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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 127


Chapter 127: Path of Heaven - Sky Break Strike!

In the blink of an eye, a month passed. In this one month, Han's nonstop training and studying madness is still continuing.

’’No, I have to find a way for Han to take a break. Being hardworking is a good thing, but Han seems to be taking it way too far.’’ Night Walker lowered his voice and said when he returned to Pathless's house again.

Night Walker felt like an apple, and Han's the a juicer, tossing Night Walker in to extrude all the nutrients out, and that's exactly how Han squeezes out all learnable pharmacological knowledge from Night Walker.

Pathless nodded, remained in silence. He completely agrees with Night Walker's words, they needed to find a way to divert Han's attention, or else if Han keeps putting himself through high-intensity training like this, then sooner or later Han will collapse. Even if he doesn't collapse, he will probably suffer from some permanent mental problems.

Night Walker sighed, ’’We might as well let Han meet Wuyun, after all he's very interested in the dark fusion beasts.’’

Pathless hesitated, then followed by a sigh he said, ’’I guess that's the only way.’’

Just when Pathless and Night Walker were talking, Han was sitting cross-legged in the practicing room meditating.

With a whole month of ultra-high intensity training, Han made substantial progress. Although he is able to use Sky Crossing Strike at a masterful degree of perfection, he still cannot reach the Tao level.

Sky Crossing Strike became a very sharp and accurate move in Han's hands, but according to Pathless, Han's Sky Crossing Strike has the skill, power, and angle, but it's just lacking a fine spirit.

Simply put, Han still needed true comprehension of the path itself in order to reveal the full explosive potential of this move.

’’Sky Crossing Strike.’’

’’Sky Crossing Strike.’’

Han mumbled to himself, thinking.

This feeling is very uncomfortable, he is clearly so close, but he just could not reach the Tao's realm.

Suddenly, Han hesitated, ’’Could it be that crossing sky doesn't mean piercing the sky, but shattering the hollow?’’

’’The sky, could it mean the hollow?’’

When Han thought about the meaning of hollow, he suddenly became energetic again, and his chain of thoughts began to slowly bloom out. Han started thinking about the relationship between Sky Crossing Strike and Hollow, if it's hollow, then how can one strike it?

Sometimes people are like this, the moment one clears up the point that's troubling him for a long time, thoughts will begin spewing out like spring water, and it can't even be stopped!

A strike that pierces the sky!

The strike is hollow!

The sky is hollow!

It's all hollow!

Suddenly, Han jumped up from the ground, his right fist cleverly pulled-down, then immediately bursting towards the sky!


A punch that's seemingly hollow and powerless, actually had an unbelievable burst effect!

The power of the fist pierces the sky and charges straight into heaven!


Then looking up, a perfectly round hole suddenly appeared on the roof of the training room, as if it was penetrated by laser. The power of the fist still didn't stop after breaking out of the training room, it continued to burst through floors and floors of the building construction, ultimately piercing through the top of the castle and charged into the sky!

’’It's done! I did it! So that's the Sky Crossing Strike!’’

’’It's about brewing strength in nothingness, and seeking a breakthrough between movement and stillness!’’

Han laughed out loud in the training and shouted giddily.

Night Walker and Pathless who were just whispering in each others' ears were both suddenly shocked by this sudden blast.

Then when they looked at the training room again, both of them were shocked!

’’Han actually mastered the Path of Heaven!’’ Pathless almost couldn't believe his eyes, if Han didn't master the Path of Heaven, which is the most violent, deadly, and demonic strike, how can a normal punch achieve such incredible result?!

Looked at the layers of roof that were cleanly penetrated, Pathless know that even if he uses this move himself, the effect might not be better than Han's.

Night Walker patted on Pathless's shoulder in excitement, ’’One month and seven days! One month and seven days and Han reached the Path of Heaven of the 6 paths. And for an old master like you that was called one of the geniuses of the generation, it took 18 full months! There's no doubt that Han's talent is far superior than yours!’’

’’Oh by the way, among all the students of your teacher, who's the fastest in learning Path of Heaven? How does he compare to Han?’’

Pathless heavily swallowed a spittle, lowered his voice and said, ’’I am.’’

’’What?!’’ Night Walker was stunned;he was actually shocked this time.

Path of Heaven, the power of Sky Crossing Strike is too strong, it even broke Pathless's house, so Han had no choice but to go to the yard to practice over and over in order to consolidate what he just accomplished.

Pathless and Night Walker stood on the side and watched, they just saw Han's Sky Crossing Strike getting stronger and stronger every time. Obviously, because Han added his resolve into the attack, although he learned the same Sky Crossing Strike as Pathless, but there's a huge gap.

Over all, this gap is violence.

Han's every strike contained anger, every attack was like thunder tearing down on Earth, causing enormous sound and destruction.

Feeling that it's almost mastered, Pathless called Han to his side.

Han sincerely said, ’’Teacher, should we start learning the second path, Path of Earth, Ground-shattering Godly Hammer?’’

