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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 267


Chapter 267: The Path of Demon! Switch on!

Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky

Lipton went all in with his unique skill! The god of the north wind!

The old man's body enlarged rapidly, and then broke down into a black screaming tornado,

dashing towards Mountain Lovran.

As a man with a wind-type superpower, that was Lipton's last resort. He consumed the

remainder of his life and infused it into this powerful attack. The black tornado was like a knife,

crushing everything in its path.

Han was shocked by this heroic scene. He did not realize before that a warrior, a senile and even

feeble one at that, could exert such a powerful attack when he dared to risk his life.

What was his motivation behind it?

It was because Lipton wanted to keep his only remaining dignity as a warrior. Being an old

warrior was pathetic. Even though he had fought for his entire life, due to his lack of talent, he

still became old and fell to this state.

Lipton did not want his glorious yet miserable life to be forgotten, so he chose to lay down his

life in the battlefield, leaving the world forever but with glory and pride, accepting the fate of a

warrior with pleasure.


In the midst of the tornado, Mountain Lovran shouted out loudly. A surge of formidable

spiritual power broke out from the middle of the tornado, turning the wind-type attack infused

with Lipton's life into nothing.


A fainting white light rose out from Lipton's body. Han knew, that was Lipton's soul. True

warriors had souls and as the warrior's body turn into dust, their souls would remain, going to

some undiscovered places in the universe.

’’Old bastard, how dare you even try to stop me? Impossible!’’

’’You want to die with glory, right? But I'm not going to do as you wish!’’

Mountain Lovran reached out his hand towards the fading white light and crushed it. The white

light suddenly dissipated, falling from the air like white sand.

’’Ahhhhh!!!’’ Dini screamed, like he was about to explode.

Han was shocked initially. Shortly after, he realized that physical attacks could not pose any

threat to souls, which were pure energy without any substance. However, the Lovran brothers

were not normal espers. They possess rare psychic powers.

As a result, they can use their abilities to demolish Lipton's soul!

That was cruel!

That was so cruel of him!

Lipton died, and now even his soul could not rest in peace?

Han felt like he was about to blow up, there could not be anything more vicious than that. How

could they not even let go of his soul? Lovran brothers, it was nicely done. You sure made sure it

was nicely done!

’’You must die!’’

Dini stared at Mountain Lovran, and dashed to him desperately.

Not every warrior was able to transform their life into a last powerful attack. Dini was not one

of them, so he suddenly rushed to Mountain Lovran and tightly clasped onto one of Mountain

Lovran's legs. Then, this old man's body started becoming brighter and brighter.



Mountain Lovran's blade slashed Dini's back again and again, but Dini just would not let go of

his hands.

’’Farewell.’’ The short old man Dini said to Han with a bitter smile on his face.


Dini self-detonated his zero-degree brain field. His life was turned into an enormous


Han could feel the apology that Dini wished to express before his death. Han provided

protection for them, but they were incapable of providing any help when Han needed it the

most. For a warrior, how pathetic would it be?

Both Dini and Lipton were dead! Han felt like there was something going on in his mind... he

felt that his anger was turning into some kind of unprecedented power. He has awakening the

shadow sleeping in his body.

Yes indeed, anger was a source of enormous power. If one does not have enough power, it might

just be that he does not have enough anger built up in his mind yet.

’’Brother, you were really in a tight corner being plotted against by those two old bastards.’’ Said

River Lovran slowly on the side, after witnessing his older brother being attacked by a deadly

unique skill and blasted by the enormous explosion.

Mountain Lovran really was in a difficult position. He sure had very strong spiritual powers, but

Lipton and Dini were even risking their lives! No matter how strong Mountain Lovran's

spiritual power was, he could not deal with some enemies that were willing to give up their


However, Mountain Lovran was of a higher level and his combat power was really strong. The

two old warriors only managed to leave some bruises on Mountain Lovran in exchange for their


River Lovran laid his cold gaze on his older brother,’’ Just kill Han, and then we shall go back

and report to young master Zhu. I'm a little bit tired.’’

Once hearing that his younger brother was tired, Mountain Lovran panicked, and even forgot

the troubles brought to him by Lipton and Dini, he said in his deep voice, ’’You should never fall

asleep, at least not before we get back, you must control your emotions.’’

River Lovran nodded, ’’Don't worry, I know what to do, I can control myself.’’

’’Sure, it's good that you can control yourself.’’ Mountain Lovran nodded, then he turned around

and rushed straight to Han without any hesitation. It seemed like that the exhaustion of his

younger brother mattered much more to him than Han's life.

Suddenly, Mountain Lovran was stunned, because he heard Han's voice.

’’You brothers sure did a good job.’’ Han opened his mouth and said with a furious voice.

Mountain Lovran could not believe that Han managed to talk! Did he really escape from the

spiritual oppression of the fire drake?

That fire drake was a godly-beast!

Looking closer, Mountain Lovran found that a black mist surrounded Han's body. He was

trembling, obviously not out of fear, but anger.

Endless anger!

Lipton and Dini were both warriors, warriors just like Han. How come they were doomed to that

fate after they became old? This was a sad realization for Han.

However, the Path of Demon required sadness and sorrow to proceed.

Merely anger was far from enough. Han also needed to experience sorrow and desperation!

By undergoing all of these emotions together, a man could be dragged in to the Path of Demon,

releasing the demon hiding in his heart completely!

Han stood up!

As Han's demon was released, he unexpectedly withstood the fire drake's spiritual suppression

and gradually stood up!

’’Damn it! You're god-damn psychotic!’’ River Lovran looked over at Han and suddenly cursed

out loud.

That was because Han was holding a flower in his hand, a very tender and beautiful little white


That was the seal of the fire drake. The demon inside Han's mind acted like crazy, cutting open

the seal of the fire drake regardless! Mountain Lovran almost bristled up in anger.


’’All of you!’’

’’All of you will die!’’ Han growled, approaching Mountain Lovran step by step.

At that moment, Mountain Lovran was facing multiple enemies. It was not only Han he would

be dealing with. Once the seal has been broken, the fire drake would appear, and a mighty battle

would soon start!

Even River Lovran frowned. From the beginning, he had been unconcerned about everything

but this was the first time he took something seriously.

Han did not care about what the Lovran brothers were thinking. At that moment, the demon

brought out of him just wanted to kill both of the Lovran brothers.

The red sands started to shift rapidly and Mountain Lovran retreated quickly. The Lovran

brothers had slayed the fire drake before, and because of that they knew the power of the fire

drake, so they were more cautious.

Han, however, lowered his head. With his eyes red as blood, he approached the Lovran brothers

step by step, his body trembling because of anger.

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed furiously!

A huge head came out from the red desert!

The fire drake appeared!

He popped his head out of the desert where he rested in, and then unleashed a raging roar at the

Lovran brothers.


At the same time, Han jumped into the middle of the air and shoved his fist towards the

extremely arrogant fire drake; one of the most powerful vicious creatures in the entire universe.

The Lovran brothers were both stunned.

Han's punch went straight onto the fire drake's head!

The punch smashed back the head of the extremely vicious, arrogant fire drake; the head of the

so-called strongest godly-beast.


’’Whoever blocks my way shall die!’’ Han yelled unscrupulously.

What is the Path of the Demon?

This is it!

The person who takes the path of gods kills the gods.

The person who takes the path of demon kills the gods and slaughters the demons!


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