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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 235


Chapter 235: Han versus Sha Emperor

’’I can have four warlords level powers in one body! How about you?’’ The Sha Emperor sneered with a cold smile on his face.


Han's automatic medical kit popped out two Fission pills, and he swallowed both.

Han then pointed the edge to the ground, and asked coldly, ’’Do you know what I'm least afraid of?’’

’’What?’’ Sha Emperor slightly frowned. He suddenly noticed that Han's spirit was even more powerful than before, as if he didn't care about his ultimate puppet technique at all.

Han faintly smiled and said, ’’I am least afraid of fighting with people! I don't care if you are the incarnation of a warlord or multiple warlords, all you can do is get on your knees!’’

The Sha Emperor suddenly hesitated, how could he even imagine, Han still hadn't played his strongest card yet!

Han had the most unreasonable power in the world, Void End!

And depriving the enemy's power wasn't Han's only card. Afterwards, he still had a toxin resistant physique! He will constantly take drugs, use forbidden techniques and Ares-class equipment to annihilate his enemies!

Sha Emperor became very furious. He started channeling energy from his shoulder, but his face suddenly lost all color and he blankly stared at Han. He realized that although he pushed one warlord puppet's power into his body, he didn't get the corresponding power.

Han sneered at him, with his left hand slightly open, activating the Void Domain.

’’This guy doesn't have puppets anymore, now, we will kill him!’’ Han shouted immediately.

He dragged the Star-Strangling Boa along and brought the Demon Claw, Ghost Claw, and Silver Fox to charge straight towards the Sha Emperor.

And Sha Emperor kept on retreating, while shouting something about ’’fire style’’.

Han completely ignored him. With such a close distance, no powers mattered!

If he wanted to fight Han on 1 versus 1, then he must bring out some real skills! Things like super powers, if Han didn't have it, no one else can have it!

Sha Emperor wouldn't even expect this in his dreams, that when he played his strongest card, it would be the worst play he could have made!

Han was actually still afraid of Sha Emperor's puppets, but now as a puppeteer, Sha Emperor actually forced himself into a fist fight with Han! Isn't this just committing suicide?

Han was the least afraid of this!

In the blink of an eye, Sha Emperor was already caught in Han's hand, even having trouble finding moments to breath when being pressured by Han and his three monsters.


The three other heads on Sha Emperor's shoulder also went into his body to activate their corresponding powers.

’’Water style!’’

Sha Emperor gave it a try, nope, the water style power was also useless.

’’Gold Style!’’

’’Earth style!’’

He tried again, and the result made him want to kill himself, because all the other powers were useless too!

Now thinking about it, this life of Sha Emperor's wasn't easy. He could also be considered to be an addict, not hesitating to turn himself into a puppet so not even Han's dark vision can notice him.

Then, he gathered Gold, Earth, Water, Fire, the four big warlords and turned them into puppets as well. That way, when necessary, he could integrate all four powers into his body.

But now the situation was that he ran into the unreasonable Han, and his unreasonable power. If the four powers can combine, the godlike strength would be something no one can even imagine, but now they were all stolen from him!

Now, Sha Emperor was just a regular soldier.

Without power, he can only go head on with Han. This is like an eagle having its wings broken, leaving it with just the claws, which is very hard to adapt.

Sha Emperor isn't adapting to this kind of battle well, but Han's already accustomed to it, because he never had those fancy abilities. Since the beginning, he would always take away enemy's power first and then fight with weapons.

’’Path of Earth! Ground Shattering Godly Hammer!’’


The more Han fought, the fiercer he become!

Demon Strike, that's his way of fighting!

The enemy doesn't have power anymore anyways, he just have to exchange blows with him now!

As someone that started his career learning forbidden techniques, what Han's best at is fighting with swords and blades!

And Silver Fox, Ghost Claw, Demon Claw, the three little monsters have also been around Han for a long time, so they already adapted to it a long time ago!


The little thing Silver Fox spotted an opening, and he went up for a swipe. It landed on Sha Emperor's face and took off a piece of flesh, even exposing bones.

After taking drugs, the Star-Strangling Boa in Han's hand became extremely fierce, each strike would slash down with a white light. Although Sha Emperor now had the physical strength of four warlords, but he didn't dare to take the attacks at all, and he could only rely on his nerve reactions to dodge.

Han led the three monsters and chased Sha Emperor the whole way!

These guys desperately attacked like they had gone mad!

And this gave Sha Emperor a forehead of sweat.

The so-called Demon Strike was to attack like a mad demon, forcing the enemy to expose an opening. No matter how strong the enemy was, the moment he slips up, Han will make him perish!

Under the situation of no power, extremely few people could withstand Han's attacks.

When Sha Emperor was facing Han's Demon Strikes, he still exposed some flaws in defense, even with four warlords powers in him. After all, his profession was not a warrior, so even with the additional power, he still carried the weakness of a puppeteer. He didn't have the tenacity and determination of a warrior, and his attention was also not very focused.

At this level of battle, any flaw will only bring one result, death!


Only 0.01 second of being distracted couldn't allow Sha Emperor to dodge Han's Ares-class weapon. The Star Strangling Boa slashed down from Sha Emperor's right arm, even taking down half of his left shoulder.

Sha Emperor was stunned for just a second, and the Demon Claw's sharp claw immediately penetrated his chest, the Ghost Claw's claw pierced his tummy, and Silver Fox's claw opened his throat.


Han then gave another blow, bottom-up, splitting this mighty Witch Clan King in half.

One of the Three Kings of Witch Clan, King of Puppets, Sha Emperor.


The battle finally ended. Han sat on the floor, while Demon Claw and Ghost Claw cleaned up the battlefield.

And Silver Fox ran far, found Fusion Beast #1, and took him back.

Fusion Beast #1 was definitely the definition of disloyalty. When the battle came to the end, he actually just turned around and ran. At that time Han was already fighting Sha Emperor, so he didn't have time to control him.


Han was even too lazy to take a look at him, and placed his unsuccessful Fusion Beast #1 directly into the dimension ring.

From Sha Emperor's body, Han took out a dimension ring of 100 cubic meters in volume, and dumped the things out onto the ground.

After a long time of rummaging, Han found a daily log and found out the truth

It turned out that Sha Emperor placed some mini-puppets on Earth, and when Han came back to Earth, these puppets got into his ship and spied on Han and Yuan Yuan's conversation. Then, Sha Emperor came here in advance, ambushed the entire puppet army, and then remotely controlled his starship to hide.

Aside from that, there were also some notebooks on puppets. Han tried to read some, and he very quickly found some contents that interested him.

There's a part of the notes that talked about means to make puppets loyal to him.

In a nutshell, Sha Emperor would make a little thing called the parasite puppet to be placed inside big puppets. That way, the parasite puppet could control the bigger-sized puppets.

This method was especially effective to humanoid and beast-type puppets. Because Sha Emperor wanted to keep their combat strength and battle instincts, he usually chose to keep these two type of puppets' brain, and the controlling method would be just implanting the parasite puppets.

Han became really interested in what he was reading. If he could learn how to make these parasite puppets himself, then couldn't he also plant them inside the fusion beasts? That way, the rebellious nature of the fusion beasts would be completely reversed!

Thinking about this, Han became very excited. He carefully stored all of Sha Emperor's notes and data for a careful read later. Now, his skillset was already pretty mixed anyways, it wouldn't make too much of a difference to add one more.

When sorting through other things left by Sha Emperor, Han found another sealed box, and it contains a black crsytal.

Han opened the box, and then hesitated.

’’This thing.’’


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