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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 290


Chapter 290: SIMA HUNFENG

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Han finally realized that the hook-nosed old man in the military uniform was actually the foe that the Three Addicts were extremely fearful of. It was exactly him who forced numerous strong people to escape to the Oblivion Realm.

Han took a close look at him. He wanted to know where the strength of this old man in the military uniform lied that he could even threaten the life of so many of the milky way's strongman.

’’This old man is very strong.’’ Jian Jia whispered at Han's ear in a never before heard tone. Jian Jia always looked down upon others, but when it came this old man he seemed to be standing upright.

’’He is the top master of the milky way galaxy, eight-star summit warlord, Sima Hunfeng.’’ Ye Weiwei said to Han.

’’Eight-star summit!?

Han was suddenly shocked, because the gap between levels of that time was extremely huge. A medium ranked warlord usually possessed a few factors more source energy possessed by a junior warlord, It was very difficult to level up. There was an impassable gulf between six-star and seven-star, however, between seven-star and eight-star lied an even deeper gulf.

And Sima Hunfeng's level was even eight star summit? That means, someday in the future he might even get the miraculous ninth golden star!

A total of nine golden stars, as a warrior who has just got his seventh star, Han could not even imagine how strong a nine-star warrior be!

It was just quite strange that Han was never aware of such a powerful man existing in the milky way galaxy, and there was no hearsay of this man anywhere either.

And also that even that the three Addicts were not afraid of death, they appeared to fear only Sima Hunfeng. That was even stranger.

On the other side, Night Walker, known as the Poison Addict Night Ruins smiled bitterly and then said, ’’So you want to kill us because we left the Oblivion Realm?’’

Sima Hunfeng disapproved, ’’No, at least now I don't have any intention to kill you. I just want to remind you that an agreement is an agreement, you have breached your agreement with me, so even if I don't kill you right now, I may kill you any time in the future.’’

Those words were tough, the Three Addicts even exceptionally did not refute. They nodded, meaning that they understood.

Han did not always mind others' business, but that time it was about Three Addicts, they were not only Han's guest but also his teacher.

Han stood up, he put a smile on his face and said, ’’Although you've had some kind of agreement but it doesn't mean you can't make a little change to it, right? They were just here at the deep layer of the dark net, but they did not return to the milky way galaxy. On the other hand, our sworn enemy, the gods are approaching, we need to unite every human to save the milky way galaxy from this crisis. What was the real point of holding on to the past agreement at this critical point? I would say we forget all the past and unite together to stand up together to our greatest threat.’’

After listening to Han's words that did not really make any sense, Sima Hunfeng took a glimpse at Han and said in his deep voice, ’’First, I don't know if other people's agreement can be changed, but an agreement with me, never.’’

’’Second, the gods poses no threat to humans. Even if they all come to our place like you just said then I will also send them to hell.’’

Han was stunned, he has never heard such arrogant words.

Sima Hunfeng was unbelievably arrogant! Because of him, the gods did not even dare to attack the milky way galaxy? Was that what he has been thinking about?

Anyone who did not know Sima Hunfeng or was not familiar with him must feel there was something wrong with this old guy, under so many such skeptical gazes. Sima Hunfeng left with a group of his underlings who were also in military uniform, they should have also reached warlord level.

Because of Sima Hunfeng, such a nice gathering became cold and cheerless. It even had to end early. Everyone could see that the Three Addicts and the other few guests from Oblivion Realm were all worried. They were in no mood to continue the gathering.

Most people left, the only ones left were Han's best friends, as well as friends from the Oblivion Realm.

Night Walker put a forced smile on his face and told Han, ’’I almost forgot to tell you that I brought thunder-fire and the king-vine that you need. That friend was quite generous this time. He gave you a thousand thunder-fire and twenty king-vine seeds, should be enough for you to use for a while.’’

Han was overjoyed, thunder-fire and king-vine were the masterpieces of a master in the Oblivion Realm. These were not for sale on the market, and they were not easy to get.

