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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 119


Chapter 119: Han vs. Relic Ghost (Part One)

’’Eye of Darkness, open!’’


Immediately, Han's right eye turned black, the power of the complete Heart of Darkness had enhanced his vision when using the Eye. Not only could he see farther, it was as if he could see through everything, being able to move past their external appearances and analyze their essence.

Metal wouldn't show any color under the power of the Eye, so the world was just covered in gray in Han's eye, like a black and white photograph.

Suddenly, Han found a dazzling purple figure. Though distant, it still could not escape Han's sharp eye of darkness.

’’On our right hand side! Quarter past three o'clock! Quick!’’

The patiently waiting Ke Lake grabbed Han by the shoulder. He didn't just fly out, but shot out like a rocket!

The strongest flight descent, Celestial Dominator, full speed!

As the two strongest soldiers on Earth, no matter what monster was inside this relic, Han and Ke Lake were responsible to clear it out!

Even if this monster didn't go to find Han and Ke Lake, they will take the initiative and go find him!


The flight speed was too fast which resulted in a very violent sonic boom!

How was the Ke Lake right now still a person, he was just like a fighter jet flying at the speed of sound!

The distance drew near, and Han saw clearly that it was a very tall mineral mountain. Looks like this relic not only had a flagship production line, but also vast amounts of mineral mines. Upon closer inspection, the majority seems to have yet been mined.

That strange purple shadow was hidden inside that mountain!

’’dive and throw me out!’’ Han shouted to Ke Lake.

’’Got it!’’

Ke Lake loudly answered. When the distance was close, Ke Lake began his dive at high-speed and then forcefully pushed Han out.

Ke Lake's dive speed was already amazing, plus a hard push, the result was that Han was pushed out like a human cannon ball, blasting a shot out!

The right fist that contained the force of darkness was lifted up high.

Dark fist!

In terms of flight speed, it was very difficult for Ke Lake to find someone to compete with in this world.

But when it came to whose fist was hardest and most fierce, the title still belonged to Han's dark fist!


Then, a shockingly loud sound was heard, followed by the ground tremoring and mountains shaking!

Ke Lake's high-speed dive plus Han's Dark fist, the effect was actually comparable to a small nuclear bomb!

This huge mineral mountain actually collapsed immediately!

As for that human or monster thing inside that mountain, it didn't have time to react and was buried inside the collapsed mine!


Han punched up, crushing the ores that were above him and climbed out from the ground.

Han's battle suit, the Elliptical Matrix, was actually very cleverly designed, not only could it deflect force from enemy attacks, it even lessened a lot of the impact from the falling rocks, so when Han climbed up from the ruins, he wasn't even hurt at all.

Ke Lake suddenly realized, when he was coordinating attacks with Han, the explosion power was amazing!

Ke Lake quickly flew to Han's side and asked in concern, ’’How did it go? Is he dead?’’

Han shook his head, ’’At the last moment, that thing disappeared, he seems to be able to teleport.’’

’’Teleport? The top tier power of Dimensional descent?’’ Ke Lake hesitated and asked.

Dimensional descent was a very strong super power, a top tier battle type. Any type of the dimensional descent espers were extremely difficult to deal with. No one wanted to face an opponent of the dimensional descent.

Han lowered his voice and said, ’’My vision is still not perfect, it can only find the location and the intensity of life, but it can't determine whether the opponent is a person or a monster.’’

’’Look over there.’’

Ke Lake followed Han's eyes and looked over, they just saw that after the mountain collapsed, a huge open space was revealed, as well as a spherical building behind the mountain. It seems to be the gene factory.

In front of the factory, there were numerous dead bodies which seemed to be dead dark beasts.


Ke Lake suddenly hesitated for a second and hastily pulled Han into the air.

Looking at this open space from the air, the tragic scene is quite creepy.

Millions of dark beasts were lying there, motionlessly, like an ocean of dead bodies.


Ke Lake took Han and landed on the center of that open field, and they just saw that the dead bodies of these dark beasts were just like the mercenaries at the entrance, already air-dried. It was as if their life was sucked out by a vampire, the originally black skin after being air-dried became a gray color.

’’The number is more than a million.’’ Ke Lake said to Han in a lowered voice.

Han lightly nodded.

This was really an extremely scary relic. The dark beasts and mercenaries, just who were they killed by?


The Eye of Darkness, open again!

The black right eye shot out black electro lights, and Han scanned the entire relic again!

’’Where is he?!’’ Ke Lake clenched his fist and said.

Han said in a deep voice, ’’He's quite far from us, let's first just ignore this monster, and investigate the death of those dark beasts and the inside of that gene factory. Maybe we can find some clues.’’

Ke Lake agree with Han's judgement, if the enemy is a dimensional descent teleport esper, then as long as he wants to avoid fighting, then with Han and Ke Lake's speed and ability to capture, it will be impossible to catch him.

Instead of wasting energy, it's better to just do some investigation for now...


Han violently punched open the entrance to the gene factory, and walked in with Ke Lake.

The gene factory was something temporary constructed by the prehistoric civilization before they left the Milky Way, so this building looked newer than all those other giant machines.

