with this traditional, powerful man, not having a clue that King Neptune was alive again.

The witches, bring controlled by those dark apostles, already found out that King Neptune's body was missing.

The 13 famous witches, other than one being the dark apostle's transformation, were all puppets.

The transformed apostle in the witch's body observed for a while, and finally let out a cold breath, using secret connections and reached #1, currently the highest ranking in the apostles, telling him this strange phenomenon.

’’#2, you sure those people died like back then?’’

’’Positive, it is exactly the same as the memory implanted in me. Back then, there were the same people who had strange powers, looking for the human weapon. Our god finally got rid of them. This time, those men with strange powers appeared again. The dead bodies have no wounds on them, eyes wide open, tongue black, just like someone took their soul. This is not the first time I seen this, it can't be wrong.’’


#1 Clenched his teeth, ’’Damn, it was all because of them back then, intervening with our master's research on the human weapon. When he left he was scared to take it with him, having no choice but to seal it.’’

’’Now that these damn enemies have reappeared, don't know if they are here for our master, or for the human weapon.’’

#2 said, ’’Regardless, they will be trouble.’’

#1 Nodded, ’’That's right, it's a big problem, I need to notify the master, although very far away, with great costs, but I must let our masters know, those weird people, they are back again.’’

#2 Apostle thought for a moment, ’’At the same time, we need to speed up the activation of #0 apostle. Although he is not as powerful as our master, but he has part of our master's power. Maybe he can stop these weird guys.’’

’’We need to quickly let Han find the other 3 dark crystals.’’

’’Why?’’ #1 was troubled.

#2 Apostle said, ’’Have you already forgotten? These strange people, they are also afraid of the human weapon, constantly testing, but never able to face the human weapon directly. This is what gave our master the opportunity.’’

#1 Apostle said, ’’Indeed, I will activate #0 myself, there is no need for you to be staying at the witches'. Come back, wait for our master's next command.’’

’’Yes.’’ #2 Apostle lowered his voice.


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