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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 280


Chapter 280: Utterly Betrayed

Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky

Han followed Wu Dengfeng and walked for a long time. Suddenly, they heard a

loud noise behind them and saw that the thick alloy door was tightly closed.

’’What the f*ck are they playing?’’ Wu Dengfeng took off his eye covers, looked

around, and was suddenly stunned. They were actually in a secret chamber,

and the only door was locked.

Wu Dengfeng started cursing right away, demanding that king Fantasy

Neptune come see him, but did not get any response. The disciples that

followed Ma Dengfeng here already began feeling a little scared. After all, the

Witch Clan was the most mysterious and evil alien race, and many of them

didn't want to come here in the first place.

Unfortunately, Wu Dengfeng loved money, and he couldn't withstand the

Witch King Fantasy Neptune's monetary offers.

After a while, Wu Dengfeng almost lost his voice, and at that moment, Nan

Duo's voice sounded from the chamber's walls. He changed his respectful

attitude towards Wu Dengfeng for the past few days, and said in a mocking

voice, ’’Yo, Wu, you don't have to curse anymore, our King Fantasy Neptune will

not come see you.’’

’’Why?!’’ Wu Dengfeng said angrily, ’’You treat me like this and you still expect

me to help you? Go dream somewhere else! Let me leave! I want to go home!’’

Nan Duo's voice raised a few levels in volume and shouted, ’’Come whenever

you want, leave whenever you want? What do you think you are?! Wu, to tell

you the truth, if you don't create what our king wants, don't think about

leaving this life!’’

Wu Dengfeng's attitude was a lot more firm, ’’Go back and tell Fantasy

Neptune! If he treats me this way, then don't even think about getting what he

wants this life time!’’


Nan Duo laughed out loud and said, ’’Wu, you are still not giving up? From now

on, I will kill one of your disciple every hour, until I kill them all! You guys all

listen up! If you want to live, then get your teacher to finish the mission King

Fantasy Neptune gave him!’’

’’I will see you in an hour!’’

After Nan Duo said it he just disappeared, no matter how much Wu Dengfeng

cursed, he didn't even make a sound.

’’Master, please drink some water.’’

’’Master, let me give your shoulder a massage.’’

Although Wu Dengfeng's disciples were worrying a lot, but they all look very

obedient and tried their best to serve him.


Han slightly sighed. How could Wu Dengfeng know how terrifying Nan Duo's

plan was. This kind of scene probably won't last very long.

Actually, Han could leave anytime he wanted. The Lunar Mark was still here,

the Ares-class weapon was still here, the genetic beast army was still here, just

one prison couldn't stop him at all.

But Han didn't plan to leave. First of all, the battle between the Witch clan and

Dark Apostles was still continuing, and Han loved seeing his enemies kill each

other. Even more so, he was waiting until they were both half dead and then

appear to deliver the fatal blow.

Secondly, Han wants to find out what King Fantasy Neptune really wants.

In the blink of an eye an hour passed, and Nan Duo really sent the Witch Clan

soldiers to open the door. They got into the prison-like chamber, randomly

picked out a freckle-faced disciple among Wu Dengfeng's students, forced him

to kneel on the ground, and pulled out a horn knife from behind.

’’What are you guys doing?!’’

’’Don't touch my little brother (TL: can be used to refer to someone younger but

studies under the same teacher as you)!’’

There definitely were espers on Wu Dengfeng's side. As guards, they saw that

the Witch clan really started doing something, so they all started fighting back.

Unfortunately, how could they be match of the elite Witch clan soldiers. They

were soon beat up on the ground and twitched in pain.

As for that unlucky freckle-faced student of Wu Dengfeng, he was skinned

alive in front of them, and his skin was wrapped around the neck of a Witch

Clan soldier, still dripping blood.

The piercing crying sound of this unlucky young man before death lingered for

a long time, and everyone including Wu Dengfeng started shivering.

After all, Wu Dengfeng and the others were black smiths, and the Witch clan

was the most scary alien race in the Milky Way. Such bloody means was very

deterrent to Wu Dengfeng and his disciples.

The cell became dead silent, only has the sound of breathing which was getting

increasingly heavier.

At this moment, Nan Duo opened his mouth again.

’’What a miserable death. Wu, if you continue to be stubborn, then more of your

disciples will be hung up on our necks. You should know what to do. Just give it

some thought now.’’ Nan Duo said with a cold tone.

’’Master, I don't want to die.’’ Wu Dengfeng's youngest disciple trembled as he

said, and he almost got scared to the point of crying.


