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Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation - Chapter 47



’’Since they were able to rise up into the Nine Elites, they must have something that sets them apart from the norm! Let's go over and take a look!’’ Li Yao spontaneously strolled towards Grand Desolate War Institution's booth.

’’The Grand Desolate War Institution is full of barbarians with well trained bodies, but simple minds. What possibly is there to see? It would be better for you to come with me to go back to Sky Fantasia Academy, to see if there's a chance to find a few female seniors to eat dinner with. Together we can discuss literature~! Hey. If you're not coming, I'll go by myself. Don't say that I didn't consider you a partner in debauchery~!’’

Zheng Dongming shouted a few times behind Li Yao's back, and was met with no reaction by Li Yao. Zheng Dongming then rubbed his nose, took out his micro crystal processor and set it to ’’mirror’’ mode. He spread open his hand to comb his hair to the side. After letting out a whistle, he headed walking towards Sky Fantasia Academy.

As soon as Li Yao entered Grand Desolate War Institution's exhibition hall, Li Yao felt his footsteps go heavy all of a sudden. It was as if a 1000 lb boulder was pressing on his shoulder. Even the air turned somewhat more viscous.

’’An artificial gravity field?’’ Li Yao became interested.

This exhibition hall was set up into a rough and wild cultivation gym.

Dumbbells, barbells, sandbags, and other cultivation equipment were placed all around in a chaotic mess.

To the astonishment of Li Yao, most of the cultivation equipment weren't actually made from metal, but rather crafted and created from rock and Fiend Beast remains. It gave one a course, barbaric, but blood-heating feeling. It made the muscles of his entire body from head to toe itch to give the equipment a try.

As he made his way inside, Li Yao recalled the month when he spent his utmost effort, shedding sweat and youth in the school's warehouse.

He could not help walking up to a squat rack, hefting a barbell onto his shoulders.

This barbell on the squat rack was made and crafted from the spine of a Fiend Beast. When grasped in his hand, he felt the extremely fine knurling. The feeling in his hand felt extremely good. The barbell plates, made from polished obsidian stone, had the perfect weight to them.

Li Yao took a deep breath. His toes dug into the ground. He sent power to his hips, squatting steadily down.


Ding Lingdang was restless.

She sat upon a dumbbell bench. Gripped in each hand was a 100 kilogram skeleton dumbbell. As she destroyed, ravaged, and tormented the dumbbells, she sent e-crane messages to the head instructor of Grand Desolate War Institution's Combat Department thousands miles away. Complaining loudly she said:

’’Teacher Xia. Can we of Grand Desolate War Institution really recruit students from this pussy-ass place? The arms and legs of the people here are delicate and thin. The people are weak to the extreme! I fear even a mere sneeze can topple them! And these pussies even look down upon our Grand Desolate War Institution. It's already been half a day and only a few little kittens came in to take a look so far. And, each of them had an extremely strange expression as they looked at me from top to bottom. As if they were looking at a combat madman. So unfair! It really was mean of them!’’

She waved with some effort and creaking noises rang out. The dumbbell had actually been squeezed bent.

Ding Lingdang went ’’Oh no!’’, stuck out her tongue, and tossed the bent dumbbell to the side...... Seven to eight dumbbells were piled up in the corner. There were hand marks clearly imprinted on each of the handles of these dumbbells.

On the hologram was a buff dude who was over 2.2 meters tall, with muscles as hard as rock, and with scarlet red skin. The buff dude said helplessly:

’’Small Ding. Don't take things so personally. It's been three years since our Grand Desolate Institution has recruited any new students from Arena 571. Everyone's used to it. Otherwise, we wouldn't have let you, a recent graduate and new faculty member, come and act as a scout here.... We just came here to get in on the action and expand our influence. It doesn't matter whether we recruit people or not. Anyways in our Grand Desolate Region, there's been plenty of cultivation geniuses trying to enter our school!’’

’’From what I've seen here, I agree. Everyone here's a pretty boy;not one is suited to be a Body Practitioner...... Hold on. Teacher Xia. I think I've found a target!’’ Ding Lingdang happened to raise her head. She saw Li Yao doing squats, causing her two eyes to glow all of a sudden.

’’Really? How's his potential?’’ The giant red-skin dude in the hologram was a bit astonished.

