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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 129


GDN Chapter 129: Task Accomplished!

Pathless was incredulous that Wuyun actually wanted to make a bet with Han, he nervously interrupted, ’’Han, don't listen to Old Devil, that Little Flower of his is a Starry Spider mother with incredible combat power. And its tentacle cannot be touched, it's its private spot, like your family jewels. If you touch it, Little Flower will go berserk for sure.’’

’’That Earth Claw of Old Devil's isn't even done yet;what use do you have for it?’’

Wuyun said in disagreement, ’’It's even better if it's not finished. That way I can teach Han hand by hand how to make an Earth Claw. He can use whatever he wants over here at my place! Whatever he needs, I will give it to him!’’

With a sudden change in topic, Wuyun smiled at Han and said, ’’In fact, I just want to see how much Little Flower can tolerate you. After all these years, this is still the first time Little Flower doesn't listen to my command.’’

Han thought for a second, although this big spider is terrifying, but how is the reward of a top tier beast like Earth Claw not a huge temptation? Assuming if I am careful, this spider probably won't be able to hurt me right?

After much deliberation, Han nodded and said, ’’Deal, I will go pull Little Flower's tentacle, no matter what its reaction is, you have to give me that Earth Claw and also teach me the techniques to making an Earth Claw on my own.’’

Wuyun boldly promised, ’’Don't worry, I'm also a man of my words!’’

Han's temper is very stubborn, neither Night Walker nor Pathless can dissuade him after he made up his mind, so all they can do were to see this whole bet go down.

Wuyun took Little Flower to stand in the center of the cave. Then, he came to Han and pointed at the three tentacles on each side of Little Flower's mouth and said. ’’As long as you dare to go up and pull a single tentacle, Earth Claw is yours.’’

Han nodded, gently walking towards Little Flower.

Pathless and Night Walker were both very nervous, Night Walker whispered in Pathless's ears, ’’If it really doesn't work, you have to go save him.’’

’’I know.’’ Pathless answered, also with a nervous look on his face.

Quickly, Han came to Little Flower's side, it's a mother Starry Spider, giant size, each one of its legs is as thick as Han's waist. Covered in grey and white spots, the mouth is obviously modified by Wuyun, with a row of nasty sharp teeth, similar to an orca from the primitive days.

Han steadied himself in his best defensive stance and took a deep breath. Then, he slowly reached out his hand, to touch Little Flower's tentacle.

10 cm, 5 cm, 3 cm.

The gap is getting closer and closer;everyone's heart is about to bounce out of their throat. After all, Little Flower is a very brutal fusion beast, one of Wuyun's masterpieces of his life, it will be very terrifying if it goes berserk.

And those 6 tentacles next to its mouth is something Little Flower cares most about. Not to mention Han, it will even get a little angry if Wuyun touched it, for Han, a war might be inevitable.

Just when everyone was very nervous, Han's finger already reached a tentacle, then he gently flicked it once.

Little Flower turned around, glanced at Han with two black eyes, unmoved.

After a few minutes, Wuyun was so surprised that his jaw almost fell, they just saw that Han already familiarized himself with Little Flower, and already sat on Little Flower's back!

’’Old Devil, you lost!’’ Pathless laughed and said.

’’I raised you to this big, you have really let me down this time!’’ Wuyun angrily turned away, giving Little Flower the white eye. Little Flower also didn't pay more attention to him, in short, Little Flower refused to treat Han as an enemy no matter what.

’’Teacher Wuyun, we had a deal, I touch Littler Flower's tentacle and you will give me that unfinished Earth Claw and teach me how to make it. Teacher, don't leave!’’ Han pulled out his rigid grinding tactic, said to Wuyun as he chased.

The more Pathless thought about it the more confused he got. He curiously asked Night Walker, ’’You know more about genetic science, if fusion beasts don't attack Han because of the Heart of Darkness inside of him, why do dark beasts attack him?’’

Night Walker smiled, ’’Very simple, Dark Beasts are forms of pure dark energy, whereas Han and fusion beasts are just partly dark energy.’’

’’Oh, no wonder.’’

Old Devil is really evil, he's already regretting something he promised moments ago, doesn't want to give his treasure Earth Claw to Han, nor is he willing to teach Han how to make Earth Claw.

Han obviously won't let Old Devil have his way, following behind Old Devil and kept on nagging.

Although the nagging was really annoying, but Han calls him teacher in every sentence. The good old saying goes, can't hit a smiling man, Wuyun obviously can't just turn on Han when he's being so respectful.

Having had enough, Wuyun had no choice but to pull a book out of his dimension ring and throw it at Han, ’’Go read this book first, it's a top grade instruction book about Earth Claw, got it from a prehistoric relic. We will talk after you learned whatever's inside.’’

’’And about what you said about teaching my how to assemble Earth Claw...’’

’’Tomorrow, too busy today, we will talk tomorrow.’’ Wuyun impatiently waved his hand and instantly turned around and ran.

And Han's pretty excitingly holding the book, and with Night Walker and Pathless, they embarked on the path home.

Night Walker glanced at the book that Wuyun gave, thick one, like a big encyclopedia.

