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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 256


Chapter 256: One Hundred Million!

Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky

After Han left, the room's atmosphere turned awkward. Zhu Yannan tried all methods to loosen up the atmosphere, and it was barely enough to make Jian Jia temporarily forget about being unhappy, making Mr. Shui's mood better.

’’Look, the next one up is the genetic beast #2. As for the even stronger #3, it would be left for the end as tonight's final auction.’’ Zhu Yannan pointed a genetic beast that was pushed onto the stage using a large alloy shelf car.


Right after his voice faded, the auctioneer lifted off the black cloth that was covering the cart. The audience was immediately shocked, a wave of surprised voices rolled across the room.

It was a golden-eyed white tiger with wings!

Those golden eyes were like a pair of golden bells, a cluster of snow white fur was on its forehead, and with a tough and high backbone, it had a pair of eagle-like giant wings emerging off its back.

The #2 genetic beast's eyes coldly swept past everyone at the scene, and from its domineering force, one could see that it completely didn't put these humans in its eyes. Whereas most genetic beasts, after being sent to the auction stage to be observed by tens of thousands of people, would usually exhibit some emotions. The weaker ones would be scared, and the stronger ones would become angry.

But the genetic beast #2 didn't have any reaction, and just treated the entire audience as nothing. This kind of innate pride was not something that could be simulated, and it was completely natural, only owned by beasts of extremely high level.

The auctioneer proudly announced, ’’Everyone look, this is the legendary genetic beast #2, the second of the number-series top tier monsters.’’

’’Maybe everyone has noticed, the atmosphere exerted by the genetic beast #2 is very different. In fact, we already noticed and measured this unique characteristic. This is definitely the calmest genetic beasts that our auction house has assessed, like a cold-blooded killer!’’

’’Please do not be fooled by its calm appearance. Take a look at its claws, they are simply three sharp blades hidden below those paws, and they came from a top tier star beast, the Golden Badger!’’

Everyone followed the lens that projected onto the screen. Indeed, claws like three sharp blades were hiding.


Suddenly, the claws were revealed and a cold light flashed through the stadium.

When everyone looked again, #2's claws were completely out. It suddenly attacked the alloy cage that held it. The tritanium alloy bars that were thicker than fingers were immediately broken.


’’The monster's coming out!’’

That series of movements were especially frightening. The tritanium alloy chains were broken right away like toilet paper. The claws of the #2 genetic beast could be compared to lasers!

Some timid customers thought that #2 was about to break free from the cage and they were immediately scared to the point of crapping their pants. Even Jian Jia's father was suddenly shocked, and countless guards hidden in the corner rushed out.


The next second, an energy shield activated from below the cage, creating an additional barrier in front of the genetic beast #2. This thing saw that there was no escape to this crap, so it finally lazily laid down onto the floor and withdrew its claws.

The auctioneer said with a smile, ’’Did everyone see? #2 is very intelligent, and is the most coldblooded killer. Only striking at the moment we least expect. Luckily, we prepared in advance, he won't be able to flee.’’

’’Of course, this is just our demonstration, and we purposely didn't activate the masterrecognition system. Once it recognizes its master, it will naturally stay completely loyal.’’

’’And when dealing with enemies, #2 will be very efficient with its cunning and lethal character.’’

’’Not to mention the staggering 95% compatibility rate. And if you approached closer you will notice #2 isn't like any genetic beasts you've seen before. There's not a single trace of recombination on its body. It's entirely a whole, with every cell in its body reaching a high degree of integration.’’

’’It's not even an exaggeration to call it a brand new species.’’

’’All in all, this is the most unprecedentedly high intelligence, high combat strength, and high compatibility genetic beast I've ever seen in my career. According to the battle strength estimation, the genetic beast #2 has no match at all in the area of 5 star battle beasts. To be able to beat it, there's only hope if a 6-star genetic beast is used.’’

’’After all, #2's compatibility rating is way too high. Everyone knows, the higher the compatibility, the more perfect is the combat genetic beast. And this big guy you guys are looking at right now, is the world's rare perfect genetic beast!’’

’’The auction starts now, starting at 5 million dark net points. Who's willing to offer 5 million points to take #2 home?’’

