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Full-time Anomaly - Chapter 112


Chapter 112

However, as Yan Tian observed the scenery, he saw the stewardess from a moment ago come over. Moreover, she appeared a bit embarrassed. He thought to himself this woman shouldn't have become enamored him, right?

"Umm…… I want to thank you two for a moment ago." The stewardess looked at Yan Tian and Luo Shaoling rather bashfully.

"Heh, it was nothing. That kind of person should be hit." Yan Tian shrugged and said.

"Mhm, no need to be polite, miss. I did what should've been done." On the contrary, Luo Shaoling had a gentle manner. It was unknown if he was originally like such or if it was a facade.

Finally, after the stewardess thanked the two of them once more, she left. After all, it was time for work, and she couldn't stand there and make small talk with Yan Tian and the gentleman in any case.

"Hey, brother, I must praise you for your conduct a moment ago." Yan Tian looked at Luo Shaoling and nodded his head in admiration.

"What can I be considered? In comparison to you charging straight towards that man and hitting him, I truly pale in significance." Luo Shaoling laughed and shook his head.

Yan Tian thought it over and felt it to be true, as well. He reckoned there weren't many people like him that would directly settle the issue in such a crude manner. Yet this was the strongest method. In the modern world, a fist could still solve a problem.

"Woah, that's right, how did you get injuries on your face? What happened, were you hit?" From the moment Luo Shaoling began to look at Yan Tian's injured face, he hadn't asked from the beginning, but now that they were chatting idly, he began to ask.

"Uhh…… Hit? How could that be? I wasn't careful yesterday and fell over, so I came to look like this as a result. I really got rotten luck."

Having the injuries on his face mentioned, Yan Tian was annoyed. He had already cooked up an idea, and it would be for the best not to let him seize the opportunity. If he had a chance, he would definitely teach Lan Yu a ruthless lesson. Really, his life for the past two days after she had beaten him up was like that of a monkey in a zoo. The rate of people turning their heads to look at him as they walked on the road reached up to seventy percent.

"Puh…… What? You fell?"

Luo Shaoling looked at Yan Tian with a smile that wasn't a smile. His Luo family were all doctors, generation from generation. It could be said they had seen all kinds of injuries and illnesses, so it was obvious that Yan Tian's wound was from being hit. Even a fool could see it, let alone, he, a doctor?

"That's right, I wasn't careful and fell. Ridiculous, ha!" Yan Tian naturally wouldn't dumbly speak of the truth. He was left to continue lying with the thickness of the skin of his face.

"Okay, if you said you fell, then you fell. It's only that your fall is a bit too…… a bit too cool (bad)." Although he knew Yan Tian was lying, Luo Shaoling didn't blow Yan Tian's cover. Without any other choice, he resisted the urge smile with great difficulty.

Laughing, Luo Shaoling appeared to have suddenly recalled something. He immediately rummaged through his briefcase, and after going through it for a while, he pulled out a small bottle: "Oh, that's right. I feel you and I have been brought together by fate. This is for you."

"What is this?" Yan Tian took the bottle in Luo Shaoling's hand rather curiously, but studying it in his hand for a while, he was unable to find anything of significance.

"Open the bottle and apply the medicine within on your face. Three minutes later, you will experience a miracle." Luo Sholing winked at Yan Tian.

"Is this a trick? I'll experience a miracle after I put it on my face for three minutes?" Yan Tian opened the bottle incredulously.

Placing the bottle before his nose and sniffing at it, Yan Tian knew what the item was. This medicine and his master's mystical medicine were nearly one and the same. Nevertheless, his master's had a familiar scent, but Luo Shaoling's had the faint smell of peppermint if you sniffed it carefully.

"Don't ask so many questions. Just try it out. The value for this doesn't exist on the market. Since I feel you and I are kindred spirits, I'll let you use it."

Since he had the medicine, Yan Tian naturally wouldn't be polite. He was quite clear on the medicine's efficacy. For example, if you were hurt, you would just have to dab some of the medicine on the wound and it would make the wounded area completely recover, leaving behind the faintest of scars. If you used it many more times, then you wouldn't even see the scar.

Other than wound treatment, the medicine could also serve as a skincare product. Used as a skincare product even once, it could outclass other skincare products several tens of times. Of course, if you used it as a skincare product, it would be a true reckless waste of resources. This item wasn't something money was capable of obtaining.

As Yan Tan applied the medicine, there were no few amount of surround people that watched him do so. They scolded him as a sissy;a man was actually doing a facial on an airplane? This was too narcissistic.

Three minutes later, Yan Tian went to the bathroom and washed his face. Sure enough, the medicine hadn't disappointed him. The wound's on his face had already completely recovered. There were only bruises from when he had been punched on his face, so there weren't any scars left behind at all.

Looking at his handsome self in the mirror, Yan Tian nodded in satisfaction. After taking on a pose, he walked out.

As soon as Yan Tian walked out, the other travelers didn't feel anything to be strange at all, but there were still a good few that sized him up a couple times, thinking this person was surprisingly wearing the same outfit as the other person from a moment ago. They simply hadn’t put two and two together.

"How is it? Not bad, right?" As soon as Yan Tian sat down again, Luo Shaoling laughed and asked.

"It's pretty nice. This item's great for removing makeup, haha."

Yan Tian deliberately spoke of healing properties as a removal of makeup, since there were a few people looking at him incredulously now. Just a moment ago, they had believed it was someone wearing the same outfit, but now that Yan Tian had sat down and even spoke, it couldn't be helped that the surrounding people's curiosity would be drawn.

Yan Tian knew he couldn't let this kind of medicine be known to the outside world, otherwise, it's influence would be too great. Helpless, he was forced to say it was makeup remover, so his wounds from a moment ago had turned into make up that he had applied and had just removed, so he had become like this. With such a method, he could dispel the curiosity of the group of travelers. "Haha, who made you so girly, kid? I told you not to put on makeup, but you must insist upon doing so." Luo Shaoling followed suit at the side with Yan Tian's play.

As soon as the surrounding people heard this, they shook their heads one after another. At the same time, they glanced at Yan Tian disdainfully, thinking to themselves was it that this person was a goddamned ladyboy? Could it be he was waiting to change planes at Hong Kong and go to Thailand?

Although he had dispelled the interests of the other people, Yan Tian was certainly bitter. He had surprisingly been taken as a sissy by others and then became a ladyboy.

"Fine, alright, fine. I'll stop putting makeup on later." Yan Tian glowered at Luo Shaoling and said.

"Now that your face is fine, could you give me the remainder?" Luo Shaoling smiled at Yan Tian and extended his hand.

"What? Give it to you?"

"Correct, there's still half a bottle left over, no? Hand it over." Luo Shaoling looked at Yan Tian and raised his neck.

Yan Tian was rendered dumb, once he heard this. How could Luo Shaoling want it back? It didn't seem like the man was pretty stingy. If those who understood the nature of the medicine knew that Yan Tian had said Luo Shaoling was stingy, they would probably hack him to death. Someone let you use half a bottle free of charge, but you actually still called the person stingy?

"Ehhh, here, you're really stingy. Isn't it just half a bottle?" Mulling it over, Yan Tian handed over the remaining half a bottle grudgingly to Luo Shaoling, thinking to himself the man was truly a penny-pincher.


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