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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 130


Chapter 130: Demon Claw

Wuyun hesitated for a second, using his imagination to conjure up all of the possible abominations that this fool must have created, then approached the platform and looked, and his face suddenly lost all color, ’’What the hell is this?!’’

’’Why, it's an Earth Claw!’’ Han replied nonchalantly, almost as if it's no big deal.

Wuyun's face became like a sheet, he pouted and said, ’’Your Earth Claw looks like this? Not only does it have 9 claws, even the physical structure was changed. During my life time, I've made over 3000 Earth Claws, and none of them look as strange as yours!’’

’’What's with this pair of eyes? And eyelids? Did you really just use chameleon eyes?’’

Han shook his head and said, ’’I don't know, I just found it from a jar. In the past Earth Claw has no eyes because they spend most of their time underground, they wouldn't need eyes, just with the sense of smell, hearing and feeling is enough.’’

’’But I feel like Earth Claw is after all a living thing’’, he continued, ’’it wouldn't be a bad thing for it to have eyes to see the outside world. As for the eyelids, he need to close his eyes when digging to prevent dirt from getting into his eyes.’’

As Han was boasting about his prized creation, Wuyun's face became somehow even more pale as he rushed to go check those precious jars of his.

The organs and limbs used to make fusion beasts need to be soaked in a very rich and special fluid first. Recently, Wuyun was preparing to do something big so he soaked a batch of very precious organs and limbs to use on his projects.

After a while, Wuyun came back with a darkened face. Han had used up almost all of the body parts, and that made Wuyun understandably furious.

’’Who told you to use the parts from the jar?’’

’’They did.’’ Han pointed at the fusion beasts beside them, now these guys are already very familiar with Han, it seems like these fusion beasts are really willing to listen to Han's instructions, instead of their maker.

’’You guys that live off of me but helps outsiders, which side are you guys actually on?!’’ Wuyun snarled at the fusion beasts.

’’Teacher, this time you are being unreasonable. You said that I am free to use anything here. What happened? Do your words not count anymore?’’

’’My words obviously still count, it's just that you should've at least gave me a heads-up, I prepared those stuff to make a top tier fusion beast, a lot of the material were unique in this present world.’’

Wuyun waved his hand bitterly and muttered, ’’Forget it's my bad luck to have encountered you. Now that you made this thing, what do you plan to do after? Looking at its appearance, its body is even asymmetric diamond shaped with 5 claws in front and 4 claws at the back, how does it even resemble an Earth Claw? It's far too demonic to be called an Earth Claw.’’

Han's eyes lit up and he said excitingly, ’’Demonic? Demon Claw? This name is not bad, from now on this Earth Claw will be named Demon Claw!’’

Wuyun apparently doesn't believe how powerful this strange-looking Earth Claw is, but he's also very curious. Making an Earth Claw is not an easy task, although it looks a bit ugly, but after all Han finished making the Earth Claw which was quite hard for Wuyun to believe.

’’Did you read through the book I gave you?’’ Wuyun asked.

’’I probably understood about half of it. In the beginning there were a lot of questions I couldn't understand, but gradually I began to realize, fusion animal genomics technology is actually kind of similar to mechanics and pharmacology, so I tried to think from another angle and the effect was pretty good.’’

Wuyun slightly nodded, applying mechanical and pharmacological knowledge on fusion beasts? That's something Wuyun never thought of.

’’I know that Old Black is teaching you pharmacology, who are you learning mechanics from?’’ Wuyun asked in curiosity.

’’Skinner Old Mo, he gave me a book on machinery and robotics, there are a lot of artificial neurons in robots' body, and it's very similar to the structure of fusion beasts so the knowledge came in handy.’’

Wuyun suddenly hesitated, no wonder mechanics and fusion beasts are similar, Han actually learned some robot concepts before.

The robotic science is a big taboo in Milky Way and not a lot of people study it. Wuyun also knows Skinner Old Mo, he's a master of robotics.

Just like Han said, there are a lot of neurons in robots, such as tactile units, environmental response units, pressure sensitive units, time units, density units, and so on.

But fusions beasts also need large amount of neurons to assemble, except that the neurons of robots are electronic while the neurons of animals are purely organic.

The more Wuyun thought about it the more surprised he got, the robotic skills Han learned in the past inadvertently became his foundation to make fusion beasts. Then plus pharmacology, fusion beasts need large amount of pharmaceutical products, and in the past Wuyun always had to beg Night Walker to make for him.

But Han learned some pharmacology himself, although he's probably not as proficient as Night Walker, but he's still got a good foundation for it to be useful again when making fusion beasts.

Over all, this strange Demon Claw, is produced by the three skills Han learned combined, where the robot technology and pharmacology was not even learned by Wuyun, and that's Han's advantage as a fusion beast creator.

Thinking of this, Wuyun began to show great interest in this monster version of Earth Claw created with Han's robotics and pharmacological skills, and he kept urging Han to encapsulate Demon Claw.

Encapsulation is the most critical step in the making of fusion beasts, it's also an important step in checking to see whether the fusion beast was successfully made. Without this step, one could produce a ’’beast’’ featuring nothing but an anus and call it alive.

In simple terms, encapsulating is like pushing the power button on a computer, basically doing the initial activation of the beast to perform defect and performance inspections. If there's no problem, then it will officially go into a state similar to hibernation, making Demon Claw withdraw its powerful claws, try to shrink its body to as small as possible, and then wait until the owner summons it from its hibernation state to join a fierce battle.

