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Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation - Chapter 44




When compared to Sky Fantasy Academy's booth, it was quite obvious that there weren't as many students congregated here. The sign written on their booth read the words ’’Star Nebula University.’’ A white ashened bearded old man stood next to an enormous model artifact. In high spirits he faced several dozen students to explain, his spittle flying all over:

’’Each and every student here is an elite youth of the Federation, people who are determined to become cultivators! What is most important you may ask? In the eyes of a cultivator? That is, of course, to absorb and refine the essence energy from heaven and earth! Whether everyone knows or not, the essence energy we speak of, what is it fundamentally? I'll tell everybody. The fundamental nature of essence energy is of an elementary particle, called an 'essence particle'. We, Star Nebula University, are the sole and only university who are doing research on the essence particle, the strongest in the Federation! Each and every student, please watch this demonstration!’’

The white bearded old man pointed towards the model, which had quite a strange and bizarre shape. It's core was a large tube in the shape of a ring, sealed from beginning to end. It looked like a metal tire.

From opposite ends of the ring, a lump of glowing ball of light came into being at different times. They headed to the center at the speed of a flint's spark. They collided violently together with a ’’Bang.’’ Ten-thousand flaming stars set off like fireworks;it was dazzling to the extreme.

The white bearded old man was extremely proud as he spoke:

’’This is the 'Essence Particle Collider' crafted by our Star Nebula University. The essence energy that goes through the ends of this machine, in theory, can simulate the strikes of two Orichalcum stage cultivators using all their strength. The two colossal energies collide directly with each, creating a large explosion, making it highly probably for a few discrete Essence Particles to leap forth. In the end, we managed to capture them! Soon we will be able to unlock the mysteries of essence energy! What do you all think students? If you want to crack open the final mystery of essence energy, then apply to our Star Nebula University!’’

’’So it was like this all along! All this time, essence energy was fundamentally a type of elementary particle!’’

’’An essence particle collider! It really is amazing! I want to apply for Star Nebula University!’’

All the students were in awe of the lecture given by the bearded old man and so they discussed amongst themselves heatedly.

And even Li Yao had a ripple of emotion stir in his mind. He felt that choosing Star Nebula University would not be a bad choice.

Right at this moment, an ear-splitting voice came ringing ferociously from behind him. ’’Each and every student. By all means, do not be fooled by the words of this old geezer. They're all completely false!’’

A tall silhouette parted the crowd, walking on stage.

This person was eight feet tall. His skin was tanned and dark. His hair had bloomed white. And on his sternum he wore the crest of the ’’Federation's First Military College.’’

Immediately, the face of the white bearded old man went scarlet with rage, ’’Zhao Tiange. Why aren't you staying at your school's booth like a good boy!? What the hell did you come to our Star Nebula University for!?’’

Zhao Tiange snickered and his tiger gaze swept over the many students. He said, ’’Zhong Boya. I could not stand to watch you use these preposterous fanatical and absurd words to lead these people astray. What do you mean that the fundamental nature of essence energy is the essence particle? Simply ridiculous! All students! You all must not be mislead by his words. There still hasn't been an authoritative accepted theory for the fundamental nature of essence energy in the circle of academia! However, I can tell everyone here with absolute certainty that essence energy is not a type of elementary particle, but is comprised of waves! Essence particles do not exist! It's essence waves that do exist!’’

’’How absurd! How laughable! You're simply the biggest laughingstock under the heavens! Zhao Tiange. If you want to spew out rubbish, go fart in your own booth. Don't fart at my place!’’ The white bearded old man Zhong Boya seemed to have a violent temperament, he had howled back in rage.

Contrary to his military background, Zhao Tiange was not indignant and did not rise to anger. He said composed:

’’In rational debates of logic, there is no need to insult the other party. Professor Zhong Boya. You spoke so heatedly just a moment ago. Why don't you show these students just how many discrete essence particles were captured by your Star Nebula University's Essence Particle Collider?

As soon as these words were spoken, Zhong Boya's expression was like that of a chicken whose neck was stuffed and choked;he was immediately struck speechless. The wrinkled old face turned deathly pale. He hemmed and hawed for a period of time before saying:

’’Currently at the present, we have not captured any discrete essence particles, but according to our analysis, this is because our Essence Particle Collider is not at a high enough level. As soon as we can simulate the strikes of two Apotheosized stage experts giving their all, the resulting collision will produce the discrete essence particle with absolute certainty!’’


Zhao Tiange glared with his eyeballs. The complete iron blooded aura of a military personnel burst forth as he shouted, ’’For the sole sake of crafting this Essence Particle Collider to be able to emulate the strikes of Monad stage experts, just how much funding did your school ask and receive from the Federation? To cause our few military colleges to live on scraps for several of years! And now you even say that your Essence Particle Collider needs to emulate the strikes of Apotheosized Stage experts at their full strength? Then I'm afraid that even 10 years of the Federation's budget won't be enough for you! This much money is enough to craft the military several main battleship forces. Or, to craft several tens of thousands of crystal tanks and arm several battle platoons to flatten the Fiend Beast wasteland! The Federation gave you this much money, and you can't even capture a single Fart Particle. Yet you still dare to beg for more money? Indeed, the money would have been better off going to feed our military Spirit Beasts. At least they can look after and protect our yards!’’

The shame and humiliation caused the white bearded old man's face to be flushed red. With his loss of face, his anger was at its peak. And the imposing aura of Zhao Tiange further antagonized him. The white bearded man suddenly exploded. Veins lept up and beat wildly all over his body. His entire body expanded in a flash by a fold. With violent palpitation he said, ’’Zhao Tiange! Any further words are pointless! It would be better for us to go outside to settle this!’’

Zhao Tiange retreated a step, staying away from the burning imposing aura of Zhong Boya. With a sneer he said:

’’Zhong Boya. Aren't you a professor of Star Nebula University? Do you think you're a barbarian of the Ancient Cultivator Civilization of 40,000 years ago? Academic disagreements, debates, and arguments is a truth that will always exist throughout eternity. What's the point of destroying my fleshly body? Even if you crush and grind my bones to ash, shatter my soul so that I will be unable to reincarnate for eternity... Essence energy....... Will always be a type of wave! Never will it turn into some dog shit fart particle!’’

These words were like a bolt of lightning that struck Zhong Boya motionless in a flash. Only after much time passed did his entire body crumble and shrink down, like leaking ball of air. With a wave of his hand he said:

’’Fellow Truthseeker Zhao, what you said is absolutely correct. Arguments about the truth have nothing to do with the physical strengths of both parties. It was my fault, I nearly fell into madness! My loss of self-control just now was due to my lack of self-cultivation and maturity. It has nothing to do with the path I persist in. Essence energy is a type of elementary particle for certain. In the end, we of Star Nebula University will prove it! Each and every student, if you approve of my theory, then you can stay behind and we can discuss it some more. If you feel that Fellow Truthseeker Zhao's words are correct, then you can go walk along with him. Walk to the booth of the First Military College and listen to his lecture.’’

’’I have no sort of lecture. The Federation's First Military College emphasizes practical application. We don't have excess resources to go research the mysteries of the Essence Wave. All we can do is slay Fiend Beasts and defend our nation! Each and every student. If you're willing to come stand side to side with me on the battlefield, to slay Fiend Beasts, then you might as well come with and join our cause for defending the nation! We need hot-blooded men!’’


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