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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 131


Chapter 131.1: Anyone that sees it must die!

Eagle claw versus Demon Claw!

It was an imminent war!

Han was in extreme tension watching from the distance, Demon Claw was the first fusion beast he had ever made, and didn't know how strong its combat power was.

And then looking at the three golden eagles that were full of murderous intent, they obviously didn't look like common fusion beasts. The dark red feathers had a faint layer of luster, even the smallest one of the three was larger and more robust than a calf. Having a hard beak with a sharp hook, the claws were covered in scales and also covered with barbs, its golden eyes gleamed a chilly light.

Just at that moment, the inevitable battle began!

The golden eagles attacked first, taking advantage of their ability to fly, and suddenly swopped down from the sky.

But the Demon Claw relied on its 9 well-developed limbs, launching itself right up from the ground, fearlessly starting a counter-charge against the eagles!


The Golden eagles uttered a piercing scream, and its brutal voice could be heard from hundreds of miles away!

The Demon Claw didn't make a sound, it just kept its head down and charged up!




Within milliseconds, the Demon Claw began tussling with the first eagle. The eagle's claws were hard and sharp, but the Demon Claw's claws weren't any weaker!

Star Beast Demon Star Chaser Crab's claws, Star Beast Black Wing Bat's eyes, and the Star Beast Night God Crocodile's body!

Han combined this pile of star beasts together and created today's Demon Claw! Its presence was unique in this world!

The moment the Demon Claw and Golden Eagle made contact, they began to violent tear at each other!

The Golden Eagle and the Demon Claw were both voraciously trying to tear apart each others' bodies.

Han never would've thought that the Demon Claw could be this powerful. It was able to battle the golden eagle that was several times its size and immediately get the upper hand!

The two large claws of the golden eagle were torn off by the Demon Claw. Following that attack, the Demon Claw even clawed away a few bloody scratches on the eagle's stomach, leaving the internal intestines hanging out!

The Demon Claw took less than a second to dismantle the first golden eagle, causing the big bird to immediately crash towards the ground. That surprise was big enough for Han right? But who would've guessed that it was only the beginning!

Don't know where the Demon Claw got so much courage but after tearing the first eagle apart and leaving it limply falling, the Demon Claw actually jumped on top of that golden eagle, readying itself to tear apart the second Golden Eagle!



The three golden eagles seemed to be closely related, witnessing the death of the first one, the remaining two started howling angrily. Their eyeballs seemed like they were about to erupt in flames.

They dove down one by one. However, the second eagle was slightly smaller so it obviously wouldn't be the Demon Claw's match.


The Demon Claw's powerful and explosive strength allowed it to leap right up from the first eagle's back, catching the second eagle in mid-air. The nine powerful yet sharp claws started tearing right away, immediately taking that little golden eagle's life.

Then he leaped off again! The third one was the goal!

Han was shocked, the Demon Claw was clearly a brave warrior that only knew how to charge forward and not retreat!

The golden eagles were flying beasts so to reach them, the Demon Claw had to jump from one to the next!

In the blink of an eye, the third golden eagle had also fallen from the sky, collapsing under the Demon Claw's brutal attacks.

This thing was very simple minded, aside from striking, he didn't know anything about retreating.

After he killed the third golden eagle, the Demon Claw ran back to the stream and started daydreaming again, using its claw to gently scratch his head.


At that moment, a very fine silver frigate appeared in the sky. It was a model that Han had never seen before. Flying very fast, it landed near that stream where the Demon Claw and the dead Golden Eagles were.

Could it be the owner of those golden eagles?

Han was shocked, he hurried the starry spiders that were carrying him to go full speed ahead.

’’Wait!’’ Han's forehead veins stood out as he shouted.

When Han got to the stream below the valley, the tragedy already began. Two dozen esper soldiers ran out of the silver frigate and were already killing the starry Spiders that arrived to the scene first.

The spiders listened to Han's command, so after Han shouted, the starry spider army quickly withdrew to Han's sides.

Except for Little Flower, as the spider queen she tried to protect the smaller starry spiders and was unfortunately caught by the esper soldiers. It was just struggling desperately when she heard Han's voice. She stopped her movements and was immediately pressed in place by two soldiers in silver combat suits, with two sharp blades beside her head.

These esper soldiers were all wearing the same silver combat suits, and their weapons were the same too: all using a thin and long one-edge blade, presumable from the same family or force, the silver frigate and soldiers all had a lighting mark on their weapon.

On the opposite side among the soldiers, there was a dandily dressed young man, probably in his 20s, wearing a white casual safari suit.

Raising his chin, the young dandy asked with a slender voice, ’’Are these insects yours?’’

’’It's my friend's.’’ Han replied in a deeper voice.

’’Then call out that friend of yours. Just say that the Thunder Royal Family's men are looking for him and his bugs killed my golden eagle, let him come to pay with his life.’’ The dandy said lightly, ’’I will give him three minutes.’’

Thunder Royal?

Han knew that there were a lot of outlaws in exile here, but he just got here so he didn't really understand the situation here. Maybe the Thunder Royal Family was very famous in the Oblivion Realm. Otherwise this young man wouldn't bring out his family name right off the bat.

Han waved his hand, and a few starry spiders ran back immediately to look for Wuyun.

Han looked at the Demon Claw. This thing seems to have depression or something, it continued to sit beside the stream and idled, a fight broke out nearby and it was indifferent. Just minutes ago, it was so vicious and in the blink of an eye it started idling, what a strange fellow.

