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Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation - Chapter 72



Li Yao spent the entire day receiving a full-body exam in the hospital.

He didn't know how many talismans were stuck to his body by the doctor. Then the doctor shoved him into 17~18 strange and bizarre machines. Then there still were four renowned mind-healing-specialist Meditation Healers who tried to hypnotise him in vain, to take a glimpse at his neural field.

Li Yao's neural field broke through new ground having experienced Ou Yezi's powerful soul. His mind had changed to be incomparably vast. The four Meditation Healers spent a hair-pulling half a day and were unable to find out why they can't access his mind. They ended up concluding..... Since his spirit root was torn, Li Yao had already lost the brain wave response that most ordinary people should possess.

To summarize, they tried over and over until 3:00 in the afternoon. Floating Spear City's First Hospital issued a diagnosis report...... There's nothing majorly wrong with Li Yao's body. Each of his organs are weak only because of his month long coma. Perhaps he needs half a year to a full year of time to recuperate, for the functionality of his body to recover to normal.

Li Yao knew the actual cause. It was because consuming Ou Yezi's memory shards consumed far too much energy.

As long as he used the Art of the Swallowing Whale to eat several tons of food, he would be able to recover back to normal in 3-5 days.

What do you mean a year to recover? That's simply a joke.

Soon a white gowned doctor with a grave expression walked to his bedside. The doctor explained with an expression of being in constipation for several several years. The attack from the doped up mutated large-eyed ape caused his Spirit Root to be completely torn. His Actualization Quotient dropped to a state unrecognizable by any father or mother. Only 7% was left. The doctor estimated that he would have to say goodbye to cultivation for life.

Even though things were like this, the doctor still hoped for Li Yao to summon the courage to live life bravely. Though his body was ravaged, maintain an unyielding will. Don't give up hope. And so on and so forth.

Li Yao browsed his diagnosis report meticulously. He compared pages after pages of diagrams and charts of his neural field. Li Yao used his substantially-enforced computational abilities to calculate to the limits. His thoughts coursed with electricity and surmised at lightning speed everything that had happened.

Soon his pair of eyes flickered and shined. He had thought of a possibility.

’’I have an approximate understanding why my Spirit Root had suddenly torn and why my Actualization Quotient has fallen to the bottom!’’

’’Suppose that a 1.8 meter 50 kg thin person expanded to be 2.5 meter 150 kg in a short day's time due to strange circumstances. His muscles would explode to the peak and he would become a super buff guy...... His skin, muscles, veins, and bones surely won't be able to support him. They will tear over and over, until they catch up with the growth of the body!’’

’’With every tear he becomes a degree buffer!’’

’’And my soul grew at incomparable crazy speeds when it was engulfing great amounts of Ou Yezi's memory shards. Can it be as simple as being a hundred pound skinny guy turning into a three hundred pound super buff dude?’’

My soul simply was a small lizard transforming into prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex!’’

’’My soul grew stronger too quickly. It was impossible for my pineal gland to keep up with the growth of my soul. It could only tear over and over!’’

’’And when this small lizard had just transformed into a T-Rex, its muscles and skin tore all over its muscles. It looked to be drenched in blood. It would naturally appear incomparably frail before eating large amounts of prey. It would appear to have received a critical injury at first glance! To be dying!’’

’’But as long as I can find enough prey......’’

Li Yao's eyes flickered with a devilish stellar light. The corner of his mouth hooked into an arch containing a trace of slight savageness.

’’Therefore everyone else believes that I've received a critical injury, that I'm weak to the extreme, that I've become trash!’’

’’But no one knows that I'm actually not weak. I'm actually..... Powerful to the point that my body can't withstand itself!’’

Li Yao's slightly bizarre smile seemed somewhat stupid and dull in the doctor's eyes.

Doctor Gu was actually under the impression that Li Yao was shocked by the news, that Li Yao was incapable of accepting it in this time period.... This was very normal. What sort of cultivation genius can bear to hear the fact that he's suddenly turned into an invalid?

This was not something that could be comforted with just a few words. He could only hope that time would slowly heal the wound in this fiend star's heart.

Doctor Gu sighed a breath. He patted Li Yao on the shoulder and left the room.

A moment later, a resolute and unhesitating pair of footsteps sounded from outside. They were like two iron hammers alternately smashing the ground.

’’Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!’’

A military uniformed man wearing black walked with large strides inside.

