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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 271


Chapter 271: Complex Attack Stream!

Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky

’’What did you say your super power is?’’ Han sneered and asked.

Lovran Mountain suddenly hesitated. As Han's right hand slowly opened, his face also became

increasingly pale because a strong unreasonable force was taking his power away!

Han stood up as his body slightly shook. The tip of his mouth raised a little as he said in a deep

voice, ’’I am indeed exhausted after fighting the Fire Drake, but even if I only had a hundredth of

my strength left, it's still enough to kill you!’’

’’Psychic-descent power? The people I hate the most in this life are you guys that show off your

power in front of me! If I don't have any fancy powers, you guys are not allowed too!’’

After saying these three extremely tyrannical phrases, Han charged up, leading his genetic

beast army.

There are many retards these days. All of them thinking that they were so smart, waiting for

Han to show all his cards. But when it seemed like Han was out of cards, then they were in for a


What a joke!

Han had the most unreasonable power in the word, Void End!

’’Demonic Strike!’’

Han shouted, his attacks became more barbaric, switching to a close-combat style next to his

bunch of terrifying genetic beasts charging behind him.

Then looking at Lovran Mountain, his psychic-descent ability was about control, using mental

coercion to cause disorder in his opponent's mind or impairing their movement, and then

Lovran Mountain could take advantage of that and deliver a fatal blow.

When dealing with other opponents, his psychic-descent power was very useful.

Unfortunately, his opponent was Han today.

Any espers would have no way of dealing with Han, and be forced to follow Han's rhythm and

get in close combat.

As someone who made his debut from learning forbidden techniques and the pack leader of

multiple powerful genetic beasts, what Han was least afraid of was being in close combat with

enemies, because there were only a few people that could really beat him.

As for the Lovran brothers, both being at the warlord level, so what? Han already killed

numerous warlords already.

Powerful beasts may give Han a hard time, but human-like aliens? No way!

In the blink of an eye, Lovran Mountain was almost going to collapse, as he struggled to defend

against the triple-edged blade in Han's hand.

At this moment, Lovran River who had been only spectating on the side suddenly rushed up.


His two hands made a strange gesture in front of his chest. It looked like a type of seal that

locked something in his body.


Lovran Mountain saw his brother making such move. His eyes widened as he tried to stop his

brother, as if he would rather die than see his brother undoing the seal.


Getting distracted while fighting Han was absolutely suicidal, like distracted driving!

The tripe-edged sword penetrated directly into Lovran Mountain's chest, and Ghost Claw and

Demon Claw's sharp claws also arrived at the same time. Silver Fox's little paw swept across

the air and ripped open his scalp!

Lovran family's elder brother Lovran Mountain, dead!

In such a cruel way, he was dissembled on the spot!


Lovran River rushed over and caught his brother's incomplete body. Under the siege of Han's

army, Lovran Mountain's body was no longer together, covered in holes and even missing half

of the head.

Thinking that Lovran's family was originally god's descent, such a fashion of death was

definitely not very suitable.

Silver Fox and the others wanted to ride the momentum and take down Lovran River as well.

But at that moment, Han suddenly stopped them.

His sharp senses detected violent changes inside Lovran River's body, with both source energy

and the intent to kill surging dramatically. Han could be considered to have seen countless

people, yet he has never seen an opponent with such a strong intention to kill. So, out of

caution, Han didn't rush up.


Putting down his brother's body, Lovran River straightened his back and stood up, and his eyes

gradually became bloodshot.

Han even felt that Lovran River seemed really like Han himself in the demon state.

With his finger joints making cracking sounds, Lovran River was first sad and angry, but

immediately he started laughing wildly as he shouted, ’’What a man, Han, you actually killed my

brother. With him dead, there's no one that can stop me in this world now!’’

Han slightly frowned, he could clearly feel Lovran River's power taking effect. The mental spirit

storm filled his body with a storm-like existence, and anyone that approached him could feel

the powerful mental spirit suppression.

Han was shocked, could it be that his Void End stopped working?


The entire journey Han walked, his Void End had never failed him!

