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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 261


Chapter 261: A Group of Assassins

Han quickly became familiar with the two old men, the taller one was called Lipton, and the

shorter one was Dini. Both were soldiers at the quasi-warlord level.

When they were young, quasi-warlord level already indicated having good talent.

Unfortunately, after they came to the Star Lord City, their level became stagnant ever since, and

now hundreds of years have passed and their levels were still the same.

The increasingly aging Lipton and TIni now treated this opportunity very seriously, and Han

said in a deep voice, ’’Don't worry, I observed the other people that will also be going with us.

They are all very strong, and at least 4 of them are above warlord level. Maybe this time you

guys will succeed.’’

Dini shook his head and said, ’’It's not that easy. Although the Wind Forest Volcano is the

mission with the highest promotion rate, its difficulty is also high up there. Also, it's not

against the rules for teammates to kill each other on the battlefield, so I feel that we don't have

that much of hope.’’

Han was a bit puzzled, ’’Why does Wind Forest Volcano allow friendly-fire?’’

Lipton explained, ’’Because the difficulty is way too high. Sometimes, a team will have to

sacrifice a few members to acquire victory, so that's why this mission is also known as the

quest of sacrifice. It would be nice if 3 or 4 people can come back alive.’’

Lipton explained the cruelty behind the Wind Forest Volcano quest. Han slightly nodded,

understanding once again that it was really not an easy thing to acquire the Star Lord title from

this kind of quest.

Faintly smiling, Han said to those two, ’’In any case, we should still all give it a try right? As long

as we tried, then we don't have to mind the result.’’

The second day came immediately. Han didn't go to the transition station but stayed in Star

Lord City to train, tune his equipment, and prepare everything that would be needed on the


When the agreed time came, Han went with Dini and Lipton to the boarding area outside of the

city. They all took out their particle modules and went in. No one else showed up, they probably

went to other boarding areas to enter the mission.

After the preparation, Han nodded towards the two old men. They all closed their particle

module, activated the system, and after the countdown ended, they were teleported into the

mission system.


Han opened the module door, and he saw that the other people had already arrived at the

mission landing area. Black sand accompanied by mad wind made it hard for everyone to open

their eyes, and Han instinctively activated his energy coating system.


Han's entire body was immediately wrapped up by a controllable protective energy layer. The

sand couldn't get to his face, and the energy protection layer was very soft and weightless, just

like air.

’’Brother Han, your equipment is pretty powerful. It's still my first time seeing a piece of

equipment with a controllable energy coating as the outer layer armor.’’ Lipton said out of


Han hesitated, ’’It's just an energy coating system, this kind of thing should be very common,


Dini replied, ’’At least us two have never seen it. Where did you get this equipment?’’

’’From the transition station.’’ Han answered truthfully.

Dini and Lipton then mumbled a bit, both claiming that they have never seen a controllable

energy coating device that can be designed this delicately. But they also believed that Han

wouldn't lie to them, and thought that it was probably because they didn't look around

carefully enough in the transition station.

After all, the transition station was gigantic, and the exchangeable items could be counted in

hundreds of millions, so it's normal to have not discovered some items in the corner. They both

said that they would go to the transition station after this and purchase one for themselves.

The twelve members were all here. Han observed everyone and he estimated that the strongest

ones would be that pair of brothers. The big brother's name was Big Mountain, and the younger

brother's name was Big River. Han was not an expert in names or anything, but these names

did seem a little fake to him. But there's nothing to be done, that's how the system displayed

those two.

There's also another bald man and a hunchback. He probably had strength above the warlord

level, but the atmosphere around them was clearly weaker than the Big Mountain and Big River

brothers. They were probably a little lower in terms of level as well.

’’What do we do now?’’ Han asked.

Lipton answered, ’’Wind Forest Volcano, the first round is wind. There are many dangerous

elements hidden in this black wind, and we have to first run out of this black wind in order to

get into second round. In the dark forest, if we choose the wrong direction and run into traps

and beasts, then we will be screwed.’’

Dini spoke, ’’I recommend we all line up in a vertical line like a snake, with one person exploring

in the front while others follow. That way we can move together and also won't be scattered.’’

Dini and Lipton talked while the others stayed silent, as if passing this Wind Forest Volcano

mission was not something they cared about.

Han slightly frowned, this situation alerted him a little, and he deepened his voice, ’’If so, then I

will lead, you guys follow me.’’

’’That would be nice!’’

’’Your energy coating device can protect you from the wind and sand, then you can just be the


Seeing that everyone was not speaking and all thinking of something on their own, Han gritted

his teeth a little and went straight into the black storm, with Dini and Lipton closely followed

After those three began moving, the nine others closely followed silently. Within such a short

period of time, they seemed to have formed a tacit understanding, but Han, Dini and Lipton

were still out of tune with the other nine people.

’’Eye of Darkness, open!’’

Han quietly used his dark vision and scouted the area ahead. Then, he lightly touched the Lunar

Mark, summoned Silver Fox out of the void, and whispered in its air, ’’I feel something's wrong,

go hide and act accordingly.’’


Silver Fox climbed down along Han's trousers, and disappeared in the black sand storm

immediately, with no one noticing it.

To a clever thing like Silver Fox, Han didn't need to give it too much details, just some simple

instructions and it would already know what to do.

In the blink of an eye, an hour passed. Han's team slowly advanced against the storm, everyone

was half a meter apart and moved in a formation shaped like a snake.

In the middle of the team, the bald middle-aged man named Jacques quietly approached the

hunch-backed man that walked in front of him, and then transmitted his voice quietly using

source energy, ’’Look, there are stars in the front.’’

The hunch-backed man slightly hesitated, then replied back with source energy, ’’What star?’’

’’White Dwarf Star.’’

’’Where does the star light points to?’’

’’Black hole.’’

The two people used source energy and communicated with words that no one understood. It

was a kind of code phrase used to show each other their identity as killers.

That bald guy slightly smiled and said, ’’What a coincidence, your target is the same person as



’’That's right, it's him.’’

’’Who hired you?’’

’’Beast Speaker Hall, you?’’

’’Pegasus Institute.’’

The two became silent for a moment, and then the hunchback man said, ’’In fact, I also know

those three people over there. They are the same.’’

’’It can't be, they are also going for Han?’’

After a few seconds, they understood, those three people also came for Han, it's just that they

were hired by Soul Beast Hall.

They also noticed that the other two people seemed to be on the same mission. After asking

with code language, it turned out that they were hired by the Genetic Beast Research Institute,

and their target was also Han.

’’What to do? There are 7 of us, hired by 4 clans, all targeting Han.’’ The bald guy said in quietly.

’’Follow the old rule, we capture Han together, and Han goes to whichever clan pays the highest


’’Okay, agreed.’’


’’Since everyone agreed, then it's settled. Besides Han, there are also two old people at the front

and two strangers at the back. They seem a bit troublesome.’’

’’Simple. Don't have to worry about the two old guys. As for the two people behind us, send

someone to explain to them, tell them either take money and shut up, or we will just take care

of them too.’’ The bald man said.

Then, the bald guy began slowly moving towards the end of the team where the brothers were


’’Hey look, someone came to talk to us.’’ The quieter-looking little brother smiled, an arc raised

at one end of his mouth.


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