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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 145


Chapter 145: Final Battle - Star Ape King!


Han used his shoulder-mounted laser cannon and hit the deadly black pool that's no more than a hundred meters away, the black lake water that's enough to melt any life began splashing up everywhere like rainstorm!


The star apes were completely shocked by Han's madness, because they know that the deadly black water not only can kill trees, star apes, even if Han gets hit by the black water himself, he will also be turned into a skeleton!

The way he planned everything, is entirely a ’’die-together’’ rhythm!

The star apes desperately fled further away from the blast, Lei Yang also wanted to escape but was pulled back by Han.

’’You going to die if you run too! Use your energy! Block these black water!’’ Han shouted at Lei Yang.


Lei Yang gritted his teeth, pushing the 12 blades into the air, and the blades began circling fast, forming a watertight defense.

The black water was overwhelming, only the place where Han and Lei Yang were at was not affected. The thousand meters tall forest in the surrounding all quickly withered up, and even if a drop of black water lands on the star apes' skin, it would immediately pierce through their body.

The grey smoke rises like a hellish scene of terror, all of an instant, all the star apes that were still alive were immediately vaporized, and the forest within 500 meters of diameter all vanished.

Han has maintained his calm, putting the Star Pierce Moon Slaying Blade in his hand out of the protection zone created by Lei Yang's energy, deliberately let this quasi-Ares class weapon be contaminated with a layer of black.

’’What are you doing?’’ Lei Yang asked in confusion.

Han replied coldly, ’’This is just a blade in the past, now it's an extremely toxic blade!’’

Lei Yang suddenly hesitated, recovered his 12 blades and noticed that his weapons are also covered with a thin layer of black.

’’Use this poison to kill these star apes?!’’ Lei Yang asked in surprise.

Han really did some good calculation, using the shoulder-fired laser weapon to attack the lake and create a deadly artificial rain, and that not only killed the star apes that are intercepting their path but also gave the opportunity to coat weapons with poison.

’’Use your energy, let's leave this place!’’ Han ordered in a deep voice.

A subtle tactic, must take into account all the details on the battlefield.

Han did it. After the star apes died and the black forest became ruins, Lei Yang's energy control once again began playing a role. Since the energy forms can allow weapons to fly, this power can be also extended to apply to humans.

White energy beams released out of Lei Yang's arms, grabbing Han and moved him forward 1 kilometer away from the location. The black water is deadly, even the soil that's eroded by it can't be stepped on, so Han and Lei Yang first need to leave this poisonous black ground.

When Han left, Lei Yang also used his power to move him out of this deadly soil.


Lei Yang let out a long breath, looked behind at the barren earth, with still fear left as he asked, ’’What do we do next?’’

Unconsciously, Lei Yang already saw Han as the backbone. Who has ability, who doesn't, it's not something said with mouth. Now, Lei Yang is completely convinced of Han.


The ground is trembling more and more intensively, that's the star ape king's large army approaching, unknown quantity, the trees in the black forest at the front is violently shaking. The star apes are good at climbing, so a very large quantity of the star apes were moving between branches. They were obviously infuriated over the embarrassing defeat to these hairless humans.


With cold eyes, Han deepened his voice and said, ’’The same trick can only be used once, and now the only way to survive is to kill the star ape king!’’

’’Social animals like star apes must have a leader, and once their king is killed, they need to re-compete and elect a new king before the group can be re-stabilized.’’

’’So we must kill the king at all cost. Aside from that, we have no chance!’’

Lei Yang gritted his teeth and said nothing.

With the gap getting smaller, Lei Yang's face became more and more pale, because he found the number of star apes too much, theirs is a fear of over a thousand!

Seemed like what he and Han just faced were just a small team from the star apes, the main forces were all ambushing further away!

When they faced the small team of 83 star apes, they almost lost their lives. Now facing a strong battalion of over thousands of strong star apes, the difficulty can only be imagined.

Lei Yang looked back at the black lake, and his eyes became more bleak.

Now he understood why Han said that the same trick can only be used once. The laser cannon's firepower not only splashed out the vast majority of the black water, it also penetrated the bottom of the pool which wasn't that deep and all the black water are gone. So, even if Han uses the laser cannon and fire again, it will not post any threat to the star apes.

If they want to survive, then they must kill the star ape king!

Either he's dying, or they are going to die!

This is not only an unfair fight, it's also a battle with no other options!

Coming, the star ape army really charged towards them!

The extremely ferocious star apes waved their half-meter long claws with crimson lights gleaming from both eye.

As a rare gregarious type of star beast, the star apes has a team battle consciousness not weaker than humans. All around, they surrounded Han and Lei Yang immediately.


Thundering roar growled.

Among the star apes, there's one with long strange white fur, tall at about 2.5 meters, stout limbs and with two big eyes braved brutal light.

This is the king of the star ape.

Cover my back.’’ Han didn't look back and said to Lei Yang in a deep voice.

