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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 284


Chapter 284: Tri-force Battle

Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky

Ba-Dump (Heartbeat)...

Wu DengFeng pointed at the Neptune who was killing madly, blood running down from his mouth, with a morose and furious gaze. His head tilted aside and he closed his eyes for one last time.

No doubt, the greatest blacksmith Wu DengFeng's grandson was dead willingly. Neptune's gene mutation was what Wu DengFeng was trying so hard to avoid, but things just didn't always happen according to one's wishes. Not only had Han and Wu DengFeng failed to stop Neptune, they had helped him turn stronger.

Neptune had lost his mind completely. He had thoroughly become a devil with bloody red eyes, killing was the only thing in his mind, killing all that he could see.

No one could find the reason for why things turned out this way. Maybe it's the staff that turned his zero-degree brain region upside down, leading to the dark power gaining the upper hand. Neptune was controlled by the Dark Brain willingly, that's why the gene mutation happened.

All in all, Neptune's gene mutation was a series of complicated reasons that led to the worst result. Han didn't have time to think about the reason for Neptune's gene mutation because he was facing a more difficult problem now!

The war had already begun!

The remnants of Neptune's conscious told him that there was a group of strong enemies somewhere and that he should go kill these apostles.

Meanwhile, the strong group of Dark Apostles had already gotten rid of the witch warriors' attack, making their way to the holy land.

Therefore, the gene-mutated Neptune and the group of Dark Apostles met on the field.

Neptune howled and charged towards those Dark Apostles, and those Dark Apostles had not only found Neptune, they had found Han too. His smell was familiar to those, and Han's gene beast troops had the same goal, so being discovered was a sure thing.

There were three fighting powers grouped on the field. One was Neptune. Although he was on his own, he had strong powers, like a reborn devil. The other was the Dark Apostles troop. They had close connections, each member in the troop had strength above the warlord level. They were a powerful army.

Then there was Han. He was on his own too, but he was being surrounded by the loyal genetic beast army. He had the same fighting power as a powerful army!

The moment the three fighting powers collided, all hell broke loose!

The group of Dark Apostles suddenly separated into two groups. Twelve apostles charged towards Neptune and the remaining four apostles grouped into a diamond shaped formation, closing in towards Han.

In fact, those apostles were being careless. The digital data they had was out-dated in which Neptune had not undergone gene mutation and Han had not used the third Dark Crystal.

Unfortunately the situation now was that Neptune was stronger, as well as Han!

Facing these two strong enemies, those apostles wanted to defeat them at the same time. No doubt this was the most foolish plan.


Han let out a long breath of air, holding tightly to the Star-Strangling Boa that was in his hand.

No doubt, in any case, today Han was going to die peacefully, facing so many enemies. Han was in a really bad situation.

But does it matter?

Cowards don't take the path of demon but madness can! Like devil's restless madness! Madness on treating each fight as the final fight!

’’Region of Void, open!’’

Han released his unreasonable superpower, charging towards those four apostles, with a murderous spirit flourishing and a furious attitude!


Han's gene beast army followed their master's move. They don't know what was fear, they only knew they had to be loyal. Whatever Han did, even if it takes their lives, they will gladly give up on their own lives to follow.

Those Apostles were startled.

Han was already different from what they used to know from their intelligence reports. Han had become aggressive because of the Path of Demon. The ancient saying from China on Earth ’’If others don't violate me, I won't violate them’’ was forgotten by Han already.

The Han now only believes in one thing, everybody in this world can be killed!

Enemies, kill!

Foe, kill!

Even the ones that were only unpleasant to Han's eye, can be killed too!

The so-called Path of Demon was the way to kill!

Kill everyone in this world, then you can be the devil!

’’This is for frightening my horse!’’

’’This is for Ms.White!’’

’’This is for the missing Lesa and Riley brothers!’’

’’This is for the whole troop of the expeditionary team which is dead!’’

’’Pay with your lives for all these debts!’’

Before, the apostles thought they could defeat and kill Han by sending four people out, but when they fought with Han, the situation changed.

Han's Star-strangling Boa was hacking faster and faster, fiercer and fiercer, annihilating the six realms. Han was already in the Path of Demon. He gave full scope to this legendary attack, suppressing those four apostles, making them retreat.

The devilish property and aggression, as well as the Path of Demon being added together had become a ghoulish power!

Only after the Path of Demon was reached, then it will give full play to devil's aggression. This is what Han was experiencing. Plus the void end can destroy the enemies' superpower. Han was leading the fight at his own pace, which turned out to be a reasonable thing.

Don't forget, Han still had his genetic beast army. This force cannot be overseen. Ghost claw,Demon claw,Silver fox,five extraordinary species of animals that were proficient in close-body combat moved together. As for the two seven-eye Starry Spider, they were using their full strength to make one gigantic sized army of one eyed Starry Spiders.

Soon, the Dark Apostles could not take Han anymore. A mad Han was already trouble, and there were so many snaky gene beasts. A careless move will allow animals like silver fox to tear a part of their bodies off.

Fighting with Han made them face huge psychological pressure, a devil that only knew how to attack and not withdraw, with a bunch of devils that were catty, or violent, or can make a hole on the floor, this situation was totally a picture of a bunch of devils dancing in a mess!

On the other side, the Dark Apostles were not in a favourable situation.

The gene-mutated Neptune seemed like he had a more devilish character than Han. The illusions, in which he was skilled in, disappeared and in its place was absolute violence!

Neptune had transformed totally. He was just like a blood-thirsty barbarian, using his fists to kill his enemies. Even more than twenty dark Apostles were not enough to kill this mutated Neptune.

The apostles could not chase after Neptune's speed.

The apostles' attack could not be compared with Neptune's tactics.

Even when the apostles used their full strength to attack him, Neptune's moves were nimble.

The Neptune before that gave full scope to illusion now became a devil combat king!

This bloody gene-mutation had not only given Neptune strength, but also changed his personality, like he had eaten a part of his own powerful superpower, and converted it into astonishing body strength.

Don't forget, there was still the Dark Brain.

The staff that had the Dark Brain mounted on top was in Neptune's hand, which had a decisive effect.

Han found out by observing during the gap between the fights that although Neptune fought fiercely, his IQ seemingly low like a barbarian, the truth was not as it appeared.

Every move that Neptune made was targeted to the weakness of the apostles, attacking the thinness and weakness places of their formation.

Looks like the Dark Brain crystal had increased Neptune's IQ by a large margin. He became more cunning and varied, hiding under the fierce and cruel aura of killing. This is the reason those fishy apostles oversaw Neptune's targeted attack.

Briefly, Neptune's move had been calculated by the brain accurately before every attack.


Without any accident, Han used the Star-Strangling Boa to cut open the last living apostle's shoulder. The Han now who had the devilish characteristics was different from before. He possessed so many ’’cards’’ in his hands and multiple complex attacks, apostles could not handle Han anymore.


Without any accident too, Neptune tore apart the last apostle's chest with his bare hands. His fingers penetrated between the third and the fourth rib, arms rising to seventeen degrees, and when he tilted with a little strength, the apostle was split!

Every move of his was like it was calculated accurately by a perfect computer. The gene-mutation in addition to the Dark Brain had turned Neptune into not only a devil but also a killing machine that had a super IQ.


Almost both at the same time, Han and Neptune looked at each other, both eyes with devilish gazes that shot out intense sparks.

Han had demonic characteristics, yet Neptune was already a devil.


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