Lovran's body began surging with power, and he shouted in a hoarse voice, ’’My power is the

exact opposite as my brothers. He's good at unleashing the mental spirit storm to others and

controlling them, but mine is endogenous.’’

’’In other words, I didn't release my power onto others, but just injected it into myself, and the

more I inject, the stronger I can become!’’

’’Of course, it's not that this power doesn't have weaknesses. When I inject too much spirit

power, my mind would become chaotic and eventually become uncontrollable.’’

’’You got it?’’

Han was not dumb. he of course understood what kind of property Lovran River's power has.

In general, everyone including Han, their power was unleashed when dealing with enemies.

But Lovran River was an outlier. His power can only be forced into himself. So, since Lovran

didn't output any super powers, no matter how strong Han's Void End was, he naturally

wouldn't be able to deprive that power since nothing was released.


Just as Lovran was arrogantly showing off to Han how his power couldn't be robbed, he

suddenly hesitated.

Because he noticed that Han suddenly took a step back and summoned the two 7-eyed Starry


’’Kill him.’’ Han raised one arm, pointed at Lovran River and said.

Pew pew pew~

The two spiders began shooting out little spiders like mad, and those little spiders were each

smaller than a crab. However, they were great in numbers!

After one second, there were 1000 spiders on the battlefield.

After 10 seconds, the quantity reached 10,000!

Lovran had no choice but to be trapped in a battle with an enormous army of low-level Starry

Spiders. Those terrifying spiders with sharp fangs and long claws were all trying to climb onto

Lovran's body.

And what pissed Lovran off more was that Han's still feeding drugs to the two Starry Spiders!

The Starry Spiders producing the spider legion consumed energy, and when their energy was

exhausted, the production would also stop.

Han studied pharmacology, and according to 7-eyed Starry Spiders' characteristics, Han fed

them large amount of drugs that replenished energy, which caused them to produce spiders


’’What a strange guy, he thought if I want to kill him I have to do it myself. Injecting himself

with power? What does that have to do with me? If you want to inject yourself then I will just let

other people kill you, isn't that the same?’’ Han mumbled to himself.

Silver Fox nodded nonstop, seeming like it agreed with his owner. One squirrel one man, both

of them had a cunning look on their face.

Lovran was almost pissed to the point of vomiting blood!

This is bullying!

His power was endogenous, meaning that he can't deal with a large quantity of enemies.

As the old saying goes, it's difficult for two fists to fight four hands. No matter how strong

Lovran was, he's still afraid of being attacked by a group. Such a number of starry spiders, even

if they don't bite him to death, they will still deplete his source energy.

’’I'm going to bring you down with me!’’

Lovran River's face was covered in grief. He took the risk of being bitten by the spiders to get

closer to Han! And fight him to the death!

’’Thunder Fire!’’

Lovran River leaped into the air, but he just saw Han waved in the air, and hundreds of powerful

explosive bugs appeared in the sky. These little bugs were like magnets, they directly attached

themselves onto Lovran River's body, detonating immediately upon contact!



Lovran was instantly fried into a dizzy state, and relying on his powerful defense from his

mental storm, Lovran River ultimately escaped.

But not even waiting until his feet touches the ground, suddenly, behind the black smoke

caused by the explosion, dozens of green vines shot out, each was as thick as a person's waist!

Those were Sky King Vines!

Known as the strongest combat-type plant!

As the Thunder Fire exploded, Han took the opportunity and planted down a Sky King Vine for a

second wave of attack!

Lovran River was going insane. This is the legendary overwhelming comprehensive strike!

Things that climbed on the ground, things that flew in the sky, and also things that grew out of

the ground. Who would've thought, Han actually brought this many strange combat-type


’’I don't have anything else, just tons of ways to kill people!’’ Han raised his arm again and

pointed at Lovran River, who was on the verge of collapsing both physically and mentally, and

he shouted, ’’Kill him!’’


With Demon Claw in the lead, Han's genetic beast army charged up again.

Such intensity and power of attacks.

Three years after his debut, Han's attacks had already become a style of its own!


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