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Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son, Get A Free Husband - Chapter 1050


Chapter 1050

Chapter 1050: Is Your Wife Pregnant?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Because he was hugging her the whole time, he did not realize that the girl's cheeks were bright pink. It seemed unusual and when he touched her forehead, it was feverish!

Ning Xi was having a fever!

Lu Tingxiao got up and quickly made a call to Qin Mufeng.

An hour later, Qin Mufeng came over with a suitcase.

’’ you always spy on me or something? The moment I return, you call me!’’

Qin Mufeng had gone overseas for an academic conference and had just touched down when Lu Tingxiao called him.

However, he was glad that Lu Tingxiao called. Ever since Ning Xi was there, both father and son had become really healthy. In fact, he felt guilty for doing nothing while continuing to receive his salary.

’’What's happened that you had to call me this urgently?’’ Qin Mufeng asked.

’’Fever,’’ Lu Tingxiao said.

Qin Mufeng explained patiently, ’’My dear CEO, a fever is just a normal thing. You called me here just for this? I thought your wife was pregnant!’’

Qin Mufeng felt that even that was overthinking. Knowing Lu Tingxiao's personality, the both of them had probably never even done it yet...

Speaking of which, if he was this worried when his wife got a fever, what would happen if she actually gave birth in the future?

Qin Mufeng kept these thoughts to himself as he took out some equipment from his suitcase. He did some simple check up procedures on Ning Xi and and measured her temperature.

’’How is she?’’ Lu Tingxiao asked.

Qin Mufeng took a look at the thermometer and frowned. ’’How did her fever get so bad? I'm going to prescribe her some medication. You should try and lower her temperature physically. If her fever doesn't get better by tonight, she'll have to get an injection and be put on drips!’’

’’Okay, don't leave. Stay here for the night,’’ said Lu Tingxiao without any expression.

Qin Mufeng's mouth twitched. ’’Roger, CEO Lu!’’

The girl's face was red and her breathing hastened.

Lu Tingxiao helped the girl up and fed her some medicine, then he rubbed some alcohol all over her body to try cooling her down.

After a whole day, her body temperature stabilized around the evening, but she was still was still unconscious...


The next morning, the sun shone brightly and warm rays peaked through the curtains. Birds were singing and as some petals from the garden were swept inside, the fragrance of the flowers filled up the room...

On the bed, the girl frowned. Her eyelashes fluttered and she suddenly woke up with her forehead full of sweat. It seemed like she had just woken up from a nightmare.

Ning Xi was a little confused when she woke up She looked around and saw that it was the bedroom she was familiar with. There was a bundle of flowers by her side, combined with the scent of flowers and nature from outside as the curtain swayed in the wind...

Beside the window, a man was sitting on the sitting on the chair with a book in his hand. He did not flip the book and was looking outside the window.

Ning Xi's eyes finally opened wide, then she realized that she was still alive and not in hell...

Lu Tingxiao walked over when he realized she had moved. He caressed the girl's head. ’’You're awake?’’

’’How long have I slept?’’ Ning Xi asked.

’’Two days.’’

’’That's long...’’ muttered Ning Xi as she held her head, then she saw the man's unshaven facial hair and felt her heart ache. ’’You haven't been sleeping?’’

This time around, it was probably Lu Tingxiao who was most frightened and not Ning Xi. She wondered how Lu Tingxiao had found her so quickly. Maybe he had a spy...

Or...had Feng Jin intentionally leaked the information...?


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