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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 252


Chapter 252: The Han that's being thought of

Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky


Just when the beast tamers were looking forward to cracking Han's secret technique, they heard a loud noise. The second-floor genetic lab's roof was opened, and a strange-looking genetic beast jumped out with a human arm dangling in its mouth.

At the same time, the beast tamers also heard a mournful scream, coming from overlord Ma Wanli. He was attacked by the genetic beast #1, and that arm that was torn off was his.

’’Don't let it get away!’’

’’Summon genetic beasts!’’

’’Attack it! Attack it! We must capture it alive!’’

The beast tamers finally reacted to what was happening, and they all began releasing their own genetic beasts to capture beast #1.

But who knew, this fusion beast #1 was actually a tough bone. When being sieged upon by thousands of genetic beasts, it actually wasn't scared at all, not even to mention surrendering. With his pinnacle five star combat strength and close to perfect compatibility, it turned its enemies into a blood bath. Going in and out of the beast crowd, instantly annihilating dozens of genetic beasts that were failing to harm him.

If someone here was familiar with Han, he will immediately realize, this fusion beast #1 actually had some of Han's characteristics. It didn't run, just attacking, crazily attacking, and never surrendering!

This was the power of implanting the puppet!

Han used puppet technique inside #1's body, bestowing it with his stubborn fighter character.

Besides, the Beast Speaker Hall's people actually wanted to crack Han's genetic technology, what a joke! That Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts, a very rare genetic fusion technique in this world, and during the fusion process, Han even added in his unique dark power.

A genetic beast forged this way, if it could be decoded, that would be strange.

At the moment fusion beast #1 detected a decoding process taking place on it, the puppet implanted by Han took effect. It triggered the greatest potential of the fusion beast #1, causing the overlord of Beast Speaker Hall to lose his arm and brought chaos to the whole of the Beast Speaker Hall.

Although fusion beast #1 was ferocious, but after all there were over thousands of beast tamers in the Beast Speaker Hall. With the numbers advantage, they finally took down fusion beast #1. Since Han's setting was way too brutal, they couldn't capture this monster at all, so they had no choice but to kill it.

’’14.5 million points ah! To buy such a thing?! What the f*ck is this sh*t?!’’ Overload Ma Wanli cursed angrily.

Not only did he lose points, he also lost an arm.

Although getting a new arm was no problem with the current technology, how can the replacement be compared to the natural one.

Beast Speaker Hall's points came from its members' contribution, so such a lost also darkened the faces of others. Not knowing who stirred up the trouble, the blame was placed all on Han, and suddenly Han became the target of hatred for everyone.

’’Too evil! The beast tamer that made this fusion beast certainly didn't have any good intentions. Otherwise how could #1 just go berserk suddenly?’’

’’That's right! We must get justice back from Han!’’

’’An independent beast tamer, just arriving at Star Lord City without any background. We can force him to hand over the secret technique!’’

’’Its not going to be easy, but it's worth a try!’’

In fact everyone did have a little hate towards Han, but more importantly, they wanted to get their hands on the secret technique.

Ma Wanli cursed for awhile but finally calmed down, closed the doors and summoned a few trusted men and began to discuss.

’’We already took the hit. Now that things have progressed to this stage, what should we do? Should we get our reputation back?’’

’’Of course! If the other three families hear about our incident, they will inevitably sneer at and mock us. This is all the fault of that vicious beast tamer Han!’’

’’We have more people, we just need to capture him!’’

’’No! We don't know Han, what if rough treatment doesn't work on him? What's more important is to get his technique, then to take his life.’’

’’Then what do you propose?’’

’’I think, this failed experience isn't necessarily a bad thing.’’

’’What do you mean by that?’’

’’We already took the hit and spent the points, but now we have a rough idea of how to deal with Han's genetic beasts right?’’

’’Ya, then?’’

’’Then we should fund a large sum of points and take home the other two genetic beasts to study!’’

’’Spend more points?’’

’’Of course, how can this kind of thing not require investment?’’

’’But is it guaranteed that we will get this high-tech compatibility technology if we invest?’’