The moment Night Walker saw the name of the book, he started laughing, ’’Earth Claw Sealing Sky? Han, you got tricked by Old Devil. It's true that this book came from a prehistoric relic, but this book is a top-tier treatise on Earth Claw, filled with complicated jargon and rigid formulae. Old Devil probably didn't even thoroughly understand it himself.’’

’’If you start your learning directly from this book, it's like a little kid that hasn't even been through kindergarten, going directly to study medical school. This difficulty, is enough to make you suffer.’’

Han hesitated and slightly frowned, ’’It's that difficult? Then let me read it first. After all it's top-tier textbook material, I will ask Wuyun for help if I don't understand anything.’’

After returning to Pathless's castle, Han actually began reading that book. He laid down on the sofa, put up his feet, and also got some fruit on the coffee table.

Pathless and Night Walker looked at Han from outside of the room, Night Walker said, ’’Our goal was to let Han take a break from training so hard, now at least we reached our goal.’’

Han's pace of everyday life didn't really slow down because of studying Earth Claw, it's just not as monotonous as before, Night Walker would still spend one day of time every week to answer those endless amount of questions.

And in terms of training, Pathless already passed on the second path of the 6 paths of void, Path of Earth, Ground-shattering Godly Hammer.

Have to say, the Six Paths of Void is really an insanely difficult forbidden art, Han's training progress significantly slowed down. First it's because the Path of Earth is multiple times harder than Path of Heaven, and secondly it's because Han will go find the Old Devil Wuyun every day.


Han's Falcon Class Frigate landed on the top of the mountain, Han directly jumped onto a larger size Starry Spider's back. ’’Go, take me to teacher Wuyun!’’

Wherever Han went, it was smooth with no obstacles, even the Starry Spider Mother Little Flower won't attack Han, not to mention other fusion beasts. They are even very willing to provide help for Han.

If Wuyun doesn't want to see Han and went hiding somewhere, sorry, the fusion beasts will help Han find Wuyun together.

’’You guys! Who the f*** are you guys siding with?!’’ Wuyun was just in his laboratory when he saw Han coming in with that big spider.

Han dragged Wuyun, and began suddenly with a slew of questions. Maybe it's because studying fusion beast techniques is harder than pharmacology, Han asked relatively fewer questions, at most it's only a dozen.

When finished, Han went back to Pathless's house to continue his training. After training he would read the book on Earth Claw, save up a few questions and then go to the mountain again to find Old Devil.

The cycle continued, and what felt like a blick of an eye half month passed. Han suddenly asked Wuyun for a laboratory and many tools for making fusion beasts. He didn't need gene potions because he said he will make it himself to strengthen the vitality of Earth Claw. After all he doesn't want his Earth Claw to die soon after he was summoned.

’’Did this kid actually read and understand that book I gave him?’’ Wuyun mumbled to himself, then he shook his head, ’’How's that possible, he just learned a few days of genetic science.’’

Since that day, Han slowed down in asking Wuyun questions. Most of the time, he just shuts himself in the library, and he also brought in a set of pharmacology equipment that Night Walker gave him.

Every time Wuyun passed through Han's humble laboratory, he heard him talking to himself inside, ’’Yes! Let me try this, it should be able to improve Earth Claw's vitality.’’

It looks like Han really cares about how long Earth Claw can live.

After a few more days, Han came to Wuyun to ask for the other 4 legs of Demon Star Chaser crab.

’’Why do you need that?!’’ Wuyun asked Han cynically.

’’Of course it's for Earth Claw.’’

’’Don't joke around, Earth Claw can only have 5 claws installed, that's the rule.’’

’’I don't care about the rules, give me that other 4 claws.’’

’’With Earth Claw's small body, installing 5 claws is the limit. If you install 4 more, I'm afraid that it will die the moment you summon it due to overload.’’

’’How can we know without giving it a try. Before, you promised to provide me whatever I want. Although, is that gold and black stone (TL: from the last Earth Claw) really useless?’’

Han said as he took out that strange rock left behind after the last Earth Claw died.

Wuyun shook his head, ’’It's as useful as an ordinary pebble, I've told you many times that it's just a rock.’’

Han pouted and said, ’’That's impossible... It's okay, I will think of a way to use this rock, but give me the other 4 claws to me please.’’

Wuyun can't just go back on the promise he made, he had no choice but to unwillingly give the other 4 claws to Han in dismay, knowing in his heart that it may be a waste.

Since then, Han's lab became more lively. Every day he would spend 12 hours inside the laboratory, filled with an unpleasant smell.

If it wasn't because of Night Walker watching over Han and the fact that Han's pharmacology knowledge foundation is very solid, Wuyun would be really scared that Han would come up with some foul potion and blow his laboratory up.

It has been over a month since the first time Han met Wuyun. Today, Wuyun's in the middle of thinking inside his laboratory about what to do with Han next, and he suddenly heard a loud roaring from Han's laboratory next door.

Wuyun stood up, visited Han's laboratory in curiosity, and he just saw all of his fusion beasts were in Han's room celebrating for him, even Little Flower was there raising its two claws and clapping loudly.

’’What's this?! What is this?!’’ Wuyun frowned, asked as he walked into Han's laboratory.

’’It's finally done! This is my Earth Claw!’’ Han pointed at the black thing on his lab's operation platform and said.

Wuyun hesitated for a second, then approached the platform and looked, and his face suddenly lost all color.


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