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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 241


Chapter 241: Wrath of the Judges

In an unknown location in the universe, in a brightly lit conference room, seven people that were responsible for the judgement race were gathered together discussing the recent incidents that took place during the trial process.

This time they didn't continue using veils to cover their face, being able to clearly see the faces of these judges. They were all human, or at least humanoid intelligent life.

A slightly fat judge spoke loudly, ’’Nonsense, complete nonsense! Just two trials so far, and these people already made such a big mess. If this continues they will for sure turn the whole sky around!’’

’’I've worked this long in the judgement group, and I have never seen such bastards!’’

’’Since they already violated the rules of Path of All Gods and are receiving trials, can't they just obediently follow the rules and finish the judgement? How can they still not correct their old habits and continue to make mess! Such people should just be executed!’’

Another judge with very bright eyes said, ’’They definitely can't be executed, because although we named this a judgement trial, it's actually more like an admonition. Our purpose is not to kill them, but to dispel their rebellious spirit through torture and suffering, breaking them into complying with the rules.’’

Other judges also said, ’’The people that just entered Path of All Gods, it's inevitable that some of them are arrogant and high spirited, so we just need to grind them down a bit. I think that there are some good talents among this batch of participants. We really don't have to directly execute them all.’’

The head of the judges was an old man with sparse hair and superb eyes. He thought for a second and said, ’’Don't say anymore, let's look at the battlefield summary and then make a decision.’’

Then a video began playing. First at that emerald lake where Han fought back and killed the executioners, then to the basin where a group of men used nukes and poison to first force the Scorpion King out and then killed it.

The head of the judges frowned, pointed at the Han that was currently trying to harvest the Scorpion King's teeth and asked, ’’Who is this?’’

The slightly fat judge quickly pointed at Han's face and said, ’’He's the worst one! Named Han Lang! These were all his ideas! Other instigators include Bo Ya, Jian Jia, they are all bad people! These 3 are the source of most of the trouble and chaos!’’

’’What's his background? How did he provoke chaos?’’ The head of judges asked.

’’Han's background is actually nothing big. He came from a small place and is registered as beast tamer, but he's actually a fighter with the Dark Void special power. Beside his power being relatively rare, he's nothing too great. As for Jian Jia and Bo Ya, those two actually have pretty good background, both of them have ancestors that previously passed the test of the Path of All Gods. Don't know how these two noble family children actually started hanging out together with Han.’’

The judges all agree, Han and the other two people did really misbehave, but as to strictly punishing them or to go lenient on them, people held different ideas.

In short, those that were against punishing them thought that although Han and his group didn't have a good style, they still followed the rules. As for there are loopholes in the rules, that's the fault of rules. They shouldn't punish Han and his group because they took advantage of the loophole, and use means of punishment that shouldn't be used.

Those that wanted to punish Han thought that even if there were loopholes in rules, the real good people wouldn't exploit them too. Han exploited loopholes the moment he saw one, meaning their conscience was bad, and that's why they need to be severely punished.

There were seven people in the judgement group, and now the situation was 3 to 3. Everyone was waiting for the head of the committee to speak, since he will directly decide Han and his group's next step, whether it was to follow the original plan, or directly give them a big punishment that exceeds their tolerance range.

The sparse hair head of committee habitually scratched his head, and then said in a deep voice, ’’The initial intent of the design of Path of All Gods, is to give everyone in the universe a chance to become a member of the League of Gods, because the Gods are the protectors of this universe.’’

’’I definitely don't want to see a group of non-compliant guys ultimately walking out of the Path of All Gods and getting their position in the universe. Knowing the uplink effect, if the leader was someone that defied rules, then he will also bring his followers to an evil path.’’

’’I agree with using the most brutal means to punish these people, and giving them a lesson they will never forget. When you guys were arguing, I carefully looked at the profile of this incident's starter Han.’’

’’This young man, is clearly a troublemaker, bringing trouble everywhere he went. When he was at the Milky Way Galaxy, he broke the law time after time. After stepping into Path of All Gods, he then broke our rules over and over.’’

’’A soldier, and his training from the start was only in forbidden techniques?! Hum! Such a bad man, we just shouldn't let him continue going down the Path of All Gods! Judging this kind of trouble-making outlaws is our responsibility!’’

’’Now I decide, activate the highest level #5075 border battlefield within my authority! Whoever wants to return to Path of All Gods will have to walk off from that battlefield!’’

After hearing the head's words, everyone was shocked, even those three that wanted Han to get punished felt that #5075 was a bit too much of a punishment. That was the highest-level punishment within the judges' authority, and up until now, no people that were being judged had been sent there before.

But since the head of the committee had spoken, no one else could say anything anymore.

’’This time they are going to be miserable, it will be considered lucky if 10 people can walk out of #5075 battlefield alive.’’

’’Ten? Are you joking? I bet five.’’

’’I will be a bit conservative and bet 3, what do you think?’’

The atmosphere became a bit gloomy, and that judge that had always been talking on Han's side looked up into the stars, and said faintly, ’’I bet no one, because #5075 to them, is too difficult.’’

After two consecutive judgements, the survivor count went from the originally close 6 thousand to about 5500.

This situation was really too rare. Only less than 500 people dead after two trials, and it took less than 4 days. According to past data, every judgement trial, the unlucky outlaws would be screwed for three to four months, or maybe even to half a year if the judges were in a bad mood.

The judgement says that it will have 5 trials, passing 2 in four days without much casualty, the soldiers being trialed were all very excited, feeling that this time they will have a very high chance to go going home quickly.

They waited for about half a day in the basin, and then the judgement committee all arrived. Needless to say, they've all come using particle modules.

The deep layer of the dark net was really a strange world. Rather then saying that it was like the internet, it was more accurate to say that it was like a world tree that surpassed time and dimension and had countless branches and leaves.

Up until now, Han was just jumping back and forth between a few leaves of this tree, and he completely couldn't see the whole face of it nor understand its deep and complex roots.

With a gloomy face, the head of the judgement committee, that sparse old man spoke.

’’I have good news and bad news to tell you. The good news is, the judgement trial will end in seven days. If you guys are still alive by then, you can go home or go back to the Path of All Gods.’’

’’As for the bad news, we've shortened the usual judgement from 5 trials to 3 trials, but the last trial you guys will be facing is very risky and difficult.’’

’’Now, please take out your particle modules. The transportation system of the deep layer dark net has been set up, you will be sent to a battlefield that temporarily opened up. I wish you all good luck.’’

The soldiers being judged were all very excited, just one more trial and we get to go home? There's such thing as good luck in this world?

But there were also people that were worried, such as Han. He had a vigilant attitude towards all the unusual things, and he never felt that he would be a lucky person.

Jian Jia frowned, it was not his first time being judged. Based on his past experiences, suddenly shortening the trial from 5 to 3 was unprecedented, so Jian Jia felt that there was something wrong too.

No matter what, they had no choice.

Han silently took out his particle module and laid in there without a word.


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