Han took over thunder-fire and king-vine and replied delightfully, ’’Please pass my appreciation to this master, and by the way tell him that if he ever needs any help I'll be at his service.’’

Wuyun curled his lips and said, ’’There are lots of people who want to work for him, he doesn't need one more. On the other hand the reason he provided you with thunder-fire and king-vine was completely out of our face, and your own hard work. So, what really important is that you do your best, don't waste that guy's efforts.’’

Han nodded heavily and said, ’’Don't worry, I really want to meet him if there's a chance, I want to see how he make these thunder-fire and king-vine.’’

Pathless Origin hurriedly waved his hand and then said, ’’Don't even think about it. No one will show their truly unique skill to others if you don't have a solid relationship.’’

Han did not respond. At this aspect the Three Addicts were selfless, even if they had no established teacher-student relationship with Han, they still passed their respective unique skills on to Han. It was just because of the Three Addicts' unique skills that Han became this kind of scary. Speaking of which, they were all Han's real teachers, and more over, his benefacors.

Thinking of that, Han changed the topic of the conversation, he frowned and then asked, ’’I've kept this question in my mind for a long time, what is Sima Hunfeng really like?’’

Three Addicts and the other friends from Oblivion Realm all sighed, Night Walker said, ’’Sima Hunfeng was special in the milky way. He called himself the soul guard of the milky way galaxy, most people do not even get a chance to see him, because every one who has seen him are already dead.’’

’’It was just the recent few years, protector Chu Li sensed a crisis in the milky way galaxy, so he beseeched Sima Hunfeng not to kill every single law-violator in the milky way galaxy, since then did his stories spread out and are now being heard by others.’’

’’Before that, even us did not know that there is such a guy in the milky way galaxy until we got caught by him. He gave us two choices, either die or go to Chu Li and stay away from the milky way galaxy.’’

’’Speaking of which we are not afraid of death. All people from the Oblivion Realm aren't, but its different with Chu Li. Once he had his eye on us, death is virtually as desirable as going to heaven. That's why we don't want to mess with him.’’

’’Don't you worry about that, now that since we dare to come to the path of gods, we are prepared to encounter him here. It was just that not even I had anticipated that Sima Hunfeng really did come, and he came so fast.’’

Han was still puzzled that why everyone here was so afraid of Sima Hunfeng, but he found it inappropriate to interrupt Night Walker.

Night Walker told such a story. It was said that when Sima Hunfeng was young, his family let him guard their ancestors' cemetery. The cemeteries of the strong were all restricted areas, all intruders shall be killed and the Sima family's cemetery was no exception.

One day there came a ship carrying refugees, their engine went out and they had no other choice but to park in the near earth orbit sending help signals.

Sima Hunfeng received the signal and immediately boarded on the ship. He gave them some medicine and food, and then killed half of the refugees, including unborn babies.

This incident of course made his family angry, because such a brutal and cold-blooded approach was inconsistent with the Sima family's family instructions. It was a bad influence on their reputation.

But Sima Hunfeng insisted on what he did was right. He helped those refugees because they were pathetic and killed those refugees because they had violated the rule of no one shall get close to the restricted area.

Sima Hunfeng killed everyone in the half of the ship which was in the restricted area.

Sima Hunfeng was twenty when he did that.

Since then everyone realized how such a stubborn guy Sima Hunfeng was, to him. Nothing is more important in the world to him than rules.

Later then, when Sima Hunfeng grew a little older and went through lots of human sophistication, the situation started to get a little better. He started to be more reasonable, so protector Chu Li could rescue people like the Three Addicts who violated the rules of the milky way galaxy from Sima Hunfeng. If it was back when he was young, this would be utterly impossible.

That was a heavy topic. Night Walker warned Han in a low voice, ’’There is one thing I want you to remember. If one day, we die by the hand of Sima Hunfeng, don't avenge us. Don't even think about it, because you absolutely will not win.’’


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