Just when Han was about to seal Demon Claw, suddenly Wuyun saw that there's a gold inlaid black stone embedded inside Demon Claw's body, isn't that that strange rock that Han showed him repeatedly before?

’’Wait, isn't this the strange rock you had? Why did you put that rock in too?’’

Han replied in a lower voice, ’’Oh, this stone is the left behind by the Earth Claw that once saved my life. Although you think that this rock is useless, but it's something to me.’’

’’That's why I placed this rock inside Demon Claw's body, then when I see Demon Claw I will remember that Earth Claw that once saved me, I guess it can be regarded as an inherited spirit.’’

Wuyun didn't say anything. Although he's very cold to Han, but there's something about him that Wuyun really likes, and that is how Han never looked down upon fusion beasts. Most people all think that fusion beasts are some kind of ugly and terrifying monster, and they try to shun away from.

As someone that loves these beasts, Wuyun really appreciates Han's attitude towards these fusion beasts, and is even somewhat happy that the beasts are in turn listening to him.

Han gently gestured his finger on Demon Claw's back, using his source energy to activate Demon Claw's neurons and source energy one by one. This wasn't taught by Wuyun, Han learned it from a book.

Wuyun slightly nodded, although a little out of practice, but still pretty standard, it seems like Han has a bit of talent in this field.


Han's palm patted lightly on the back of Demon Claw, and it immediately opened its eyes, this pair of black eyes were taken from star beast Black Winged Bat, which is also something that was acquired by Wuyun with a lot of work, and now it's all mounted on this Demon Claw.

Lightly stroked his chin, Wuyun wondered, ’’Han, why isn't he moving? This shouldn't happen, did you connect anything wrong?’’

Han hesitated for a second and quickly replied ’’It's impossible, it passed all the energy tests, and all the neuron connections are normal.’’

Then, Han was about to pick Demon Claw up to check.

Just at that moment, the atmosphere immediately changed!

They just saw Demon Claw dashing out from the operation platform at an incredible speed, instantly disappearing at the end of the hall.

’’His speed is that fast?!’’ Wuyun shouted immediately in disbelief. He's made many Earth Claws in his life time, so he knows clearly whether the speed is quick or not.

Just now, Demon Claw leaped, somersaulted in the air, landed and then sprinted out of the grove into the forest, that series of actions were all perfect! Its speed is even faster than all those Earth Claws Wuyun has made combined!

Both Han and Wuyun instantly cursed themselves under their breath of the fact that they had not even the most basic of common sense to bolt the door shut, or at least put some barrier between the outside world and themselves before waking up this immensely powerful beast.

’’Don't run, man! Brothers, hurry and go chase!’’ Han hastily shouted, commanding the fusion beast herd to chase his Demon Claw.

Maybe due to higher intelligence, Little Flower is always the one that reacts the quickest to Han's commands. It was the first one to rush out, soon followed is a huge black crowd of Starry Spiders joining the chase.

This is the first fusion beast he made, it has significant meaning to Han. In addition, after it depletes its energy, it will die!

Han jumped on a larger spider's back and began chasing as well.


In the blink of an eye, the large army of spiders chased Demon Claw out of the cave, and the fusion wolf packs guarding outside also joined the choice.

Unfortunately, Demon Claw's speed is way too quick, Han went into the mountains and chased for a while, and he couldn't even find Demon Claw's shadow. Luckily, the fusion wolves have powerful sense of smell and they can still determine the direction of Demon Claw so that they wouldn't lose track.

Han is having mixed feelings. No doubt, this Demon Claw out of his hands are very powerful, from the moment it leaped up, he already knew. Quick, agile, and its charge is very powerful, not even the starry spiders and fusion wolves could stop it. It's clear that Demon Claw is a lot stronger than those fusion beasts.

But if Demon Claw consumes too much energy it will die, and that's not something Han wanted to see.

All the fusion beasts demonstrated tremendous loyalty, desperately trying to catch Demon Claw for Han. Especially Little Flower, it has been running at the very front, and with Han's Demon Claw missing, it seemed to be even more anxious than Han.

After going over two consecutive hills, shrill chirping sound suddenly came down from the sky.

Looked up, there are three strange looking golden eagles. They circled in the distance, as if they have been eyeing some prey.


Eye of Darkness, open!


Han pushed his dark power into his right eye and looked into the distance.

At the same time, the three golden eagles lined up in a row, and started diving down one after another.

’’It's Demon Claw!’’ Han saw clearly the prey that those eagles wanted to capture, and he suddenly shouted.

Don't know what happened to Demon Claw, it actually stopped by a small stream and started daydreaming. It was scratching its head with one claw, maybe because he just woke up, he's still feeling a little dizzy.

Just at that moment, the three golden eagles already dived to about tens of meters above of Demon Claw, their hooked mouth was full of intention to kill, giant claws were tearing down brutally.

Han had a bad feeling, flying creatures have absolute advantage against land creatures, the enemies are already charging down and Demon Claw is still daydreaming?! What should I do?!

Just at that moment right before Demon Claw was about to be slashed by their mighty talons, he suddenly looked up from his dream, its two little black eyes burst out cold light.


The not-so-big Demon Claw suddenly jumped up, its incredible explosive force allowed it to instantly break free from the shackles of gravity!

The golden eagles only have two claws each, but Demon Claw's body is covered in claws, there are 9!

Eagle Claw versus Demon Claw!

The war is about to start!


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