The fellows who can be considered ’’targets’’ by Ding Lingdang are few even in the Grand Desolate Region.

’’He's fairly decent. Those biceps. Those pectorals. Those lats. Those quads. Those glutes. Tsk tsk tsk tsk. Every muscle in his body is flawless and beautiful. It makes one unable to hold back from giving a few pinches~! What a natural young talent! He's simply just made to walk the path of body tempering. Enough talk. I'm going to go over now..... To capture him!’’

Ding Lingdang rubbed her hands together, her face filled with excitement. With a step she scurried just behind Li Yao.

’’Small brother. You've trained your pecs quite well~!’’

Li Yao felt only a ferocious and vicious hurricane sweep over from behind his back. A powerful oppressive aura nearly on the exact same level as Fiend Blade Peng Hai's appeared behind him!

The only difference was that...... Fiend Blade Peng Hai's aura was earth-shattering in form of ebbing tides and waves. This aura was as if a tyrannosaurus rex had come crashing from afar, fiercely and viciously. A strong air of terrible beasts was mixed in the aura!

All Li Yao felt was the tip of a spear pressing against his back. He could no longer bear the barbell, so he directly rolled forward, utterly miserably, to avoid the ’’terrible beast’’ assaulting from behind. He spun around like lightning with a strength that nearly broke his waist, automatically adopting the tightest defensive guard!

Cold sweat rained from his forehead. His wild beating heart nearly ripped open his chest!

’’Who's aura could be so overbearing! Its simply a tyrannosaurus rex in the form of a human!’’ Li Yao gasped for breath with a gaping mouth. He was trembling with fear as he sized up this ’’Human-shaped T-rex.’’

What appeared behind his back was beyond his expectations;it was actually a woman. An absolutely young girl.

At most, this girl was 3-4 years older than him;she appeared to be just over 20.

She had a very tall stature, so much so that she was taller than him by just a little bit. Her figure was extremely healthy and beautiful with broad shoulders, a strong and flexible waist, and a slender pair of legs. Her plump thighs were bulging and bursting;they were exceptionally buff. They caused one to dream helplessly about her other bulges, wondering what sort of beautiful sensations would arise from coping a feel.

She wore the bare minimum of clothes: just a tank top and shorts, exposing a succubi-grade beautiful figure to the air.

She wasn't the sort of classical beauty that had flesh so tender and white it seemed like congealed oil. Her skin was a color of honey-like amber, glistening and shining under the light, looking to be as smooth as velvet.

After having just done some exercise, her amber skin glistened faintly with sweat, making her skin appear sparkling, translucent, and gem-like.

Her looks weren't considered exceptionally pretty, but that was due to her having coarse eyebrows, overly large eyes that contained too much spirit, a nose that stuck out too much, lips that were too thin, and ears that stuck straight out like a monkey's. Kind of like jug ears.

With a single sentence she was too outstanding, too straightforward, too forceful. Her invasive personality was too strong. There was completely no trace of the cool tenderness that most guys like in a girl.

However, it looked like she completely didn't give a damn. She continued being like a small sun, spreading heat and radiance absolutely without restraint.

The weirdest thing was the object on each of her beautifully contoured ankles, an ankle bracelet comprised of faded red string connecting three-four tiny bells.

Logically, she should have made some ’’Ding-ling-dang-lang’’ sounds as she lept over here in large steps. But Li Yao didn't even hear the tiniest of noises. Those eight strings of tiny bells seemed to be rusted to death and were tied firmly above her beautiful feet.

Li Yao gasped inwardly in surprise. This girl already reached the peak in regards to the fine motor control of her leg muscles. She made her muscles vibrate continuously throughout the entirety of her high speed movement, superimposing and canceling with the vibrations of her movement;through destructive interference, she was able to keep the tiny bells from moving.

’’My name is Ding Lingdang. You can call me Sister Ling. You can also call me by my nickname, ’’Ding-ling-dang-lang’’. You're quite strong and buff small brother~! You were able to do quite a few squats under five-times gravity without breaking a sweat. And you were able to perceive me dashing over here. Your intuition is quite sharp. You're good material. Come! Let's get to know each other!’’

Ding Lingdang reached out her hand at lightning speed. She grasped Li Yao's right hand and gripped firmly, leaving no chance for Li Yao to resist.


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