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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 172


Chapter 172: A Battle of Life and Speed (Part One)

’’Void Domain, open!’’

Han shouted and activated his power.

To soldiers, sound was not reliable because of the propagation of sound in the air is much slower than the neural response rate of an esper. So, with Void Domain as a battle signal is more intuitive, once summoned, everyone will feel their power disappearing, and then they can follow this sensation and leap up releasing their suppression on the reverse energy field.


When everyone let go at the same time, the field's force became unstoppable and started expanding outward crazily, while the position repeater that Han manufactured also started operating and started reflecting the energy back.

Just as Han expected, after 2 seconds, the double energy field finally stabilized, and an energy field of 20,000 meters in diameter appeared, which was slightly bigger than the one Han originally calculated.

At this moment, the Star-Strangling Boa hadn't been activated yet and Han channeled the power from his Heart of Darkness and smashed his fist against the ice layer.


The thick ice layer was immediately shattered by the twisted power of darkness and Han shouted, ’’Now! Attack the root of the plant!’’



All four of them successively jumped into the icy water, and started swimming towards the underwater weed-looking plant.

But less than a second after Han and the others shattered the ice and jumped into the water, the atmosphere suddenly changed!

That green plant suddenly swelled thousands of times bigger! Lake, ice, all of their surroundings completely disappeared. Han and the others were suddenly thrown into the air. This drastic change caught them all off guard.


When Han and the others successively landed, they realized that the supposedly muddy lake bottom already turned into dry land.

’’Such a powerful creature! It already turned the water and ice into the growth energy it needs! Now it has become a giant plant that's no less than 2000 meters in length!’’ Ye Guhong shouted.

’’Who cares! Cut off its roots and kill it!’’

Fran shouted and started charging ahead again.

’’Careful! If you get absorbed by the monster, it will become stronger!’’ Han shouted at Fran's back.

Han's observation was very keen, the Star-Strangling Boa stopped growing after it became over 2000 meters tall. That meant its accessible energy source for growth had already been depleted, and if anyone accidently became this Boa's food, this big guy will be further strengthened.

The method to defeat the Star-Strangling Boa was not only about cutting off its roots, but also to prevent it from acquiring the energy needed for growth.

Fran was eager to save his home, so he refused to listen to Han's words and insisted on charging forward.

The Star-Strangling Boa waved its cylindrical leaves and started attacking Fran. The reason it was called the Star-Strangling Boa was because its leaves weren't flat, but were soft round tubes with oval tips. If you didn't look carefully, it really did look like a boa with 9 heads!

The Star-Strangling Boa had 9 cylindrical leaves and, when waved, the wind whistled.


Fran was indeed an elite, as the Boa's leaves swept past. He already leaped into the air, and as the leaves started charging towards the sky, he uttered a shriek in the air, two golden long blade took form in his hand, and he fiercely slashed down on the leaves.


The blades in Fran's hands were very sharp and it cut off one of the Star-Strangling Boa's leaves right away. But at the same time, he seemed to have lost his power, the duo blades that were produced by his metal descent power quickly disappeared and he started falling towards the ground.

’’Fran's out of power!’’

’’Hurry and save him!’’

Han and Ye Guhong shouted at the same time, and Mandala knew that Fran's death wouldn't benefit him so he followed the charge as well.

’’Poison arrow rain!’’

When the distance was close, Mandala suddenly bent down to a strange stance and shot out thousands of arrows from his cloak. The arrows had a cyan fluorescent body;they were obviously extremely toxic!

Gengci Gengci~

Thousands of poison arrows were all fully embedded into the Star-Strangling Boa's body, causing the stem of the magical plant to begin turning black and moving slower.

Han and Ye Guhong took advantage of this opportunity and charged in, one with the Star Pierce Moon Slaying blade, and one with a hook, cutting away the Star-Strangling Boa's leaves, immediately bringing Fran up and dragging him to safety.

’’This damn plant, it absorbed my power!’’ Fran angrily shouted.

Han said, ’’That's because your weapon isn't actually metallic but was your power taking form. It seemed like your blade was the one making contact with the plant, but it was actually your own body, stupid! You knew this thing could suck energy!’’

Fran pouted, although he had a bad temper, he was still reasonable. When Han called him stupid, he wasn't very angry.

’’Then what happens if you cut it with metal?’’ Fran asked Han.

’’This will happen.’’

Han showed his Star Pierce Moon Slaying Blade to Fran, and there were little holes on the blade's body, as if it was corroded by some acidic substance.

Han swallowed a mouthful of spittle and said, ’’Although it will still be absorbed, but it won't be as intense as making direct contact with your own power. I also felt my energy being sucked away.’’

Ye Guhong nodded on the side, agreeing with Han. This damn Star-Strangling Boa, the moment contact is made, it will devour some energy no matter what, just like a monster!

’’Sh*t! It's absorbing its own broken leaf, and it also absorbed my toxins!’’ Mandala shouted.

Everyone took a closer look. They saw the leaf that Han and the group was finally able to cut had started withering, and the energy was returning back to the plant's body and new leaves grew back quickly.

