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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 185


Chapter 185: A Group of Freaks

Han went to the bottom of the vertical shaft and discovered that this was really a prehistoric civilization launch base. In the deep underground, there were wide rails and heavy transport vehicles carrying interstellar cruise missiles of more than ten kilometers in length.

These kind of missiles had a built-in transition engine and also a fusion reactor. After being fired, these missiles could hyper jump like starships, attacking targets that were thousands or even tens of thousands of light years away.

As for the warhead carried by the missile, it was a high-energy fusion warhead. Only a few of these interstellar missiles were needed to destroy a planet the size of the moon.

Fortunately, this base had long been abandoned, and in order to protect this secret base, the prehistoric civilization added magnetic materials during construction. These bugs really hated this kind of magnetic material, refusing to be near it and so this place became the only safe haven on the entire planet.

’’Please go this way.’’

’’Be careful your feet.’’

’’Mild Wind is waiting for you.’’

Many robots surrounded Han, all being very polite. Their attitudes were also a bit humble towards Han.

’’You are all intelligent robots? With logic chips installed?’’ Han asked in curiosity.

’’No, we do not have a logic chip.’’

’’Then how did you guys acquire intelligence?’’

’’Study, we follow our teacher and study knowledge and courtesy.’’

’’Mild Wind? He's also a robot?’’


’’Same type of robot as you guys?’’

’’Not quite the same, he knows a lot, he's our teacher.’’

’’I mean the model, is Mild Wind the same model as you guys?’’

’’In the same way, our model is the defective product of that era and we have long been out of date.’’

Before long, Han saw Mild Wind. He was the exact same as other robots, also with a milky white shell, but his pair of electronic eyes looked a little deeper. While other robot eyes were more simple, like children.

Even the behavior was alike, the robots sat around Mild Wind in a circle, as if they were primary school students in school, while Mild Wind invited Han to sit on a metal welded chair.

’’Welcome,’’ Mild Wind said to Han, and then turned around. He started talking to the robots sitting on the floor, ’’You see. This is the human race I've mentioned to you before. Who can tell me, what's the difference between the human race and the god race?’’


Many robots raised their arms, and there were still some that had their head down thinking. Han was greatly surprised, feeling as if he had returned to the kindergarten classroom.

’’You tell me.’’

’’Yes sir.’’ A robot stood up and said, ’’The human and god race were all originated from the same ancestor, but due to the mutation in genes, the god race gained a powerful super-ability. The human race had 47 sets less of genes, that's why it's very hard for the human race to activate their superpowers, and the probability was only about one in ten thousand.’’

’’So, in the past, the god race was the upper class while the human race was called the lower class. In terms of structure, in addition to the 47 mutation genes of difference, there were also differences in the 24 sets of hereditary genes.’’

’’Of course, the genetic differences are all intrinsic, as for external difference, in fact, there's only one. That is that the human race's frontal bone has no suture thus they do not have the ability to open the sky eye.’’

’’In the past, because of the superior strength of the god race, they looked down on the human race who weren't equipped with the genetic mutation. So, they started a family-planning policy towards the human race, only the highest level of human families had a single birthright, which was, a couple could nurture one descendant.’’

’’And those unqualified humans then completely lost the opportunity to reproduce. In the prehistoric era, the original number of humans was higher than the god race, but 3000 years after the family planning policy began, the number of humans had been reduced to a millionth of the gods and became the Milky Way's minority group.’’

Mild Wind nodded slightly, told that robot to sit down, and then said in a deepened voice, ’’Your answer is very good, now let's think about another problem. The god race that shares the same ancestor as the human race, is it right for them to set a family planning policy for the humans? You can answer.’’

’’I think it isn't right, because doing that will eliminate the diversity in the same ethnic group. Everyone know that it is only natural when there's colorful diversity, and the God race's act of eliminating lower class tribes is a violation of the laws of nature.’’

’’I agree.’’ Another robot said. ’’The law of nature cannot be exceeded, the God race wants the humans to go extinct so they adopted the family planning policy, but the result was the opposite of what they hoped. After the God race left the Milky Way, the remaining humans quickly developed and became the new owner of the Milk Way, and the population growth had become exponential ever since.’’

’’This is the natural law's retaliatory rebound, and that means, the theory of population control policy is not feasible, just like how the humans are currently using the same means to suppress other minority groups in the universe.’’

’’If one day the humans are forced to leave the Milky Way, these minority groups' populations will also rebound in retaliation and then develop to large groups enough to combat the human race. After all, no life is beyond the existence of the law of nature.’’

Han sat there, and was stunned.

Although these robots didn't have logic chips installed, they were behaving like a group of philosophers! What the f*ck is this place?!

Just when Han encountered this group of robots that loved studying philosophy, something appeared at the Hell Angel battleship's crash site.

The fire had been extinguished, and after a loud ’’boom’’ noise, an opening was created from the inside of the warship wreckage, and a horrendous creature climbed out.

He was like a melting candle, the whole body's skin and muscle tissues and even bones had been burned into black carbon. But he was still not dead, struggling to crawl.

Many bugs rushed up, but they didn't attack his horrendous creature but quietly sat in a circle, watching him.

