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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 272


Chapter 272: Suppression

Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky

The system made a synthetic female sound. After that, all of Han's data in the Wind Forest

Volcano quest had been erased.

9527 stood up and paced back and forth in his dark data center. A thought suddenly came to his

mind, he asked curiously, ’’Queen, check the database, what would happen if the superpower

Void End breaks through the warlord-level?’’

A short while after, the cold female voice responded, ’’Master, according to my search, in the

history of the All Gods Corporation, no esper of the Void End abilitiy type has broken through


’’What!? There was never a God of Destruction of this type of superpower!?’’ 9527 was shocked,

his fat body trembled.

Star lord city.

Jianjia left the conference room with his father, bored. Yanan Zhu followed closely.

Jianjia neither liked nor hated Yanan Zhu, he just did not care about him, everything would be

the same either with or without him.

’’Finally I could have got rid of those boring old guys. Dad, you came to star lord city for

inspection, why bother also taking me? You know, I never liked your long-winded report.’’

Jianjia said while she lazily stretched herself.

Mr. Water, Jianjia's father, sighed slightly and said, ’’Jianjia, as your father I do things for your

own good. You will have to learn this stuff sooner or later. Look at yourself, staying in the star

lord city all day even if I tried to throw you out. Please listen to me just once, leave here and go

to the Galaxy City.’’

Jianjia frowned, she then muttered, ’’I don't feel like going other places, Galaxy City is even

more boring than this place. I will definitely suffocate in boredom that's just a matter of time.’’

’’By the way, you've had my company for the past few days, how is Han doing? Invite him over

for dinner. Didn't you say that he has the potential to become a commander of a legion or

maybe even a higher level position?’’

Mr. Water had not responded yet. Yanan Zhu following at the back said first, ’’I heard that Han

went to the Wind Forest Volcano’’

’’The Wind Forest Volcano quest? Oh my! That's a dangerous quest!’’ Jianjia was shocked, she

immediately took out her micro-computer and started checking into details. At the same time

she also blamed Yanan Zhu for not telling her about this earlier.

After Yanan Zhu saw that Jianjia cared so much about Han, he became furious. In the meantime,

he remembered that he had already hired the Lovran brothers to take care of this so his mind

settled down a bit. He then replied with a fake smile on his face, ’’Were you and uncle Water not

listening to the work report? How dare I even to bother.’’

’’Go away, leave me alone!’’ Jianjia said in a bad mood.

’’Behave yourself!’’ Mr. Water was fed up with Jianjia's behavior. He apologized to Yanan Zhu,

’’Yanan, it was all my fault, Jianjia lost her mother when she was young, she is spoiled by me.’’

’’Dad, why are you telling an outsider this kind of stuff? ’’ Jianjia was a little bit angry.

Jianjia's attitude was not only seen by Yanan Zhu's eyes but it was also marked in his mind. He

then said with a heart of malevolence, ’’Huh, let me see your face when you hear the news of

Han's death!’’

’’Holy, Han passed the Wind Forest Volcano quest! I told you he's got quite some talent.’’ Jianjia

said to her father proudly, Yanan Zhu, after heard of that, was extremely surprised.

’’Unfortunately, even though Han passed the Wind Forest Volcano quest, he did not manage to

get the title of star lord. How unlucky, I was thinking that may be if he could get the star lord

title, I'll also go grab myself one.’’ Jianjia added.

’’For real?’’ Jianjia's father, Mr. Water replied in a hurry, ’’If Han is going to Galaxy City, you will

also go there?’’

’’I will consider it.’’ Jianjia said with a cute foxy look on her face.

Mr. Water immediately opened his micro-computer and muttered, ’’I'd have a look at the

reason why Han passed the quest without a star lord title granted to him.’’

As the only heir of the family, Jianjia's unambitiousness was a real headache to her father. She

wandered in the star lord city, which was of the lowest-level all year round. Mr. Water would

not allow this to happen for any longer.

As soon as Jianjia said that if Han gets the title of star lord, she will also consider leaving here

and go to Galaxy City which was one level higher, Mr. Water, who did not care about Han at all

before, suddenly became interested in him. All in all, this was for the good of Jianjia.

Yanan Zhu was also nervously checking out information on his computer. He heard that Han

was not dead and he wondered, he undoubtedly hired the Lovran brothers at a high price, how

could they fail?

’’No data! How could there be no data!? Get me the technology department. What have those

idiots been doing all the time!’’ Mr. Water did not get Han's data so he became very angry and

even started cursing out loud.

Jianjia saw that Yanan Zhu and her father's faces both looked upset. She wondered, ’’ This guy

must be so sad knowing he did not get the star lord title, should I go see and comfort him?’’

’’How come I did not get the star lord title! I killed the fire drake, how could I not get the star

lord title!? This is so frustrating!’’ Han started cursing once he arrived at 9527's transfer

station. ’’What are those bunch of bastards doing! Wasn't it said that whoever slays the fire

drake will definitely be promoted? What a bunch of jerks who could not even keep their


9527 kept his countenance, he held the silver fox in his palm, smiled and said, ’’Who told you

that you will get the star lord title 100% of the time you slay a fire drake?’’

’’An...’’ Han was shocked, he frowned slightly, ’’An enemy.'

It now appeared to be that the Lovran brothers were Han's enemies, Han also realized that

there was something wrong.

9527 said, ’’That shall explain it, whoever slays the fire drake will be promoted is just a myth,

the All Gods Corporation has never made an official announcement about that.’’

’’On the other hand, you know that the gods are really unpredictable, they promote whoever

they want, they could not give you a promotion just because they don't like you, how could

there possibly be any rules or regulations for us to follow?

’’Damn the All Gods!’’ Han cursed in a low voice, ’’Your bosses are all jerks.’’

9527 was shocked, he put out a strange face and whispered to himself, ’’My bosses? Whatever, if

that's how you think.’’

Han strode straight to the practice room.

9527 said curiously, ’’Are you going to do more exercise right after you get back from the

battlefield? You are sure racing with time.’’

Han waved his hand and said, ’’I am tired as hell, how can I even have any more energy to

practice, it's just that I feel like my Source Energy Index has increased a lot, I want to use the

testing machine/’’

’’Your source energy increased a lot?’’ 9527 said to himself, ’’Han is now a quasi-warlord, he

could become a warlord with some further progress.’’


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