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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 212.2


Chapter 212: Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts (Part two)

The thing about learning is that, it must be combined with theory and practice.

After 9527 left, Han started taking apart the source power core.

’’Oh, this probably shouldn't be removed right?’’

’’Whatever, I will just remove it.’’

’’Huh? Which part of this is this on the blueprint? Let me detach it and take a look.’’

’’Oh crap, I detached too many parts.’’

’’Might as well, just detach everything, otherwise how else can I figure out the internal structure of this.’’

’’But I still have to be a bit careful, marking everything is a must, Yuan Yuan, you help me note everything down.’’

Han's curiosity began acting up again. He promised 9527 that he would try fixing the source energy core, but now, he took apart the entire machine!

When 9527 got up he was still a little tired, answering Han's endless questions was even more tiring than him working. So he was thinking that today he must control his own rhythm, not answering any of Han's questions, or maybe just answer a few for Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox.

With that in mind, 9527 came to the scene, and after the first glance he nearly fainted.

A decent source power core, was detached into a pile of parts, and he felt that he already accidently stepped on a couple of them.

Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox are two clever little guys, they can see the anger close to erupting on 9527's face. They knew it was time for them to make an appearance again so they all went up to him.

Of course, some scolding was inevitable, Han sincerely listened. This attitude plus Silver Fox and Yuan Yuan, 9527 really couldn't get too mad.

It reminded 9527 of how he loved to take things apart when he was small too, dismantling anything he saw. Of course, such a complex source power core, only the audacious Han dared to take it apart. 9527 really didn't know how to face this pile of parts, just how much time would it take for him to put everything back together?

Must know, source power core, it's hard to dismantle, and it's even harder to put everything back together!

In the life of a person, one will for sure face things one couldn't resist. To most men, beautiful women are irresistible. To Han, the strong belief to protect Earth was irresistible for him. But to 9527, Silver Fox and Yuan Yuan were irresistible for him.

’’This brat is so annoying, but Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox are so cute, how can there be such a big contrast...’’ 9527 thought.

He originally thought that today's work would be easier without having to answer Han's questions, and he could just have Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox accompany him and live a happy day.

But who would've known, today's even worse!

Han took apart the entire source energy core, which caused him to have no choice but to put this extremely complex system back together with Han.

Although 9527 didn't have to do anything and just advise Han on the side, but they still exhausted him. Before a tenth of the work was completed, he was already yelling about how he couldn't take it anymore and needed to go back to sleep.

Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox carefully sent him away.


Silver Fox turned back, and the look on him towards Han was a bit filled with hidden bitterness, as if blaming this troublemaker owner that always needed it to sell its cuteness to please 9527. This little guy was actually pretty tired too.

But anyways, Silver Fox completely brought teamwork into play, pleasing 9527 everyday with Yuan Yuan, and that way Han could be free with his imagination and constantly cause trouble, and then try to fix the trouble.

The first source power core Han took 5 complete days to put everything back together. But Han didn't stop there. When checking the second source power core, Han took it apart again, and it pissed 9527 off again to jump up and down. He kept on emphasizing, he told Han to check the core, not to take it apart for fun. Only take it apart when it's necessary, not just make it into a pile of parts right off the bat.

Of course Han wouldn't listen. The second source power core was putted back together in three days, the speed improved a lot.

And then it's the third one, dismantled, and put back together after 1.5 days.

9527 slowly became used to this life. Han seemed to be the one that specifically looked for trouble, and the bigger the trouble caused, the harder Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox would try to please 9527, and 9527 really enjoys the time spent with those two little things.

When beginning to test the fourth source power core, 9527 surprisingly found, Han actually didn't have to completely dismantle everything anymore. He just needed to take apart the external layer, make some observation and be able to come to the conclusion on whether the machine is malfunctioning.

Of course, during the process Han also used his unique skill, Eye of Darkness.

Under his dark vision, Han could soon find out whether the parts were broken and needed replacement.

’’Since you can use special vision, why didn't you use it earlier?’’ 9527 asked.

Han smiled and said, ’’If I do that, how could I learn?’’

’’So you took apart the source power core, just to study it?’’

’’Yep.’’ Han answered bluntly.

This day, Han checked and fixed 27 source power cores, and the high efficiency left even 9527 speechless.

When the fat old man was on his way back to his bedroom, with head down he mumbled to himself, ’’9 and a half days, this brat learned the source energy core through dismantling it. He only took 9 and a half days...’’

Life just went on like before. When 9527 was there, Han helped him repair this transition station. After 9527 goes back to sleep, Han still needed to study, and he would think about all the situations he met today, and then organize them into questions, in preparation to ask 9527 the next day for advice.

9527 began to feel not too disgusted with Han. Han's studying format was indeed chaotic, but the moment Han passed the beginner stage, he began to demonstrate amazing learning capacity and efficiency, and only needed 9527 to give little pointers on the side.

Sometimes, Han would also go to that lobby that showcased those hidden prizes. Although Han had always been able to go into the room, but he couldn't touch anything inside as if it's protected by a transparent protective cover.

On that day, like usual, Han walked into this room while thinking about a question.

Raising his head, he saw that there was actually a cupboard that was unlocked. Maybe 9572 was careless when doing his routine checks.

Full of curiosity, Han picked up the book.

It has long been crumbling, old beyond imagination, and on top of it are four big words.

Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts.


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