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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 278


Chapter 278: Sixteen Apostle's descend

Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky

Han finally had the opportunity to travel to #13 Constellation. There was no need to enter by

force since he was going with the forge master Wu Dengfeng by Starship to enter the witch's

holy realm.

After getting off the battleship, Wu Dengfeng was very curious, as this was the first time

humans have ever arrived at the witch's holy realm.

Taking a glance around, #13 Constellation seemed to have never been developed. The altars,

ancestral graves and the Great Witch memorial in the legends could not be found anywhere.

Wu Dengfeng and Han landed in the mountains. There was only a small path made of

bluestones, leading towards the darkness of a horrifying jungle. The roar of beasts and the buzz

of bugs filled the air.

’’What the hell is this place? Where is Fantasy Neptune?’’ Wu Dengfeng was dissatisfied. Han

blended in with the rest of the troops and was silent. ’’Please follow me.’’

Nan Duo was leading Han and his team deeper into the forest. The extensive number of bugs in

the forest made Wu Dengfeng increasingly more agitated. The forge master was not an

explorer, so he disliked environments like this one.

After walking shortly, they arrived at a cliff. There was a series of stepping stones floating in

mid-air leading into a tunnel to the other side.

Nan Duo suggested, ’’Master, your men can not go any further. Beyond this point is a restricted


Wu Dengfeng was unpleased. ’’Without these assistants, how am I going to work?’’

Nan Duo said, ’’Master, Fantasy Neptune is waiting for you. Once we arrive at the holy realm, he

will explain everything to you.’’

Wu Dengfeng feeling helpless, told his men to settle at the bottom of the cliff while he followed

Nan Duo onto the steep sided stepping stones and disappeared into the mountains.

Some witch's warriors silently appeared out of the forest. Since this was a holy realm and a

restricted area, camps could only be built with the most basic materials. They chopped some

tree branches, building a very simple and neat wooden shed. They then dug a hole in the

ground, put some stones to make a base for a bonfire, then placed a pot on top and stewed some


The Witch's ancestors had lived like this during the past, and on holy realms, everything must

be done the same way as their ancestors.

Under such harsh environments, Han remained unaffected while Wu Dengfeng's men were

suffering. Without couches and beds, sleeping in wet piles of leaves, food made from shrub

seeds, this primitive life style caused Wu Dengfeng's men to complain frequently.

At dawn, Wu Dengfeng finally came back to the camp, not uttering a single word. He sat down

at the bonfire looking troubled.

Han thought for a moment, slowly approaching Wu Dengfeng and asked, ’’Master, when will we

start excavating the mines?’’

Wu Dengfeng looked at Han and let out a deep breath, ’’Things are complicated. I originally

wanted to mention excavating the mine while forging the weapon for Fantasy Neptune as metal

is needed and let him take the initiative.’’

’’Now that plan is ruined as Fantasy Neptune is not looking for a weapon.’’

Han asked with curiosity, ’’Then what is it that he wants?’’

Just before Wu Dengfeng spoke, he took a glance at the surroundings very cautiously and

remained silent.

’’I am exhausted today, we can discuss this matter tomorrow. We won't be leaving for quite a


Seeing that Wu Dengfeng was only willing to say this, Han disappointedly went back to his

shed, and laid down on the leaves, closing his eyes to rest.

Just past midnight, Wu Dengfeng's men had already fallen asleep due to fatigue. The entire

camp was filled with silence. At this moment, Han suddenly opened his eyes.

’’Eye of Darkness’’


Han carefully observed the surroundings. All the ambushing witch warriors appeared before his


These warriors were very dedicated. Under such shivery night, they hid in the swamps, on

branches, in grasslands, enduring mosquito bites, utterly silent, closely observing the camp.

Strangely, Wu Dengfeng was still awake.

Han can clearly see him with his eye of darkness, Wu Dengfeng sitting by the bonfire,

continuously drawing on the ground with a stick.

’’No, it still doesn't work.’’

’’This is frustrating, why would Fantasy Neptune want something like this?’’

