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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 287


Chapter 287: Aurora Light Ascension of Warlords

Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky

King Neptune finally discovered Han's intentions. Han relied on sacrifice and brute force to steal the Brain of Darkness from him.

The cost was grievous.

Han's cost was extremely grievous.

Not only did Han's left arm get destroyed, there was a big bump on his head, and he also lost consciousness after absorbing the Brain of Darkness, hitting the ground hard as he fell.


Silver Fox, Ghost Claw, Demon Claw, Han's three most loyal genetic beasts were going insane!

Han was not some super powerful warrior, but Han had strategies. Even if the enemy was much stronger, he had never as hard as he did today. He actually fainted on the battleground!

This was all King Neptune's fault!

The gene beasts were loyal, and simple minded. As they witnessed Han fall to the ground, they were filled with hatred for King Neptune, with their bloody eyes.

As for the five-numbered genetic fusion beats and the two Seven-eyed Starry Spiders, although they were also very loyal, they did not have much feelings towards Han. They were only loyal to Han because he secretly implanted puppet devices in their bodies.

Han's gene beast army also took severe casualties. Silver Fox, Ghost Claw, and Demon Claw, all walked like a cripple.

But Demon Claw and the others didn't care, King Neptune hurt their master, he must pay the price!


The gene beast army turned into an insane state never seen before, starting to mob King Neptune.

Come to think of it, although Han had sacrificed a lot, but he did manage to acquire the Brain of Darkness. This was a big threat to Neptune.

King Neptune was only having a headache. Before this, he was controlled by the Brain of Darkness, now that it lost control, and he gained freedom, he was not used to it.

The Brain of Darkness was like a super combat computer, controlling King Neptune's every movement, every tactic. Now that he had lost this ability to calculate, it was difficult for King Neptune to defend against the Ghost Claw and their siege, only relying on his warrior's instinct to combat the intensive attacks.

From the start of battle, King Neptune had not been in a worse situation, but at this crucial moment, Han had fainted. If he was still sober, and could control his genetic beast army, the results would not be different.

Nobody knew what type of suffering the unconscious Han was enduring.

This type of suffering does not come from wounds. His broken left arm could heal, the bump on his head will go away, these were not the issue. The real issue was the impact on Han spiritually.

This was not the first time that Han had injected black crystals into his body. The last three times, it only gave Han a boost in power. As the dark energy was taking over, Han was left in pain. He must take precautions. Taking the dark energy bit by bit making it his own, slowly absorbing the energy.

After the dark energy entered Han's body, it tried to take over Han's cognition, heading towards his brain.

Faintly Han felt a power source, trying to takeover his billions of brain cells, and zero degree region. There was a crazy voice, telling Han to stop resisting, to accept thinking from the darkness.

How is this possible!

Han was known for his dauntlessness. Not only did he persevere and fight to the end, it also meant that he will never give up! Not even if he dies!


As the Brain of Darkness' energy approached deeper, Han could now see a clearer image. He saw a dark shadow, approaching from the blistering cold, wearing a shabby coat, eyes dark and deep, creating a gloomy atmosphere as he approached.

’’Is this the Dark King?’’

Han was suddenly shocked. He could feel the power within that dark shadow.

According to all legends, no one had ever talked about the Dark King's appearance. It was different to every individual. The only similarity was that the Dark King was very powerful. There was not a single human in the Milky Way galaxy. Even all the warlords combined, would still be too weak for him.

In the end, this unprecedented Dark King, did not die in the hands of human, but was killed in a cruel black hole.

The dark shadow with a shabby coat stopped in front of Han. His dark eyes stared at Han, and he used a hoarse and desolate voice and asked, ’’You want to gain my powers?’’

’’Yes.’’ Han replied.

’’You will regret it.’’ The dark shadow said.

Han with a smile, ’’No, I never regretted anything I have done. Why regret about the past, when you can look towards the future.’’


The dark shadow sneered, turning around, his back towards Han, walking away.

’’Trust me, you will regret it.’’ The desolate voice resonated.

At this moment, the witch's holy realm had been scorched down to the ground.

Ghost Claw, Demon Claw, and the Silver Fox, they were shaking. Although they had tried their best to protect Han, but King Neptune eventually overpowered them.

The lucky thing was after losing the Brain of Darkness, King Neptune no longer calculated with precision. He started attacking violently like a beast. Power, speed, reaction, all three areas decreased to a certain extent. Han's strategy was successful, the stealing of the Brain of Darkness was super effective towards King Neptune.

Now, without the Brain of Darkness, King Neptune had become an insane, wild beast.

But, Ghost Claw, Demon Claw, Silver Fox, weren't they all beasts!?

Without Han's presence, Ghost Claw and the others have endured King Neptune's attack. Although the cost was drastic, but they still managed to endure. They did not let King Neptune hurt their unconscious master Han.

’’Die all of you die’’ King Neptune howled with a deep voice. It seemed like the reversed effect from the Brain of Darkness was not necessarily good for him. As he got stronger, he also lost himself.

Although the Brain of Darkness no longer controlled King Neptune, King Neptune's consciousness still hasn't recovered.

Demon Claw slowly crawled its way towards King Neptune. As the number one beast under Han, Demon Claw was the strongest, and was also injured most severely.

This unintelligent being, strong as a rock, as long as it still breathed, he will not give up.

The clever Silver Fox was feeling hopeless at this moment. With their powers, it could only hold off King Neptune for a while, but could not stop him forever. Even though he lost the Brain of Darkness, King Neptune was still an enemy with immense power. Due to being in combat for extensive amounts of time, the two Seven-eyed Starry spiders were exhausted. The genetic beast army no long had the advantage of out numbering their enemy.


Demon Claw stopped crawling and turned his head back dumbfounded.

Silver Fox, Ghost Claw also turned their head in amusement, seeing an aurora ascending into the sky.

This aurora light was forged by power. After an esper exceeded a certain limit, the zero-degree brain region will resonant rapidly, causing this unique abnormal phenomenon.

A super powered warrior, with enough hard work, and if lucky enough, will witness the aurora light ascending once in a life time. It means that a person has finally surpassed nature, broken free from the chain of genes, evolutionary, the sign of advancing towards the god level.

Its full name was the Aurora Light Ascension of Warlords!

Aurora Light Ascension of Warlords only appeared for a moment. Where the aurora disappeared, a man stood up. He let out a deep breath, as if waking up from a dream. He had an odd weapon in his hand, with a triple-edged blade and a tip divided into there.

It was Han.

After absorbing power from the Brain of Darkness, Han's dream has come true and surpassed the warlord level that he always dreamed of!

Warlord Han, stood up once again!


With a broken left arm, Han used his right arm and picked up the Star-strangling Boa and pointed its blade towards the monstrous King Neptune, with coldness and blood thirst.

’’You guy have done well, now, leave the rest to me.’’ Han's lips slight moved up, using a voice of confidence and said to his loyal army.


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