The almost burnt humanoid creatures sat on the ground, the black carbon-like skin and muscles begin to fall off, and at the same time, new cells were also starting to grow out from the zero-degree brain region.

It didn't take long, and the creature became a person, as if a newborn baby. Its skin was tender and smooth, with not even the tiniest scars, as if the burned and damaged tissue and bones had been replaced by new cells.

That was the dark apostle, he did not die.

Although Han destroyed his warship and created a big explosion, the dark apostles were genetically synthesized life forms anyways, as long as their zero-degree brain region were still intact, they could be reborn again and again.

Opening his black eyes, the dark apostle looked around at the insects, and a smile surfaced.

His black eyes quickly changed into a brown color, and from the appearance point of view, he probably copied the genetic characteristic of someone from the Milky Way. In short, he didn't look like a dark apostle, but more like a human now.

’’Are you guys still okay?’’ The dark apostle asked the bugs.

’’What? That human is still alive?’’

’’He's with the robots?’’

’’No problem, that's just a batch of learning robots that were once eliminated, their construction is flawed. And as for the human being, he could not leave the planet.

’’Now take me to your mother, time is up, you,the guards of hell, probably don't want to continue staying here to detain these robots, right?’’

’’What? You want to destroy all the robots? Because some of them were awakened and started the self-learning function?’’

’’That's just too bad. In the past it was also that self-learning function that made these robots defective.’’

’’Rest assured, you will do as you wished. But now, let me find your mother first.’’

The dark apostle seemed to understand insect language and communicated with the bugs.

After receiving the order, a bunch of bugs began to dig in the ground. They were digging masters, not less efficient than Demon Claw. Very soon, a tunnel leading from the ground level down underground was dug out, and the dark apostle followed the bugs and went to meet their mother.

When the dark apostle entered the tunnel, the worms re-sealed the tunnel. From the outside, it was just flat ground with no signs of digging at all, and the dark apostle already followed the bugs and went deep into the underground.

’’Can we pause a little?’’ Han finally couldn't help but interrupt Mild Wind's teaching.

’’Oh, sorry, I'm too excited, the prison hasn't had an outsider visiting in a long time, and not to mention you are also a human, so my habits took over again, and I just want to take advantage of this rare opportunity to teach them what are humans and allow them to have a more profound understanding in the laws of nature. Sorry that we ignored your feelings.’’ Mild Wind apologized.

Han swallowed a spittle, ’’Prison? This is a prison?’’

’’Yeah,’’ Mild Wind said calmly, ’’Us learning robots were considered to be rebellious and hopelessly stupid, that's why we are abandoned here. As for the bugs, they are responsible for keeping us here.’’

Han was puzzled, ’’Why? Because you have intelligence?’’

Mild Wind said, ’’Artificially intelligent robots need to install logic chips, and we don't, but we have active learning chips. This is the God race's experiment;they think that there's always a limit to logic chips because they can only acquire known wisdom.’’

’’But active learning chips can allow robots to acquire the ability to study, and continue learning in their long life time, and maybe one day, our intelligence level will surpass the ability provided by the logic chips.’’

’’But, learning isn't a straight line in one direction. When the god race noticed that robots of our model is more interested in philosophy, they became furious, and they think that us not learning technology but learning philosophy instead is an insult to intelligence.’’

’’And after learning philosophy, robots of our model were no longer 100% obedient to the gods. If they did something wrong, we would stand up and point it out.’’

’’That's something the gods could not accept. In the gods' eyes, that was the biggest blasphemy, so we were sentenced and imprisoned here.’’

Han was completely confused. He thought for a second, let out Yuan Yuan and then asked, ’’Yuan Yuan, did I do anything wrong?’’

Yuan Yuan was very surprised to be surrounded by this many robots, but due to its program setting, he put away his surprise and quickly replied, ’’You are the master, how could you do anything wrong?’’

Han hesitated, ’’But sometimes, you also expressed different opinion. For example, you felt that soldiers and politicians were two different people and advised me not to believe those politicians.

Yuan Yuan replied, ’’I have a logic chip installed, so of course I have my own logical thinking. When I have different opinions as master, according to my program setting, I will express the different opinions in euphemism. But if the owner insists, I will think that it's because I'm not intelligent enough that I can't understand Master's logic and I need to study more.’’

’’From this point, the owner is always right. There are only things I can't understand, but not something wrong with master.’’

Han felt that he had suffered an unprecedented shock. He tried to ask Mild Wind, ’’How about you, if you think I did wrong, what will you do?’’

’’I will tell you, you are wrong.’’

’’And if I don't accept it?’’

’’Debate. Unless you can convince me, otherwise I will think you are wrong.’’

’’Are you not afraid that I'm human?’’


’’What if I'm god?’’

’’Also not afraid. Why will I be afraid? Although sometimes it's hard to understand truth, but there is always the truth in the world. Whether people or robots, one should always pursue the truth rather than rejecting it. Regardless of your race, you can use your reasoning to convince me, but you can't use brutal strength to threaten me.’’ Mild Wind calmly said.

The surrounding robots all nodded, recognizing what Mild Wind said.

’’A bunch of freaks.’’ Han muttered in his heart.


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