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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 113


Chapter 113: White Face Devil, Han Wu!

Han nodded, ’’Teacher, you didn't remember wrong, his power is Celestial Dominator.’’

Pathless became a little excited and said, ’’That's the strongest flying descent ability! He can perform intergalactic travel with just his flesh body, and be able to fight flying dragons with his bare hands! After all, he's the 9th ranked genius in the Milky Way Meet a decade ago.’’

’’And Ke Lake still had a staggering growth rate. A decade ago, he was an intermediate 5-star esper, and he was already ranked 9th among the young warriors in Milky Way. And now the Ke Lake at a high level quasi-warlord will be an opponent even feared by warlords!’’

’’Aside from that, Earth still has Long Chuan. His power is equally terrifying, top tier source energy fantasy descent, fantasy celestial dragon! A few days ago when I was chatting with Old Black, he said that with the condensed crystal and blood seep you mailed to him, he can possibly help Long Chuan fully recover, and maybe even let his level go up a level, and at that time it will be a penta-eyed dragon!’’

’’Plus you the little devil, must say, your little Earth planet really have a lot of talents, and I really look forward to seeing the planet's future.’’

Han also felt very proud, it seemed that Earth's luck finally changed and everything was full of hope.

At this time, someone knocked on the door. Han closed the real-time communication channel with Pathless. He opened the door, and it was Ke Lake.

’’Everything has been prepared as you said, most of the soldiers have had their gene lock lifted, and now everyone's in the warehouse.’’ Ke Lake said to Han.

’’Then we will head over together now.’’ Han nodded and said.

Closing the door, Han and Ke Lake went to the warehouse together. Since Polo class ships were cargo ships, 150 thousand alien race all living at the warehouse didn't seem crowded, and there was also a lot of food and water for everyone to access freely.

Han told Ke Lake to lift these alien race's gene lock, at that moment everyone was very confused. For many years, the aliens were arrested by humans, and were sold as slaves. Even the alien race themselves have become accustomed. But now, Han bought them but didn't put locks on them? Why?

Smiling, Han gestured everyone to quiet down, and said in a loud voice, ’’Maybe you all don't understand why I lifted the gene lock for the majority of people. The reason is simple: I have never seen you as slaves.’’

’’You know what kind of place is Earth?’’

’’It's the Destroyer's home!’’ A little girl with a sweet smile said while pointing at Ke Lake.

’’Yep.’’ Han picked up the girl in his arms, found a seat and sat down.

’’Earth is the Destroyer's home, he's not only a member of the Red Dragon Tribe, he's also a family member for us people on Earth. So if you think about it, us humans on Earth and the Red Dragon tribe are actually relatives, so I certainly won't treat you all as slaves, I just want to invite you all to live on Earth.’’


Han threw a little image-creating ball. The little ball projected out a screen which projected a beautiful documentary of Earth's scenery. Coast, city, desert, sunset, they are all so charismatic. As a native that was born and raised on Earth, Han felt full of pride towards his home planet.

’’Everyone saw, right? Earth is a very beautiful planet. When we land, the federal government will make arrangements for everyone here in terms of housing and careers, the children will all have a place to go to school, it will be way better than wandering in the wilderness on the outskirts of Milky Way.’’

’’But, will the people on Earth accept us?’’ A teenager with a ponytail asked.

’’Of course!’’ Han pointed at Ke Lake and said, ’’You guys don't have to trust me but you have to trust the Destroyer. He's a big hero on Earth, everyone on Earth all admire him very much. And since you are the Destroyer's tribesmen, of course the Earth people will accept you all.’’

A solider with an ox nose immediately said, ’’Destroyer is our Red Dragon tribe's big hero. Aside from the chief, Destroyer is the most respected person in our tribe!’’

Han laughed and said, ’’That's why I said, the Earth people and the Red Dragon tribe is simply a giant family, now Destroyer is going back to Earth. you are the Destroyer's tribe members and brothers, of course you have to go back with him as well, isn't that right? Obviously you can't just abandon your own brother Destroyer right?’’