The sharp arrows forged with metal became dust, and the black color caused by the toxins slowly converted to energy and returned back to the Star-Strangling Boa.

The first round of attack finished, not only wasn't the monster killed, it even absorbed the espers' attacks and grew to 3000 meters in length.

Chapter 172: A Battle of Life and Speed (Part Two)

This was really unfortunate, the reverse energy field was only 20,000 meters in diameter, so if this kind of attack continued, the Star-Strangling Boa will sooner or later fill up the entire field. By then, no one would be able to escape.

Everyone was trapped in a dilemma, and chose to hide far away from this magical plant and didn't dare to fight again.

’’What happens if we run out of the reverse energy shield?’’ Mandala asked Han.

’’With your strength, it's obviously no problem to get out of the field. But it was just stabilized, if you damage it briefly to get out, the Star-Strangling Boa will soon be released out of the cage. With its power, it can grow to the size of this planet in a matter of minutes. By then, you will be so dead that you won't even have a scrap left!’’ Han harshly glared at Mandala.

Mandala said indignantly, ’’Then what can we do? This monster can even absorb my poison! We can't kill it at all!’’

The scene became very silent. To deal with an absorption-type monster was really a headache. Attack it and it will become bigger. Don't attack it and one could only wait for death!

Although Han used the limited equipment in his hand and crafted a field repeater, as to how long this machine could sustain, Han didn't have any idea.

If they continued to delay and the field repeater collapses, then everyone was going to die!

On the opposite side, the Star-Strangling Boa was still clamoring and wildly waving its leaves, but Han and the others had no solution.

’’It seems that's the only way.’’ Han gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice.

’’What way?’’

’’While we still have enough energy, let's fight with this thing. As long as the speed of us killing it is faster than its absorbing speed, perhaps there's still a chance of survival.’’

’’Kill it faster than it can absorb? Are you crazy?’’

’’I'm not crazy! We can first use our weapons to attack! It's still not very strong at the moment and its speed of absorbing metal is relatively slow. All we have to do is try to avoid contact with our own body as much as possible and fight it with speed! Let's see if he can suck us empty first or we kill it first!’’

’’In that case, before we can even reach the root of the plant, we would all become mummies.’’

’’I didn't say attack alone, but attack both from above and underground! You three divert its attention and attacks from above ground, I will go from below and try to destroy its roots!’’

’’How are you going to go below?’’

’’With the Demon Claw! He's a pro at digging underground! The Demon Claw will dig an underground passage for me!’’ Han pointed at the Demon Claw that was just quietly sitting there after coming back.


Ye Guhong and the others let out a long breath at the same time, Han's tactic sounded reasonable but its risk was too high. Battling to see if the monster absorbs faster or they can kill faster? That's completely a suicidal strategy!

’’If you guys don't have any better plans, then just do what I say!’’ Han said in a deep voice, ’’Other than the Demon Claw, I also have Godly Armored Beasts. Aside from that, I also have six-arm star apes! If that's still not enough, I can give up this life of mine too!’’

’’Brother, you are tough enough! You have my support! We might as well just go all out against this monster!’’ Fran firmly patted Han on the shoulder and addressed Han as his brother.


Ye Guhong sneered, raised his hook and cut off his hair. He threw the clump of silver onto the ground and said in a deepened voice, ’’Do or die, I, Ye Guhong will also be giving my all today!’’


The Witch clan's King Mandala slapped his leg and reluctantly nodded.

To be in a situation like this, it was actually all because of Mandala's greed, but Han and the others couldn't really do anything to him right now because they were up against such a monster. All their power must be united even if no one liked Mandala.

The murderous atmosphere became stronger and stronger, Han was always full of passion and had a strong survival belief, and his passion was helping to drive everyone else to fully throw themselves into this difficult battle.


Just when everyone was accumulating source energy and were ready to fight the monster to the death, the atmosphere suddenly changed!

The Star-Strangling Boa suddenly went berserk and started attacking the force field around it!

’’Now! This guy is not only getting stronger, but also smarter! He knows that the reverse energy field can't hold him for long!’’ Han's face became pale and he shouted.

There's really no way out! The moment the Star-Strangling Boa destroyed this reverse energy field everyone's death will even be worse!

’’Demon Claw!’’

Han slammed the ground, the Demon Claw that received an order jumped right up and started digging.


Han began taking drugs. Fission pills will increase his source energy index and enhance his combat power!

The soil that lost its nutrients became as hard as stone, but the Demon Claw's 9 giant claws started waving again and the excavating speed did not slow. An underground passage that could allow Han to bend down and pass through was created in the blink of an eye, and Han could see the Star-Strangling Boa's roots, grey, just like withered vines.

Bang Bang~

Finally, all the Godly Armored Beasts and six-arm star apes were released, they charged in front of Han, snapping and ripping apart the Boa's roots! Although doing this would cause the fusion beasts to die too from energy depletion, but at a moment of life and death like this, Han couldn't think too much about that anymore.



On the ground, Ye Guhong, Fran and Mandala were desperately attacking anything they see.

Underground, Han led the Demon Claw and the other fusion beasts to also desperately destroy the root of all evil.

This is a battle of life and death which was going to be decided on speed.


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