After all this was just a B-class relic. The gene factory level built here was a lot lower than the one Han saw in the A-19. After entering, they directly saw the dark beast processing apparatus. Numerous culturing vessels contained yellow solution but there were no dark beasts being synthesized right now.

Han slightly frowned, continued to walk forward and there were rows of huge sealed metal cans.



The dark fists broke open those sealed cans one by one, and they were empty.

Seeing this, Han frowned again.

’’These cans are originally used to contain the raw materials needed to synthesize dark beasts, how are they all gone? Did this relic lose its power to manufacture dark beasts or something?’’ Ke Lake said.

Han looked at the empty gene factory, then looked at the dark beasts' bodies laying everywhere outside, and said in a deep voice, ’’I get it now, that monster deliberately used all the raw materials to manufacture dark beasts just to kill them later.’’

Ke Lake was shocked, ’’Why would he do that?’’

Han said, ’’Because he needs to absorb the energy inside those dark beasts, just like those mercenaries that died at the entrance, they were killed because their energy was drained empty.’’

’’So that means, that thing you couldn't kill earlier, is a vampire?’’

’’Might not be a vampire, but he definitely has similar properties with a vampire.’’

Han and Ke Lake became silent for a moment, Han lowered his voice and said, ’’This strange thing manufactured millions of dark beasts and then he absorbed their energy, and now he absorbed the energy of thousands of high level mercenaries.’’

’’I'm guessing, he's not only cruel, but also very intelligent. The reason why he doesn't want to fight us, is because he's not sure that he can kill us.’’

’’The absorbing power like a vampire plus the ability to teleport, I'm afraid that this time we are in big trouble.’’

With a sudden change in topic, Han lowered his voice and said to Ke Lake, ’’Do you trust me?’’

’’Of course, brothers work together, our power can break steel!’’

’’Then are you willing to put your life in my hands?’’

Ke Lake hesitated for not even a second, and then resolutely said, ’’No problem! You tell me what to do!’’

The end of Han's mouth lifted up slightly, and he said, ’’If we can't kill this monster, then we will troll him to death!’’

Chapter 119: Han vs. Relic Ghost (Part Two)


At a place very far away from the gene factory, there was a person sitting on the giant furnace observing.

As least he looked like a person, the white faced devil, Han Wu.

But if anyone familiar with Han Wu saw this scene, they could certainly tell that something was off.

Han Wu had a pair of brown eyes, but now it had turned black. And if he was Han Wu, then he wouldn't be squatting on the ground like an animal and sticking his crimson red tongue out.

This guy that was in Han Wu's body had a very cold breath, his black eyes stared at the distance and observed every move from Han and Ke Lake.

No doubt, Han and Ke Lake were not easy to deal with, they were currently the strongest soldiers on Earth, with enough combat experience and chillingly powerful super powers.

Han was able to detect him with his Eye of Darkness and shatter a mountain with one punch. From that moment he learned that if he fought these two humans head-on, although he might not lose, but it's definitely not easy to win.

So, this guy that looked like Han Wu didn't make any reckless moves, but hide from afar and observe.

Suddenly, his expression became very confused. He saw that those two hard-to-deal-with humans were fighting each other. The shorter guy opened his mouth, and ate that flying tall guy!

Ate him?!


Han Wu immediately teleported nearby Han, with about a few hundred meters in distance, he tilted his head and looked.

And at that moment, Han supported one hand on the ground, the other one over his chest, holding his trademark quirky defense stance.

He really ate him?!

Han Wu looked around, there was not a trace of scent of Ke Lake, it was like Ke Lake vanished.


Han Wu roared at Han, and what came out was not the voice of a human. He seemed to be very angry.

Han looked up, saw the thing that looks very much like Han Wu, and said coldly, ’’You are angry?’’

’’I got it, you took over Han Wu's body, but then you realized, Ke Lake's body was even more perfect! That's why you kept delaying your moves, not because you are afraid of us, but because you don't want to damage Ke Lake's body and take it over later!’’

’’Now that I ate Ke Lake, that's why you are so angry!’’


Things were very clear now. Right now, what Han was facing was not Han Wu but a species that underwent genetic mutation! Not only was he evil, he could also take over humans' body!


Han just saw the monster pointing out a finger, and a white needle popped out of the finger. It was sharp, and radiating coldness.

’’So that's what happened, your method of killing is using needles, no wonder there doesn't seem to be any wounds on the dark beasts' or the mercenaries' bodies.’’

’’When Ke Lake and I were together, there was a threat to you, you still have some fear and that was why you didn't dare to make any moves.’’

’’Now that I'm the only one left, you think I'm weak and you are not afraid anymore, so you don't even bother hiding yourself anymore.’’

That monster put out his head, and veins began popping up on his neck, and in a very deep hoarse voice he said, ’’Die. Die.’’

Obviously, this monster has not yet learned how to speak, the sound was like a chilly wind whistling past, completely unlike human voices.

The monster approached Han step by step, still tilting left and right as he walked, and that strange white needle bent in a very strange angel.

But Han still maintained his own unique defence stance, his left hand still pressing on his chest, but his right hand is already slowly opening.

’’Extinction Domain, open!’’

The surrounding air began to condense.

Han versus the relic ghost.

An imminent war!


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