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Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation - Chapter 61


’’Fellow Student Li Yao. Devil Dragon Island is quite a large place. I never thought we enemies would meet face to face!’’

At first Helian Lie was stunned. But soon after the muscles on his face twisted gradually into an evil grin.

’’He's a classmate of yours? How's his actual strength?’’ The several Blue Team competitors did not dare to be careless. They adopted defensive stances and had asked filled with caution.

’’His actual strength is very powerful!’’

Helian Lie gritted his teeth in acknowledgement, ’’Not only is his strength very powerful, his methods are underhanded and despicable. He's shameless and vulgar. He'll do anything for victory. He'll go to any length. He's the most fearsome of opponents!’’

’’No wonder he was able to kill four of our scout groups in succession on his own. Everyone needs to be careful dealing with him. I don't want to give him a shred of an opportunity!’’

The seven Blue Team Competitors raised their awareness to the max. One of them retreated to contact teammates in the area.

’’Helian Lie. Devil Dragon Island is quite large, yet it is also quite small...... This sentence shall also be said by me to you. There really is some animosity between us. If you still consider yourself a man, come fight me, one on one. Let's settle this once and for all!’’

Li Yao's pair of hands crossed, pulled out the black Progressive Daggers, and licked the corner of his mouth.

Helian Lie laughed involuntarily. His expression was actually tranquil. He spoke unhurriedly, yet not slowly:

’’Li Yao. You don't have to goad me. I won't be fooled. Right now we're in a competition. In according to the rules, I will use my greater numbers to bully your few. It will be several dozen versus one! If you want a duel, I will honor it anytime after the competition!’’

’’That's fine! Just you wait!’’

After speaking viciously, Li Yao blinked his eyes and jumped lightly back. Like a large ape, he lept into the undergrowth and faded away without a trace.

He actually ran away!

Helian Lie and company were stupefied for a moment. They never thought that this kid would, in a blink of an eye, actually slip away faster than a mud fish after speaking such righteous and revering words.

Helian Lie suddenly grew angry. He felt that he had been toyed savagely by Li Yao. His handsome face swelled deep red. He step forward, seeking to give chase. But Gao Ye's voice sounded from the communication channel:

’’Helian Lie! Pay him no mind! The opponent's goal is to infuriate you! To break your formation! Then he will attack you one by one...... Don't be fooled by all means!’’

Contained in Gao Ye's voice was an indescribable authoritative power. Even the wild and unruly Helian Lie had his raging fury suppressed. Helian Lie took a deep breath and spoke through gritted teeth: ’’Gao Ye. What you said is absolutely correct. What do we do now?’’

It took a moment before Gao Ye's voice sounded out. It seemed that he had gone through some meticulous calculations: ’’Helian Lie. This person is your classmate. In the end, how is his actual strength?’’

Helian Lie hesitated before speaking: ’’A month ago, he was just a piece of trash with mediocre strength. But through some unknown fortune, he flew ahead boldly in a month's time. Right now he should still be beneath me, but the difference is minute. I just don't know if he's still concealing some strength or not.’’

He paused a moment and continued, ’’Right. This kid grew up in the garbage dump. His circumstances growing up were extremely complicated. He possess an extreme abundance of actual combat experience!’’

Gao Ye cooly and calmly said: ’’Okay. Let's assume his actual strength is higher than yours, even to the point of being 1.5 times yours. And that he's an expert in jungle warfare...... It's still impossible for him to slay four of our scout groups in a flash without making a single sound. There is something weird with this matter!’’

’’According to my calculations, he holds some sort of secret weapon unbeknown to us in his hands!’’

’’Without first completely understanding his trump card, I do not propose launching an attack on him. That would just be feeding him one by one!’’

’’Right now I command all combat units to raise their alertness, consolidate their defensive lines, and be on standby. As soon as the enemy appears, do not take the initiative to attack. Rely solely on defense and immediately notify combat units in the vicinity!’’

