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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 268


Chapter 268: Han vs. Fire Drake

Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky


Han's iron fists did not hesitate to land on the head of the fire drake, and he pounded its huge

black head into the ground.

’’Those that cross me shall die!’’ Han shouted. He didn't take notice nor care about the owner of

this huge head, which was the famous universe-level furious Fire Drake.

As for the Lovran brothers, they were completely shocked by Han's madness. How much

courage would it take to just punch the Fire Drake's head?


Sure enough, the angry roar reached into the sky, the Fire Drake became extremely angry. It

was originally sleeping underground and noticed some movement above him. Then, it just

stuck out its head wanting to check it out, and was a punched right in the head back into the

ground! What the f*ck is this?

Han's punch was extremely powerful due to manipulating the power of darkness. The fire

drake's head became swollen, and it was roaring in pain with its eyes bloodshot.

Who would've thought, the Fire Drake's rage actually would also stir up Lovran River's fighting

spirit. The person who had always been very gentle suddenly blatantly bursted with fierce light

shining out of his eyes, taking a step forward, with his arms tight and blue veins exposed on his


Just at that moment, Lovran River turned from an elegant young man into a god of wrath!

’’Do not become enraged!’’ Lovran Mountain grabbed onto his brother from behind and shouted,

’’Han angered the Fire Drake, he's not going to live! Let's go! Let's leave this place!’’

Lovran Mountain seemed to be really scared of his brother losing control of his emotions, and

after desperately shouting, Lovran River's eyes finally gained a trace of consciousness. He tired

his best to suppress his rage and was then dragged by Lovran Mountain out of the underground

fire realm.

Han saw what they were doing, he obviously didn't want his enemies to flee, but at the moment,

the enraged Fire Drake blocked his path.

That was a ferocious monster that seemed to be a cross between a snake and a dragon. There

was a short horn on top of its head, its two eyes were like a snake's with vertical oval pupils, and

sharp white fangs.

The Fire Drake had a powerful defense, and its black scales started burning from its rage,

gradually becoming crimson red with smokes rising out of it.

The Fire Drake's two giant eyes were locked onto Han, but Han also used the same fierce look

and stared back!

At the next second, Han even dared to launch another attack at the universe-level beast that

was already furious!


The automatic drug kit ejected three of the most powerful battle-enhance drug Fusion, and Han

swallowed them all!

’’Path of Demon!’’

Path of Demon, capable of slaying both gods and demons, with the brutality of destroying

heaven and earth!

Han's whole body exuded black gas. That was the power of the devil that was given birth from

Han's extremely angry and sentimental emotions!

At the same time, Demon Claw, Ghost Claw, Silver Fox, and the fusion beast army under Han's

command were all freed and joined the battle with Han against Fire Drake.

The universe-level vicious beast Fire Drake only had powerful spiritual pressure during its

sleep, but after it awakens, this type of spiritual oppression would weaken as its energy

transforms into a powerful combat strength. Thus, the Demon Claw and the others finally freed

themselves from their mentally repressed state.

AaOooaAOOoooooo ~

Han with his body taken over by the devil had no thoughts of backing off at the moment. Even if

the one in his way was an universe-level furious beast, so what? Once the demon takes over,

there's no backing off!


The fusion beast army was also affected by Han's battle spirit. Pets always resembled their

owners. The Demon Claw and the others followed Han. They of course learned Han's way of

fighting. Now that Han became so devil-like, they obviously would take out their biggest

courage and fight.

It was not an attack, but a siege!

The two seven-eyed Starry Spiders began releasing large amounts of Starry Spiders. Although

these spiders' level were really low, but they won in numbers. Even if it was an weak ant, when

there's tons of them all charging up and biting, they can still play a surprising effect.

The Fire Drake was completely driven mad by Han and his little devils!

It threw the Ghost Claw out with one claw and dealt severe damage to it, but after a blink of an

eye, the limping Ghost Claw appeared on the battlefield again and continued to bite and scratch


’’Path of God!’’