’’I think it's very likely. Firstly, the remaining two genetic beasts, we must take home at least one for research, and aim to decode the technology from research. Now we have experience, knowing that we need to carefully treat Han's genetic beasts, we can't let the same kind of accident happen twice.’’

’’What if we still can't decode the secret?’’

’’Then this is the secondary plan I'm about to say. While we are researching Han's genetic beast, at the same time, we will hire elites and closely watch Han. After all, he's just a beast tamer. He definitely can't fight true bred warriors. If we can't decode the mystery on compatibility, then we will capture Han, and torture him!’’

While the fierce discussion was going on, although Ma Wanli hated Han to death, he still felt rashly on laying hands on Han right away. First of all, he was afraid that Han's temper was too strong, and secondly, it was also against the rules and he might be sent to trial.

After carefully considering for awhile, Ma Wanli said in a deep voice, ’’Okay, we will go according to this plan. On one side, we will try to get the genetic beast and continue our research, and on the other side we have to be prepared. The moment research fails, we will capture Han and force him to hand out his secret!’’

Star Lord City, Pegasus Institute

Just moments after Ma Wanli made his decision, the dean of the Pegasus Institute, Fernando, also received the news.

’’What? That retard Ma Wanli lost an arm to a genetic beast? What beast is this powerful?’’ Fernando asked.

’’It's said to be from an independent beast tamer named Han. It's a brand new species he created with a compatibility rating that reached 95%.’’

Dean Fernando first hesitated, then immediately shook his head, ’’Impossible, no one can raise a genetic beast's compatibility rating to 95%. That can be counted as a perfect genetic beast.’’

’’Suppose someone can achieve this compatibility rate, then what he made isn't genetic beast. He's God, the God that can create life on his own.’’

’’Teacher, if you don't believe it, you can look at this auction menu. The auction center is run by the All Gods Corporation, they won't lie.’’

Then, Fernando took a breath of cold air, with a blank look in his eyes, he sat down on his seat, with one hand on his chin, he muttered, ’’That means, someone really raised the genetic beast's compatibility rating to 95%? What a man, how did he do it?’’

Fernando's student replied, ’’I don't know how Han did it, but its clear that the Beast Speaker Hall and Ma Wanli are determined to acquire this heavenly technology.’’


Dean Fernando slammed the table and stood up, with his eyes staring wide open, ’’They are determined, with what?!’’

’’Who allowed Han to have such good skills but without any strength to back it up. He's not a member of any of the four main beast tamer clans, nor does he have any protection. If Ma Wanli wants to lay hands on Han, it's still very easy. At most he just needs to spend a little points as a price. You knew as well, many soldiers already gave up because they've stayed for too long at the Star Lord City and couldn't get the title, and the Beast Tamer Clans are all very wealthy. If they want to hire elites, there are many people that will be willing to do it.’’

Fernando's face darkened, he lowered his voice and asked, ’’What does this Ma guy plans to do?’’

His student told him Ma Wanli's plan, Fernando then sneered right away, ’’Speaking of strength, we are stronger than Beast Speaker Hall! They can spend points to auction for the genetic beast, we can as well! They want to hire fighters, we have resources to hire more!’’

’’Does that mean we are joining this competition as well?’’

’’What do you think?’’

’’You are right, besides Beast Speaker Hall, Soul Beast Hall and Genetic Beast Research Institute also have movements. As for the objective, it's to get Han's secret technology.’’

Fernando pondered a moment, raised his eyebrows and said in a deep voice, ’’Compete, we have to compete! From what I think, the technology mastered by Han is very likely our chance to be promoted to Star Lord! We must compete at all costs!’’


Han, who was hardworkingly practicing, sneezed again. He wondered, there was probably someone that was thinking of him. It could have been Xiaoman, maybe Ye Weiwei, or even the Du Yunli that he just met.

’’Damn, why do I have so many girls thinking about me.’’ Han cheekily thought as he went back to practice.

But what Han didn't know was, it was not just one person that was thinking about him right now, but many groups of people. Men to be specific.


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