’’As for Helian Lie. Return with your scout group back to the command center immediately. I want to know all the data and information on this Li Yao. And analyze what 'cards' he's been holding in the end!’’

’’Okay! Let's let him run wild for a while then!’’

Helian Lie did not hesitate for even half a moment. He lead his scout group and left in a hurry. After going through half an hour of trekking, he returned to the Blue Team's command center set up within the forest in the center of Devil Dragon Island.

Half an hour later.

A male with a somewhat short stature and a pair of eyes burning with life that constantly radiated light sat cross-legged on the ground. Looking lost in thought, he pounded a tree stump.

He was the commander genius Gao Ye.

’’Gao Ye. According to all my information, as well as the traces of battle we surveyed, what kind of judgement can you produce?’’ Helian Lie asked somewhat flippantly and hot-tempered.

Gao Ye's eyelids closed a moment. A glow of energy glistened in his eyes. He was like a crystal processor operating at its maximum computational capabilities.

A moment later, he spoke perfectly composed:

’’The problem should stem from the Artifacts. The enemy is an Artificing expert. The artifacts we possess are all crafted by him. He must have installed a backdoor in them...... This is a very common technique used in the battlefield. I never thought this would actually appear among common folk. This Li Yao... is really amazing!’’

’’It's the Artifacts?’’

’’Helian Lie was stunned for a moment, then he promptly tossed the Chainsword in his hand to the side, like he was shaking off a viper.

Gao Ye chuckled and spoke unperturbed: ’’You don't need to be so anxious. According to my calculations, this type of backdoor doesn't have too much killing potential. At most it can make someone locked and rigid for a split second. It's effective range is also not that large. It can't be controlled remotely from long range.’’

Pausing for a moment, the energetic glow in Gao Ye's eyes blossomed. ’’We don't need to have all our people relinquish their weapons. We just need to choose a few elite troops to carry ordinary swords and form a small hunting squad. They will hunt down Li Yao..... After he's been slain, then we can use Artifacts without worry!’’

Helian Lie frowned: ’’Then we must have sufficient numbers. Too few would be suicide.’’

Gao Ye nodded his head: ’’Relax. I won't underestimate any opponent, especially someone as fearsome as this. I will specifically plan some tactics to hunt him. Not a hair of detail will be missed!’’

Helian Lie pressed: ’’Gao Ye. According to your analysis, where is he hiding now?’’

’’Let me calculate for a moment!’’

Gao Ye closed his eyes. His eyeballs trembled at high speeds beneath his eyelids.

Thirty seconds later, he suddenly opened his eyes and muttered:

’’I've analyzed with a 47% probability that Li Yao is concealing himself in the swamp region on the north side of Devil Dragon Island. That area is covered with sludge and marsh. It's disadvantageous for a large army to advance there. It's the greatest place for guerilla warfare!’’

’’Other than that, there's a 33% probability that he's already passed through our defensive lines to return to the Red Team's Army on the south side of Devil Dragon Island!’’

’’There's still a 19% probability that he's concealed himself in the large waterfalls on the west side of Devil Dragon Island. He's prepared himself to remain concealed all the way until the end of the competition, to rely on the points he had accumulated in the early stages, and obtain a decent ranking!’’


A ripple of astonishment emerged on Gao Ye's expressionless face, like a clay sculpture suddenly splitting a small crack. ’’There's still a 1% probability that he's right on top of us!’’

Before his voice had died away, a pitch-black metal ball dropped suddenly from the branches over his head. ’’Bang!’’ A ball of flame more dazzling than the sun suddenly exploded!

Everyone's vision suddenly turned to boundless whiteness. They were completely unable to see anything!

’’It's a Flash Glyph Array!’’ Someone shrieked miserably, covering his eyes.

At practically the same time, a gale of wind blasted from the skies. An unstoppable force headed straight for Helian Lie.

’’Helian Lie. Your life is mine!’’ Li Yao hissed and his daggers transformed into two black streaks of lightning!


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