As Wu Dengfeng drew, he mumbled these words in disappointment. It seems that Wu Dengfeng

was unable to deliver what Fantasy Neptune wanted, and that was why he was so anxious.

After a while, Wu Dengfeng was also exhausted and went to sleep. However, Han quietly walked

out of his shed.

Under heavy surveillance, Han had two unique abilities.

One of them being his eye of darkness, allowing him to identify all ambushes.

The other being his Path of Void. This abnormal extreme mobility allowed Han to sneak past


Also, Han was considered of having high-tier quasi-warlord level strengths. His powers were

comparable to tier 1 expert ranks. It was almost impossible for those witch assassins to stop

Han from sneaking by.

Shortly after, Han escaped the witch's perimeter, entering the real forest. To the left was the

steep sided cliff.


Han climbed like a lizard, hoping to get to higher grounds and use his eye of darkness to

determine exactly where he was.

It didn't take Han very long to get to the top of the cliff. He discovered that the place where they

camped at was on a mountain that had been neatly split from the middle.

On the mountain, there were vast amounts of flat land with numerous tombstones, with an

elevated altar in the center.

’’Graves, altars, this must be the witch's holy realm.’’ Han thought.

He crouched on the edge, looking towards the horizon far far away.

’’Eye of darkness!’’


Opening his eye of darkness once again, Han saw even further into the bushes. Suddenly, Han

startled after discovering an object with dark energy descending with a parachute from high


’’Dark apostle’’ Han's eyes filled with hatred.

Han had always hated the dark apostle and never forgot when they wiped out his expedition

team and left him as the only survivor. Ms. White, Ma Jingkong, Lesa, the Riley brothers and

Cerberus Arthur were all killed in action! Their deaths must be avenged!

Soon after, Han calmed himself as this was the witch's territory. It would not be a clever idea if

Han rushed and fought with them to the death. The best option would be to let the witches deal

with them and clean up this mess.

Obviously, dark apostles used a very advanced stealth technology this time. As the stealth

battleship approached, it shoots out landing pods like a hot air balloon containing one dark

apostle, slowly descending, impossible for the witch warriors to detect.

’’It's too bad, I found you guys.’’ Han let out a sneer.

He gently swiped his finger across the Lunar mark, and let out the Silver Fox

The stealth technology on Lunar mark had helped Han significantly. Before entering # 13

Constellation, everyone's Dimensional Ring was taken away, but Han's Lunar mark was an

invisible necklace, and it did not influence him.

After counting, Han sneered, ’’16 landing cabins, which means 16 apostles came this time, they

are very ambitious this time. Silver Fox, you know what to do.’’

Silver Fox pounded his chest, then quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Shortly after, Silver Fox's echoing from the bushes has spread. He was very cunning, he caught

a ferocious star white rhino, violently pounding the rhino to make noises. Using his paws to

force the rhino into the desired direction, just close enough to where the dark apostles landed.


Witch warriors in the bushes were alarmed, 3 of them went to scout where the sound was

coming from.

Using the eye of darkness, Han could see very clear that his Silver Fox was very mischievous

sometimes. Even Han shook his head.

Han and his Silver Fox were telepathically connected. Although the Silver Fox was unable to see

where the stealthy dark apostles were at, Han could see them very clearly. Although the

apostle's exact positions could not be revealed instantly, but disturbing their plans was not a

problem at all.

The Silver Fox hid inside the rhino's ear, steering it right into the landing pod. The apostle

inside the landing cabin did not even have time to react, and the collision with the rhino made a

very loud sound!


Due the the heavy impact, the rhino died instantly as there was too much power exerted on his


The well trained witch warriors quickly spotted the rhino. A metallic pod that had never been

seen before was slowly removing its invisibility, startling the warriors to send an unique

witch's alarm to alert the others.

Witnessing all of this, Han sneered. As long as the witch warriors discover one cabin, they can

find a second one. A war between the witches and the dark apostles was inevitable.

Suddenly, just as Han was filled with joy, the situation has changed!

The bush far away vanished into thin air, exposing grasslands!

The sudden change in terrain left Han dumbfounded.

’’It's an illusion!’’ Han thought to himself in shock.


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