The auctioneer's words were indeed very convincing, but more importantly, #2 was indeed very good. It's cold-blooded, lethal, loyal, and perfect.

In the past, whichever beast tamer's genetic beast could have 80% of the compatibility rating, that could already be called miracle, because the majority of the ordinary genetic beasts' compatibility rating doesn't exceed 70%.

But #2's compatibility rating was actually as high as 95%! That's no longer a miracle, but a god's work!'

’’5 million!’’

’’8 million!’’

’’10 million!’’

Ma Wanli who sat in a room sucked down a cold breath. When #1 was being auctioned, after dozens of bids, the final price only auctioned to about 10 million points...

But this #2 just came out, with just 3 bids, it's already past the 10 million point! This was not a good sign.

’’12 million!’’

’’13 million!’’

’’Don't be so womanly! Be more straightforward, I bid 20 million!’’


People followed his voice and looked over. They saw that it was Soul Beast Hall's overlord Meng JinJiang. He was a man with temper, and he anxiously carried the auction price to 20 million.

Right after his voice faded, another elder's voice came out from the room beside them.

’’Well, us Pegasus Institute aren't b*tches either. 30 million!’’


Everyone's eyes stopped at an elder with white beard. He was in a soft textured gown, looking a bit scholarly. He had an elegant demeanor, but was not vague with his bid at all.

’’40 million, the Genetic Beast Research Institute is determined to get it!’’

Immediately beside the Pegasus Institute's room was the Genetic Beast Research Institute's room. These guys used the name of research but actually dealt in pitiful things like stealing and smuggling

Of course, because the Genetic Beast Research Institute did relatively more bad things, they also had relatively more money in their hands and allowing them to bid that high without hesitation.

’’50 million!’’ Ma Wanli finally couldn't help but open his mouth now. This was the highest price the Beast Speaker Hall could afford, and Ma Wanli chose to go all out because he hoped that he could deter the other three opponents. Otherwise, if they kept on calling out higher prices, then Ma Wanli probably wouldn't have a single opportunity left to bid.

Even though they were the weakest out of the four big clans, Ma Wanli still didn't want to be embarrassed and just sit there while the other three shouted out their bids.

As the auction progressed to this stage, the vast majority of people already didn't have the chance to join the competition anymore.

After all, speaking of money, it was still the jobs with creation skills that were more lucrative. Beast tamers, pharmacists, black smiths, and mechanics enjoyed higher revenue, whereas the normal soldiers would have to make money bit by bit from fighting.

’’55 million!’’ Not even waiting to Ma Wanli's voice to fade, Meng Jinjiang already raised the price by another 5 million, and that made Ma Wanli's face really pale.

Indeed, the difference in strength was suffocating. There were only a few hundred members under Ma Wanli, and even if everyone donated 10 thousand points, it would just be a dozen

million points. The other clans had thousands of members so they could easily amass 100 million points.


Ma Wanli gently sighed. It was not that he couldn't take out more money, but he was still thinking about #3 genetic beast. In comparison to #2, #3 should be a lot stronger! With a 96% compatibility rating and a beginner 6 star combat strength.

In the big center room, Zhu Yannan was very smart to not join the bid war but was observing Jian Jia's father Mr. Shui.

He observed that this Mr. Shui clearly forgot about the unhappiness caused by Han and listened to the bid war. He was also tempted to join. With his fists clenched, he stared at #2 without blinking, clearly being attracted by this rare monster.

Zhu Yanan also looked at Jian Jia. Although she was also showing some interest, but it was obviously not as much as his father. Maybe he was still thinking about Han.

Zhu Yanan silently mumbled to himself, feeling that Han's conflict with Jian Jia and his father could very likely be an opportunity for him.

Suddenly, Zhu Yanan's eyes lit up, he saw Mr. Shui's one hand was about to raise up, as if wanting to place a bid. At that moment, #2's auction price had already raised to a sky high price of 80 million!

Zhu Yanan faintly smiled, gently pulled on Mr. Shui's right arm, and said, ’’Sir, please rest assured.’’

Then, he stood up, and shouted full of energy, ’’I call 100 million!’’


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