Next second, not even waiting for Lei Yang to react first, Han already started charging towards the large army of over a thousand of star apes!

This is the standard way of fighting for Han. When faced with one enemy, Han will charge and strike;when faced with a thousand enemies, Han will still do the same!

In the blink of an eye, Han is already in the array of star apes, maximizing the effectiveness of the Six Paths of Void's Demon Strike, as the Star Pierce Moon Slaying Blade dances in madness in Han's hands.

As a martial art with no standard technics, the Demon Strike is not only sharp, but it also has the feature of being free and flexible.

Attacks that completely doesn't follow conventional styles are unbearable for most human soldiers, and it also makes it hard to adapt for the star apes.

When they clearly saw Han charging from the left side, the edge would suddenly appear on the right, landing right on a star ape's head.

Due to the Star Pierce Moon Slaying Blade's current toxicity, any star apes that were hit by Han had to bear double damage, even if it was just a small scratch, the wound will quickly deteriorate and immediately make blood flow out like a fountain.

Lei Yang has no other choice but to closely follow Han's footsteps. After all, Han shouldered the majority of the pressure, assuming it was a separate battle, Lei Yang definitely has no way to cope with so many enemies.

But Lei Yang's heart is filled with fears, Han kept killing his way forward and already made it to the center of the star apes' formation. The monsters surrounding them are getting more and more, even if there's the slightest mistake, it will be an instant before the star apes shred them with their huge claws.

What's even more exasperating is that the white fur star ape king seemed to know that Han and Lei Yang were targeting him, so he deliberately avoided the battle and instead directed his soldiers to besiege Han and Lei Yang.

So, although Han and Lei Yang were charging forward desperately, but the distance between them and the star ape king never got closer.

Any soldiers' source power storage is not infinite, and the biggest fear of being in siege is de-force and mind-absence. But all the experienced soldiers understand, during a protracted battle no one can continue to stay focused and always be highly concentrated. As long as one is under siege, sooner or later one will make a mistake, and mistake usually means death!


Just when Lei Yang was beginning to get distracted by absurd thoughts, Han suddenly soared!

’’Path of Earth, Ground-shattering Godly Hammer!’’

Han's ultimate attack is finally launched!

Six Paths of Void is composed of the Void with no specific techniques, and 6 ultimate attacks.

Now Han has mastered two ultimate attacks, the Star Break Strike is for aerial enemies, which is temporarily useless. But that's okay, Han still has the Godly Hammer!

They just saw Han's both arms raised up high, releasing large amount of source energy and dark energy.


The Star Pierce Moon Slaying Blade was suddenly covered two forms of energy, and Han immediately launched another ferocious charge, viciously slicing down with the big blade in his hand!

It appeared that this strike was directed towards the ground, but just at the moment when the edge and earth made contact, the energy quickly spread to the surrounding, like a thunder striking down into a lake, with a powerful injection of energy, the entire lake is boiling!

In the blink of an eye, over hundreds of star apes in front of Han were all severely injured! The invisible energy turned into overwhelming blades, swept past everything in front of Han!

It is indeed a godly hammer!

Han's one strike was able to severally injure hundreds of enemies!

More importantly, the path towards the star ape king was forcefully opened!

The white and majestic star ape king is exposed on the opposite side of Han!


Han's finger rapidly swept past Lunar Mark, and a row of vicious fusion beasts suddenly appeared in front of him!

They are Armored Godly Beasts! Beast addict Wuyun's pinnacle masterpiece!

Every beast is the equivalent to an elite esper solider, and Wuyun only made 130 of them during his life time as a life-saving card.

Prior to coming here, Han coaxed Wuyun to very unwillingly give him 10 Armored Godly Beasts.

A few months ago, that 130 were what Wuyun used to stomp Thunder Royal family's manor to the ground!

Such powerful card, why didn't Han use it earlier?

Simple, because it wasn't the right time. The presence of these types of ultimate cards are not for showing off, but for one fatal strike, just like Han's Path of Earth. Everyone at the scene only saw how crazy Han's Godly Hammer was, but they don't know how much energy Han consumed, and also don't know that even Han's bones are currently in pain!

In this world, everything comes at a price, not to mention the forbidden techniques.

Things like ultimate cards shouldn't be showed easily, but once it's played, then the earth will be littered with corpses and have blood running like river!

’’Kill!’’ Han loudly ordered.

The 10 Armored Godly Beasts immediately charged towards the Star Ape King, they are the most advanced fusion beasts, mimicking the human warriors, walking on two legs, and holding weapons in their big claws!

Fusion beasts are loyal and have no fear of death. Most importantly, it had always been the star ape king ordering its followers to besiege Han, now it's Han's turn!

The 10 beast soldiers rushed up desperately, slashing with knife, biting with sharp teeth, and they would not back off even if their body is ripped open by the star ape king's big claws!

Immediately, the 10 beasts pressed the king onto the ground and at the same time, Han flew up!

Pushing all the power of Heart of Darkness into right arm!

Dark Fist!



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