’’What's a retired military member come here for?’’ Li Yao was somewhat curious.

This middle aged serviceman wore a well-ironed black military uniform. He lacked an insignia of ranking on his shoulders. It's a standard attire for retired soldiers.

There were several maimed injuries all over this man's body. His right hand and left leg were essence prosthetics. Even his left eye was sculpted from jade. Several hundred arcane glyphs were engraved on this eyeball to form a complete Glyph Array, faintly emitting a red light. It was somewhat terrifying to look at.

’’Student Li Yao. I come here as a representative of the Federation's Disabled Servicemen Association, to declare the compensation provided for you by the Federation!’’

The disabled servicemen drew his legs together and stood at attention with a ’’bang’’. He gave Li Yao a standard military salute of the Federation.


Li Yao was stunned. But soon he came to.

Although he knew that he hadn't received critical injuries, that his spirit root wasn't trash, other people didn't know.

The Federation's Army was the major organizer for the Limit Challenge Competition. The accident at this time had lead to the casualties of numerous competitors. Of course the army will distribute compensation.

And, this accident was caused by a competitor breaking the rules by bringing a doping drugs into the competition. The organizers of the competition weren't able to discover the doping drug ahead of time. It can be said to be negligence on part of the Army.

Therefore to make up for their negligence, they had to distribute quite a compensation. It might even be an astronomical compensation!

After the serviceman had done his introductions, Li Yao discovered that he was right. Devil Dragon Island's accident had already entered the military's highest level of inspection.

Asides from tracking down the main culprit, the important thing was the method in compensating the student casualties.

The accidental student deaths were rather easy to manage. Financial support and compensation were distributed to the families at the standard of a Federation's soldier sacrificing his life.

But for Li Yao, this victim, the circumstances were somewhat a mess.

This was because his injury can't be said to be light nor heavy.

Arguing for a light injury, one could say that he didn't lose a single hair on his body. If he goes through rehabilitation for about a year he would go back to normal. He would be as healthy and active as before.

But arguing for a heavy injury, one could say that he was originally a cultivation genius who one day was likely to become cultivator with boundless outlooks. But because of this accident, he had completely lost his hope for cultivating.

To the many people obsessed with cultivation, receiving this sort of injury is worse than death.

These two opinions were disputed without end. Rumor has it that in the end, the high ranking military officers observed Li Yao's battle video on Devil Dragon Island.

Or maybe they were moved by his brilliant performance and decided to give him compensation standard to that of Class 1: Disabled Serviceman of the Federation.

’’Class 1: Disabled Serviceman of the Federation!’’

Even though Li Yao was prepared, he was still shocked by this exceedingly high status.

The Star Glory Federation faced the invasion of the Fiend Beasts year round. The flames of war burnt for 500 years, never completely stifling. The status of servicemen was of the utmost sublimity.

It was precisely due to relying on countless servicemen of the Federation in the front lines casing their heads, bathing in blood, resisting the never ending waves of Fiend Beasts that the common citizens behind the front lines could live a peaceful and auspicious life.

So ordinary people had the utmost respect, reverence, and adoration towards servicemen!

And amongst servicemen, needless to say of those who sacrificed their lives, those who received critical injuries and disabilities on the battlefield received the same veneration by society!

Disabled Servicemen were divided into four classes.

’’Class 1: Disabled Serviceman of the Federation’’ was second only to ’’Special Class Disability’’. Those of ’’Class 1: Disabled Serviceman of the Federation’’ must be like the serviceman before Li Yao, to be missing a hand and a leg, and even an eye. Only then one would be considered Class 1 Disability.

After retirement, not only will the nation distribute a high pension every month, but all public services like the Underground Crystal Rail Train, the High Speed Crystal Rail Train, the Public Antigravity Ship, and so on, were all free for a lifetime!

Aside from this, a large majority of restaurants, dining halls, hotels, and stores will give a different discount specifically for disabled servicemen.

When a restaurant owner discovers a Class 1 Disabled Serviceman dining in his restaurant, he might even give a big wave and refuse to receive a single cent. This was quite a common occurrence.

The Star Glory Federation relied on precisely the officers and soldiers fight with their lives at stake on the frontline, fearless of death. And the common citizens behind them had warlike, military embracing, and unyielding worshiping spirits. Only in this way could the Federation exist in the Heaven's Origin Sector where Fiend Beasts run rampant. Only in this way could the Federation grow endlessly stronger and reign supreme!


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