Han leaped high into the air and incited thunder to attack.


A white light fell onto Fire Drake's head, and Han flew past the Fire Drake's body.

’’Thunder Fire!’’


Red flying bugs were thrown out of Han's hands and stuck themselves onto the Fire Drake's

body like suckling insects. Then, it was a series of powerful explosions!



The reason humans were more advanced than regular animals was that humans were good at

using tools, and Han was the perfect example. He brought many combat tools with him, and

just when the enemies weren't paying attention, he could make them pay the price.


The Fire Drake suddenly stood its body up and let out a roar. Its body turned fire red and it

revealed its giant sharp fangs.

This thing was about to use a fire attack! Its body stored endless amounts of fire, enough to

turn the world into flames.


The Fire Drake wanted to spray out fire, but suddenly noticed that its throat was blocked.

Lowering its head to check, it found that Han had used his powerful combat-type plant, Sky-

King Vine!

At this moment, the insanely-growing plant was in the process of stuffing its lush branches

into the Fire Drake's mouth, blocking the brewing fire inside the Fire Drake's body!


The crimson red flame was still unleashed. Fire countered wood, and although the Sky King

Vine could temporarily block the flame, it was soon consumed.

The flame shot out by Fire Drake was terrifying. Due to its high temperature, the color of the

flame was a little black, and the quantity was also incredible. In the blink of an eye, the Fire

Drake soon turned the three hundred radius area around it into scorched earth. Han and the

others didn't even have a place to run!

Han had a double layer of protection and the genetic beasts had powerful cell-division speed.

They wouldn't be completely burned to death from the flame, but it still hindered their fighting


At this moment, Han and the others had tried their best, and they were barely in a stalemate

with Fire Drake. If their combat strength decreases due to the fire's interference, then the

situation would become much worse!

The Fire Drake is strong for two reasons. First, it had inverse scales that guns and blades

couldn't penetrate. Secondly, it could turn the battlefield into scorched earth!

In the flaming battlefield, all opponents' combat strength would suffer or they may even be

burned to death, but the Fire Drake could become stronger from absorbing the energy of the


What to do?

What should I do?!

The Demon Claw and the others were obviously trying their best, but the scales on the Fire

Drake were way too tough. It's simply an impossible mission to fatally damage the Fire Drake

from outside.

Han gritted his teeth, under the domination of the devil spirit, he madly leapt into the air and

jumped into the Fire Drake's mouth!

That was a result no one expected, including the Fire Drake itself, because the temperature of

the flame that it was brewing was enough to melt alloy, so Han was basically jumping into

volcanic magma!

But Han couldn't afford to think that much. At that moment, he knew it was the only option!

The moment Fire Drake turns the surrounding area completely into scorched earth, the

situation would only become worse! So, he must take the greatest risk to prevent this damn Fire

Drake from shooting out fire!


Path of Demon!


Just at that moment Han flew into the Fire Drake's mouth, flame began coming out at the same

time! Since the Fire Drake was going to shoot out fire, it wasn't going to close it mouth, which

left Han the only chance! To deliver a fatal strike from its vulnerable inside!


Black lightning flashed once and disappeared. Han's Path of Demon!

The Path of God and Demon, were like the positive and negative sides of things.

When Han uses Path of God, white light falls to the ground, and the thunder can shock miles!

But when Han uses Path of Demon, the black shadow flashes, just like a man-made black hole,

tearing everything around it apart.


Han was shot out along with the flame from the Fire Drake. The fire surrounded Han, pushing

him out a few hundred meters and then heavily landing him in the red desert.


Han adjusted his body in the mid air, then landed with one knee down on the desert. His whole

body had black smoke coming out, exuding a thick burnt scent.

But that Fire Drake, it was madly shooting fire towards the sky, and its body then gradually fell

down. There was an opening on its forehead, as if someone opened a window.

That was caused by Han.

When the Fire Drake's flame almost burned Han to death, Han also used his Path of Demon and

inflicted a deep cut inside the Fire Drake's head.



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