’’Impossible! We the Red Dragon tribe will never abandon our brothers!’’ A soldier's eyes suddenly opened wide and he shouted.

’’Since Destroyer's going home, we will all go back together with him!’’

’’Yes! Destroyer is our brother;his home is also our home!’’

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Chapter 113: White Face Devil, Han Wu! (Part two)

The atmosphere was successfully warmed up. It was actually not that difficult to convince the Red Dragon tribe. After all, they all see Ke Lake as their brother, and Han also called Ke Lake his brother in every single sentence. This way, the Red Dragon tribe people felt that Ke Lake's brother was also their brother.

As long as they accepted this concept, then taking them back to Earth to settle won't be difficult.

Slaves will not be loyal by heart, but brothers will follow you forever!

Han invited Ke Lake, Mu Tata, Jimmy, Pinan, these highly respected main characters from the Red Dragon tribe into the dining room, brought food and wine, and they all started drinking pleasantly.

Drinking was one of those things that was best able to deepen the feelings. Not long after, Han began fraternizing with them all together.

’’Chief Mu Tata, cheers to you!’’ Han poured a full glass of moonshine, and raised his glass to Mu Tata.

’’We are all brothers, no need to be so polite, drink!’’

Although Mu Tata had aged, but he was quite a famous character during his youth. He's still got that spirit and force, and he didn't lose to young people when it came to drinking.

’’Nice!’’ Han dropped his glass, but suddenly a hint of sadness surfaced on his face, and he started sighing.

Jimmy was a straightforward guy, he asked curiously, ’’Brother Han, is there something on your mind?’’

Han was a bit troubled, ’’You may not know, we are all brothers, there obviously won't be any problem. But on this boat, besides us brothers, there are some soldiers from the Witch race and Heyuan race, I'm worried that they might be unruly after going to Earth and cause damage.’’


Right after hearing that, Jimmy suddenly slapped the table, and said, ’’Earth is Destroyer's home, it's also our home! If Witch race soldiers dare to mess around, I will kill them!’’

Han was just waiting for those words, he hurried and toasted to Jimmy and said, ’’No need to kill, it's best if we can convince soldiers from other races to fight for Earth as well. Right now, our home really needs some high level soldiers, even the cunning Witch clan soldiers, if they are really willing to stay on Earth, they can also be our brothers!’’

Mu Tata nodded and said, ’’Yes, in fact, regardless of the Witch clan or us Red Dragon, our lives are all very difficult. Do you know why our Red Dragon tribe have such a high soldier ratio?’’

Han shook his head.

Mu Tata said, ’’Actually, from a long time ago, the natural warrior birth rate for us Red Dragon tribe was about the same as humans, which was not that high. But due to the years of human slaughter, all of the weak Red Dragon members were completely eliminated, so the ones left surviving are all talented ones with elite bloodline. And now, we can see an esper appearing in every ten children.’’

’’Witch clan, Heyuan tribe, Kui race, their situation is the same as us. If you trust us, then us Red Dragon soldiers can be responsible for monitoring other races and try to convince them of allegiance. As for lifting the gene locks, there's no need to rush. We will get to know them first and then accept them, and then there won't be a problem.’’

Letting alien rac e to control alien race, that was Han's desired result.

With a solemn look, Han passed the gene lock controller from Horton to Mu Tata.

’’Chief, this is the controller of other race's soldiers, please help me manage it. If you think someone is qualified to become a warrior of Earth, you can disable their gene lock and give them back freedom.’’ Han solemnly said.

Mu Tata could not believe his ears, Han actually had that much trust in him. Inviting his race to live on Earth and also letting him control the slaves Han purchased for such a high price, Han really saw the Red Dragon tribe as brothers!

’’Don't worry, since you truly believe in us, then we will obviously live up to that trust!’’ Mu Tata also solemnly took over the heavy gene lock controller with two hands.