All eyes were concentrated to Wu Dengfeng which made him very


’’I really can't obey Fantasy Neptune's request ah...’’ Wu Dengfeng sighed, and

he said with a pale face.

Unknowingly, the atmosphere in the room began to have subtle changes.

Besides a few truly royal apprentices, the rest of them all hid to one side, or

began dazing into the ceiling, or whispering something.

Soon, an hour passed.

The second body was hung in the cell. That was Wu Dengfeng's favorite little

student, very talented and intelligent, doesn't talk much, and whenever Wu

Dengfeng scolds him, he doesn't refute but just giggle.

’’Damn you Fantasy Neptune! If you got the guts then come at me instead!’’ Wu

Dengfeng shouted with all of his energy.

Nan Duo sneered, ’’You want to die? Not that easy! Everyone listen up, now only

your master can save you. The thing that our King Fantasy Neptune wants can

only be made by your master, because he's the Forge God Wu Daozi's grandson,

you guys probably all know this.’’

’’As long as he's willing to use the secret casting technique that was passed

down through generations and create that item for King Fantasy Neptune,

then you guys can all live. So, if you guys want to live, don't come beg me, go

back your master.’’

Wu Dengfeng finally fell into the trap set up by Nan Duo. Seeing his disciples

all began surrounding and closing in on him, he couldn't help but let out a


’’Master, please save us.’’

’’How could you bear to just see our little brother die like that?’’

’’Master, you just need to use the secret technique to forge the thing Fantasy

Neptune wants, not only you can live, we can all live and continue serving you,

isn't that nice?’’


Wu Dengfeng's disciples all kneeled down, crying, begging, asking Wu

Dengfeng to work for King Fantasy Neptune.

Wu Dengfeng's face grew more and more despair, ’’You guys don't understand.

First of all, the thing wanted by Fantasy Neptune isn't something that can be

forged with just the secret technique. Besides, this item is too evil, even if I

really create it for him, it will only result in more killing, and that goes against

my mission as a descendant of Wu Daozi.’’

’’So, Master, you rather see us all get skinned alive then save us?’’ A disciple

asked with cold eyes.

Wu Dengfeng let out a long sigh and said, ’’You guys are all my disciples, my

successors. If possible, how can I not save you guys? It's just that, I really can't

do it this time.’’

’’I don't believe it!’’

’’This old fag's heart has turned dark! We served him for so many years, and

during the critical moment, he just let us die!’’

’’We are going to die anyways. If we die, we can't let this old fag live on!’’

’’Yes, kill him!’’

’’Kill him!’’

’’How can there be a master like him in this world, skin him, and dissemble his


Wu Dengfeng's disciples' mood finally broke out. That's exactly what Nan Duo

calculated. He wanted Wu Dengfeng to be betrayed by everyone!

Wu Dengfeng's face became more and more pale, seeing those disciples that

had been very obedient in the past now turning into hungry wolves and

charged at him, he swallowed a spittle, and closed his eyes in despair.

Seeing this urgent situation, Han who had been sitting in the corner suddenly

stood up. He walked to Wu Dengfeng in big steps. Those Wu Dengfeng's

students wanted to stop him, but they were sent flying away the moment they

touch Han's body.

Han came to Wu Dengfeng's side, and then said to those students whose eyes

were reaming green light, ’’Don't be a fool. Even if your master satisfied King

Fantasy Neptune's wish, and then? You guys can leave here alive?’’

’’At least there would be hope!’’

’’Who do you think you are?’’

’’Kill him too!’’

The already insane people all targeted Han as well. However, they just saw Han

faintly smiled, and then his body began teleporting very quickly in

unconventional patterns. Merely in an instant, Wu Dengfeng's disciples were

all beaten up onto the ground.

This was the absolute domination of strength. Han just needed a span of a few

breaths to be able to kill them all!

Wu Dengfeng saw Han revealed some moves, he was naturally surprised too.

Now that he was betrayed by all of his close ones, he saw Han as someone

particularly dear to him, like family!

Han sat down beside Wu Dengfeng and said lightly, ’’With me here, they can't

hurt you.’’

With these words out, Wu Dengfeng's tears almost started rolling down!

’’But continuing like this is still not a solution. The King Fantasy Neptune guy

already decided to have us killed, we can't just sit here and wait.’’ Then, Han's

topic suddenly changed and he asked, ’’Speaking of which, this Fantasy

Neptune guy, what does he really want from you?’’


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