Pathless waved his hand, ’’Not in a hurry, you just learned the first path, it's better to reinforce what you learned for a bit more.’’

’’In general, Void, no, I mean, Star Breaker Fist is a natural descent martial art without fixed moves, plus it is composed of 6 ultimate moves, each are like giant steps one on top of another, and its difficulty increases dramatically step by step!’’

’’You just learned your first ultimate ability, no need to be too proud. Godly Hammer's difficulty is multiple times higher than Sky Crossing Strike. It will be enough suffering for you in the future.

’’Also, I talked a bit with Old Black, didn't you always want to know how dark fusion beasts were made? We decided to bring you to a friend's place for a few days. His name is Wuyun, the Earth Claw you used before, was made from his hands.’’

Han hesitated for a second, then he quickly nodded, ’’So that's the case, then that's awesome! I have a lot of questions to ask teacher Wuyun, and that Earth Claw, after it died a black stone with gold inlay was left behind, don't know what that thing is.’’

Pathless frowned and said, ’’You don't have to call everyone your teacher right? He didn't even agree to take you as a student.’’

Han smiled and said, ’’I'm used to it. On our planet Earth, any respected seniors are called teachers, whether or not we are in a student and teacher relationship, it's fine even during the first time we meet.’’

Pathless pouted, ’’What a strange title. Whatever, Wuyun's house isn't far, we will head over now. But I have to remind you, Wuyun's a beast addict, there are a lot of weird monsters in his house, so don't make a fuss over everything you see.’’


The three took a small space shuttle and flew into the mountains.

Pathless and Wuyun's house are all very remote, but Pathless only lives beside a forest, and after all it's how villagers live. But Wuyun's house is located deep in the heart of the forest, the shuttle flew for a long time and they didn't even catch the shadow of a ghost.

At the tip of giant mountain, the space shuttle docked down.

Han got off the shuttle, and he saw that the top of the mountain had been artificially cultivated, and a simple clearing was established. At the jungle in front of the clearing, there hides a downward cave.


Before Han and the others take another step, a pack of mutant wolves charged out. They all have 6 legs, two heads, and their body is extremely robust. They stared in alert at Han, Night Walker and Pathless with their faint green eyes.

’’Tell your master, we are here to visit him!’’

Pathless waved, this pack of wolves seemed to understand Pathless's words, they ran into the cave and howled a few times inside.

’’Come on, these are all Wuyun's pets, they won't hurt us.’’ Night Walker pointed at the pitch black cave and said, ’’But to outsiders, these fusion beasts won't be so kind. Not to mention people, in the hundred miles' radius, not even a mouse can be found.’’

Fusion beasts, also known as synthesized beasts, are produced in manners similar to dark beasts. In essence, the technology used to make synthesized beasts is really just the technology used by the prehistoric civilization to create dark beasts.

It's just that, the prehistoric civilization were preoccupied with increasing the offensive stats of dark beasts to maximum, but the fusion beasts made by humans, aside from offensive stats the maker also have to think about whether the beasts are controllable. If the fusion beasts produced are unruly and bite their master, then that would be very bad.

Therefore, man-made fusion beasts are usually a bit weaker than dark beasts, but they are more obedient.

Han and the two teachers walked into the dark cave, a twin-headed wolf immediately umped out, used its claw to hook the electric brake, and turned on the incandescent light inside the cave.

’’Night Walker quite proudly said, ’’Wuyun's study on fusion beasts, it's very difficult to find an opponent in the present era that can be compared. Not only are these fusion beasts made from his hands, even this cave was dug by the dark beasts under his command.’’

’’This guy, has the talent of a generational king of beasts! Although that old monster Pathless can fight, but it might not even be Wuyun's opponent. Because no matter how strong, Old Monster (TL: Referring to Pathless) is just one person, but Wuyun has a whole fusion beast army!’’

Han carefully looked at the neatly constructed stairs and walls inside the cave, having difficulty truly believing that these perfectly shaped structures were all formed by dark beasts under Wuyun's command. It's clear to see to what extent he can control his fusion beasts.

There are many fusion spiders lying at the top of the cave. With a black spider body, but they have the same mouth as a hound, sharp teeth. If someone accidently strayed into the cave, they would certainly be scared half to death by these spiders.

Walking, Han suddenly saw a bunch of spiders with rags on their claws, cleaning the floor little by little. Seeing Han and the other two came, the spiders all parted to the left and right, waiting for Han and the others to pass and then going back to cleaning.

In front is a gantry gate, as Han and the others approached, a large spider suddenly jumped out from the side. It is as big as five or six people lining up together side by side, its arms are like bear arms, with sharp claws on the end.

The bear-armed spider grabbed a metal chain on the side, then pulled up the gantry gate, letting Han, Pathless and Night Walker to pass from below.

After entering the hall, Han was immediately shocked by what he saw, and bright light burst out of his eyes.


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