’’One hundred billion GC.’’ On the screen, a white-faced man with a scar on his forehead gave a number to Levi.

One hundred billion GC was not a small number. Levi was quite bitter about it, but taking into account how their previous dealings with Earth continued to run into problems, Levi refrained.

’’Okay, you want cash or hard currency?’’ Levi nodded and asked.

The white-faced man with a scar smiled, ’’Of course I want cash, I will give you a location. As long as your guys send the money there, you can leave the rest to me.’’


The real-time communication channel ended, Levi reached out for the glass of wine for a drink.

’’Sir, this guy is too outrageous. He actually demanded a hundred billion GC before agreeing to take action, is he really worth that much money?’’ Levi's secretary, a young man with small eyes and a freckled face started complaining on the side.

Levi swirled the wine glass in his hand, sighed and said, ’’What do you know. A few years ago there was a Wumu cliff empire in the 23rd star sector, do you still remember?’’

Levi's secretary nodded, ’’Of course I remember, that country was very unfortunate. Marshal Han Wu and their king had a fall out, and he angrily led troops and massacred 50% of the entire population of that country, burned the king and his family all alive and then left. It was still a big news in the galaxy at that time.’’

Hearing that, Levi's secretary suddenly hesitated, his eyes widened and he said, ’’Sire, that white-faced man from just now can't be...’’

Levi smiled proudly, ’’That's right, that guy just now is Han Wu, nicknamed the White-faced devil. Han Wu and his army can't be compared to those galactic pirates or raiders;they came from the official military! Their tactics are advanced and their methods are brutal.’’

’’Although to avoid being chased after the rebellion, he dismissed the majority of his troops for their safety and now is only left with just 20 thousand men, but these 20 thousand men are all elites of the elites! They are currently one of the strongest mercenaries in Milky Way!’’

’’Let me ask you, who's the strongest soldier on Earth?’’

Levi's young secretary thought and said, ’’Nominally it's Long Chuan but now he's basically wasted, so currently the number one soldier is probably Han, the champion of this year's relic exploration event. But it looks like Han hasn't return to Earth yet, so the most powerful man on Earth at the moment should be Talin.’’

’’Even if Han makes it back, so what? What level is Han?’’

’’Beginner 4-star.’’

’’What level is Han Wu?’’

’’Intermediate 6-star, quasi-warlord! And those three 5-star generals that rebelled with him that year, Freeman, Luodong, Delicaton, they are all 5-star espers.’’

With a look of excitement, Levi then asked, ’’Let me ask you again, how many troops does Earth have?’’

The young secretary said in a deep voice, ’’Apparently Earth tried their best to set up ten armies, but the only ones that really have the combat strength is just the 1st Legion and the Tactical SWAT team with a little over 1000 people. The other regiments were only formed a few months ago and they haven't even completed the basic trainings yet.’’

’’And then how many people does the White-face devil Wu Han has?’’

’’Didn't you just mention before? Han dismissed most of his army and kept only 20 thousand soldiers. I think, the ones kept by Wu Han, must be the most elite ones of the Ebony Cliff empire. This gap in strength is simply too big, not to mention the surprise attack, even if it's an official head-on battle, Earth will still lose their pants.’’


Levi stood up, laughing, ’’Every time I remember hiring the garbage Lucas gang I feel depressed. If we paid the big bucks to hire the White-faced Devil since the beginning, then we won't be worrying about it right now!’’

’’But it's still not too late. This time I want more than just victory, but absolute destruction! Directly beat the Earth troops to the point of collapse! Then activate the relic and let out the dark beasts to massacre their people!’’

Victory was not enough, Earth needs to be completely stomped on!

This clearly shows the extent of Levi's deep hatred towards Earth.

It was just that Levi still didn't know. Firstly, although Han didn't return to Earth yet, but he's already on his way home.

Secondly, Han was not coming back home alone!


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