Although, conflicts between animals weren't really the masters' fault, this young man's golden eagles did die after all, and the dead bodies were in an extremely ugly shape covered in open wounds.

Thinking of that, Han very politely said, ’’My friend will arrive soon, your golden eagle died, it's our fault, we will for sure provide a fair compensation for your loss, please rest assured.’’

Han's thought was very simple. It was like you have a pet dog at home. It acted very naughty and hurt another dog in a fight. The owner would naturally be responsible for an apology and compensation.


Unexpectedly after Han just finished, the soldiers all started laughing.

’’Compensate? What are you going to give me as compensation?’’

’’Our young master wants your friend to pay with his life! Luckily those idiot spiders aren't yours, otherwise you wouldn't be still alive right now!’’

Pay with his life?!


Han's eye immediately opened up wide, if these guys aren't joking, then they have really gone too far!

That young master from the Thunder Royal Family dressed in white glanced, he saw the Little Flower that's being escorted by two of his men and suddenly frowned, ’’Why still leave this thing here, kill it.’’

’’Wait!’’ Han shouted, ’’Man must take responsibility for his action! Your golden eagles were not killed by Little Flower, it's my Demon Claw that killed them!’’

Thunder Royal's young master looked at the direction Han pointed and saw the Demon Claw that was just lying on a rock motionlessly in a small stream. He first hesitated and then started laughing, ’’What kind of ugly sh*t is this? Just him alone can kill my three Golden Eagles?’’

Han nodded, ’’That's true, but he will also pay for it. Within 24 hours of activation, Demon Claw will die. If you don't believe me. You can look at the video recordings. That soft strip tied on those eagle's necks, it should have signal acquisition and recording functions right?’’

Thunder Royal's young master disapprovingly sneered, ’’I will obviously look at the recording, but did that big spider see your Demon Claw kill my Golden Eagles?’’

’’Little Flower's very loyal, she was always charging at the very front so she probably saw the battle.’’ Han frankly replied.

’’She saw it? Anyone that saw my Golden Eagles getting killed, also have to die!’’ Thunder Royal Family's young master arrogantly said, ’’You don't want me to kill it, then I will want to kill it, what can you do?’’



Just at that moment, the two esper soldiers on Little Flower actually immediately took action!

Suddenly, two long blades were inserted into Little Flower's head, green cerebral fluid immediately sprayed out! The Little Flower that was always loyal towards her masters let out a scream!


Han felt like his lungs were about to explode from the anger!

Too far!

They went too far!

Pathless told him before to never got into any conflicts in the Oblivion Realm, and right now Han has thrown all those words to the back of his head.

’’Demon Claw!’’

Han let out a roar, and the Demon Claw that was originally daydreaming beside the stream heard Han's summon. It moved, it really moved!

It's okay when idle, but once he moved, the atmosphere completely changed!

When the Demon Claw puts away his 9 claws, it's like a black rock that has no threat.

But when it fully spreads those 9 sharp and explosively powerful claws, it was the most terrifying monster!


The Demon Claw complied to Han's will, waved its claws and charged directly at the esper soldiers!

At the same time, a weapon also appeared in Han's hands, two blades connected, the Star Pierce Moon Slaying blade!

Thunder Royal Family's soldiers were clearly well trained, they immediately changed formation. All the soldiers' hands started to emit a bright light. It was the precursor of preparing super power attacks!

’’Void domain, open!’’

Han let out another mad shout, in the void domain, don't even think about bringing up super powers!

Within hundred meters, all powers went extinct!

When Han didn't want other people using power, then no one can!

’’Kill them!’’

Suddenly, Han charged with his Star Pierce Moon Slaying blade!

The Demon Claw waved its 9 giant and terrifying claws, and also charged up!

Thousands of starry spiders and packs of twin head wolves also charged!

Taking advantage of the moment his opponents realized that their powers were gone, Han fully unleashed all attacks!

That was the famous tactic devised by Han, the Wolf Fang!

First take away enemies' super power, then lead his comrades to start slashing with weapons!

With the brothers at the training camp, the Wolf Fang tactic was very deadly!

And when he executed it with his loyal fusion beasts, it was still as deadly as always!



Han directly cut the two soldiers that killed Little Flower into halves, and the Demon Claw leaped into the air, directly landing on top of that Thunder Royal Family's young master's head! The sharp claws were pressed against his neck on the arteries, as if the cage of hell was summoned right outside of his head!

Just needed Han's command, and the Demon Claw will immediately tear this young master's head off his body alive!

As for those two dozen soldiers, they were all kept under close watch by those starry spiders and twin head wolves, with fangs and claws pressed against their eyes, mouth, heart.

’’Bro, bro, we can talk about this, we can negotiate.’’ The young master at the moment already discarded all of his arrogant and domineering attitude. His legs were trembling and he didn't dare to move his head at all as he begged Han.

’’We can negotiate? What did you say before!’’ Han sullenly said, ’’You went too far.’’

He came to a soldier of that young master, asked in a deep voice, ’’Did you see those two guys kill Little Flower?’’

Wasn't that the question that young master just asked?

The soldier blinked his eyes a couple of times, shook his head and said, ’’I didn't.’’


Without more explanation, Han chopped his head right off! Blood pumped out like a fountain, spraying to as tall as 3 meters high!

’’You lied! Die!’’

Han continued with a gloomy face, like a god of death, he came to another soldier and asked the same question, ’’Did you see those two guys kill Little Flower?’’

’’Sa... Saw it.’’

Han's blade flew up again, also chopping off his head!

’’Anyone that sees my Little Flower getting killed, must die!’’



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